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Jeep Ranch in Arizona

Host Raj Pillai says:

Jeep or other  4x4  vehicle  is  a   MUST  to fully appreciate   this rugged  Ranch area.   This is true  camping   in  the  remote wilderness.  It's   NOT "glamping". This area is part of the old Wild West. The Ranch remains in pristine natural conditions with well-maintained  (yet rough and rugged)  Access Roads and our Jeep Ranch Pet-Friendly Camping and Boondocking Area melds with the vast landscape.   The rugged County Roads (CR) are perfect for navigating on Jeeps or other 4x4 vehicles.  Please obey the local speed limits and do not trespass on Private Properties and no hunting at the Jeep Ranch.   Adding to the adventure, the area has a rich history of Native American (Apache, Navajo, Zuni, etc.) culture.  Ranchers in the area have found Anasazi Indian artifacts (pottery shards, spear points, and arrowheads, etc. from Anasazi settlements over 1,000 years ago).  

Our Jeep Ranch is located in NorthEast Arizona's High-Country (6000+ elevation) and close to New Mexico Border near Highway 40 and off Highway 191 in Apache County between Sanders and Saint Johns and approximately  10-Miles  West  of Witch  Wells  Tavern   on County  Road   (CR)   7230.   The Jeep Ranch is located in an area that is rugged, rough, sunny, cool, and dry most of the year and is perfect for safe   4x4  Jeep travel (Boondocking in vehicle and or tent camping) with your family and dogs.  At our Pet-Friendly Jeep Ranch, there are plenty of hiking trails, running tracks, Jack Rabbits, and other fun items for your dogs.  The rugged roads and the remote location favor navigating in your Jeep or in other   4x4   vehicles.  Please obey the local speed limits and do not trespass on Private Properties and no hunting at the Jeep Ranch.     This is true camping in the wilderness.  It's NOT "glamping". 

Bring your Jeeps, extra tanks of gas/diesel, winch, shovel,  air compressor, tents, camping gear, cases of drinking water, food, grill, gas, mosquito and bug spray, Animal Repellent Pepper Sprays (Bear Spray), sun-screen cream, generator,  etc.  along with your  sense-of-adventure.  Bring EVERYTHING that you  will need for a rugged camping  adventure.  Safety First.   This is true camping in the wilderness.  It's NOT "glamping".  Travel with your children, your dogs, and your friends.  Run your Generator day or night,  setup your solar panels, Grill-out, play with your dogs off-leash, let your dogs bark at the jack rabbits and howl at the moon, watch the night sky, take videos and pictures of your dogs, the wild life in the area,  and capture the journey of your Jeep and of your family.  Use the Ranch's Fire Pit,  setup your tents, camping gear, chairs, and tables. Test the gear on your Jeeps.   No Park Rangers and no restrictions (other than respect the land and your neighbors).  Maximum of 1 Jeep/4x4 Vehicle (4-Persons plus dogs) to each HUGE camping section.  

Drive your Jeep on the rugged County Roads (CR). Please obey the local speed limits and do not trespass on Private Properties.    Play with your dogs, go for long walks with your pet,  run and exercise with your dogs. Have fun with your family and your dogs at our Pet-Friendly Jeep Ranch and get away from your normal daily routine.  You don't need to clean-up after your dog other than in the Fire Pit Family Gathering Area.   Come and go as you like.  Navigate your Jeep  on Day-Trips to nearby attractions. Please obey the local speed limits and do not trespass on Private Properties.   Your camping site will not be disturbed.  Drive your Jeep on the County Roads, Hike, Bike, Read, Listen to Music, Stream shows (T-Mobile or Verizon with a Cell Booster have good coverage in the area), make new friends with other Jeep  Boondockers or be left alone in your solitude.  What you bring-in, must be taken-out when you leave.  No garbage or dumping in this pristine land.  Have fun and enjoy Jeep Boondocking and Camping with your family and with your dogs in a safe, rugged and rustic area.   Your dogs and your children will remember this unique experience.   Your Jeep will appreciate you.  You will appreciate your Jeep by testing your Jeep's ruggedness and capabilities to have a unique adventure.  Please obey the local speed limits and do not trespass on Private Properties and no hunting at the Ranch.     This is true camping in the wilderness.  It's NOT "glamping". 

Use our Jeep Ranch as your Base Camp and visit area attractions on 4x4  Vehicle Day-Trips:  Zuni Pueblo, Navajo Nation and Hopi Villages, Hubbell Trading Post,  Raven Site Ruins and Petroglyphs, Casa Malpais Ruins, Meteor Crater, Petrified Forest National Park and Painted Desert, Big Lake Recreation Area, Lyman Lake State Park, Golf Courses, Ski Resorts, Four Corners, hop over to New Mexico, etc.

Posted on: April 11, 2018 09:31
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