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Maine Primitive Skills School in Maine

Host Michael Douglas says:

The land was purchased by Mike and Karen Douglas in 1996 and has been the site of their residence and that of Maine Primitive Skills School, which teaches Wilderness Awareness, Survival and Self-Reliance Skills to hundreds of students from around the country and the globe each year. The land is split by Church Hill Road. The west side of the road is where the majority of the school's facilities are located and where most of the day-to-day activities take place. The plot east of the road is used for overnight experiences and as a place to observe animal tracks and sign. The forest here is a classroom as much as it is a garden. It has been tended with a caretaker attitude for two decades to increase the bounty of edible foods for animals and humans alike. We hope that all our visitors can enjoy and carry on this tradition by participating conscientiously with our sacred forest.

Posted on: March 23, 2018 00:00
Zip code: 04330
Number of listings to be photographed: 1

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