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Harmony Fields in Ohio

Host Geri Ciacchi says:

Pitch your tent under our apple trees or any of the other tree areas in the upper fields. It’s a beautiful shady wooded area for walking and adventuring and also catch and release fishing in the creek that meanders through lower field. We have a picnic table, large fire pit several fire rings and a grill. This property holds a rich history as it was originally a gift to Major William Ingersoll of Grafton Massachusetts, for his service in the revolutionary war of 1783. In 1816 he sent his older sons Seth Crocker and Thomas Ingersoll with the Rawson brothers; Grindall and Jonathan, and the Sibley brothers; George and John, to locate their Ohio land. In the spring of 1816 “The men arrived first in Cleavland first to find a collection of huts.” From there the men walked to Liverpool, portage County, and then to Township 4. “at that time a prime evil wilderness where yet roamed the Indian and many a wild savage animal.” There was no road, just markings on trees left by previous surveyors. At their destination the men’s at ca there was no road, just markings on trees left by previous surveyors. At their destination, the men View their acres and found dance, wet, silent Forest; rolling land and solitude. They looked up to see huge trees some with trunks 12 to 13 feet in diameter and hundred feet high creating forest so dense no sunlight touched their faces. The men built a 12x12 foot shanty and left 15 men, to continue clearing and building and went back to Mass. for the rest of their families and supplies. The Major left from Grafton Mass. in September 16 of 1816 for Township 4 range XVI, arriving Nov 4th 1816, according to his daughter Harriet Nesbitt’s memoirs, which are recorded in the book; 190 Years, 1817-2007 - Grafton Ohio Our Heritage Trail . The 1st cabin built in Grafton Twp. was on lot 26 and the 2nd was on lot 15 and in Nov of 1816 the Ingersoll family 8 people in all, called this home and are credited with being the first family in the township. “ The Ingersoll’s cared for their family; to them family met anyone in need. They cared for their neighbors, and neighbors might be anyone in the county. Because of these beliefs, others would be welcome to live in the Ingersoll Homestead until another house could be built.” Our property is Lot 15. The 1st child born in Grafton was in the 2nd cabin here, Seth C. and his wife Polly’s oldest daughter Nancy born May 18 of 1817. according to tax records, the house was built in 1824 and is one of the last remaining frame built homes in Grafton /Grafton Twp. and Seth C. passed away at the age of 74, in the home in the 1859. “In the wilderness, everyone in the settlement came together to build the homes. Men and Oxen did the hard labor, able boys helped. The women cared for the children and the livestock. They cleaned, sewed, made candles and tended livestock. Cooking for the settlement was done in a huge kettle over an open fire until Stevens could be done from one of the nearby creeks fashioned into a hearth. Food to fortify residents and workers during the coming winter, including barrels of flour had to be carried from Canton, Stark County, or Columbiana and Liverpool at great expense.”
Posted on: March 12, 2018 09:46
Zip code: 44045
Number of listings to be photographed: 1

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