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Back Achers Farm in Georgia

Host Bethany Kinsey says:

Back Achers Farm is a 4th generation family farm born of love for farming and a once in a lifetime love of two people named Bill and Isabelle Jones.

"At 90, he wondered what he wanted his legacy to be...but wait!! Before we can talk about the legacy of a man, we need to look first at the heart of a farm boy. 

It all began, when as a little boy, young Bill Jones would grab an apple and a cold biscuit to follow his Uncle Bill outside to work on the farm. Well...he used to FOLLOW his Uncle Bill who actually did the work. But into the heart of that little boy, the love of farming was planted.

After he served in WWII, he came home a received his degree in agriculture from the University of Tennessee. It was also during that time he fell in love with Isabelle. I once asked Ma Belle if she had wanted to marry a farmer, she smiled at me and said, "What I wanted was to marry Bill and Bill was a farmer." written by published author, Sarah Decosimo Jones the daughter in law and now steward with husband Steve, of Back Achers Farm.

There are stories of Isabelle losing her sight here, Bill flying his first helicopter, children being born and moving to Lithuania, owning a Floral Design Studio, adopting children into this loving family, first tractor rides, stories of joy and sadness. Mostly, there is laughter... when we tell of how the lake arrived, where the cheese is placed on a burger or hearing how working cows ACTUALLY happens. We are a family of deep rooted love and whether you take a short farm tour or sit and listen to many stories...once you visit, you become family. And there is none other like the Jones.

So come visit, watch the sun go to sleep over the mountain, hear a beaver slap it's tail in warning, hear the voice of a newborn calf, smell the sweet scent of a honey locust pod and let a piece of Back Achers live forever in your heart. 

Posted on: September 21, 2018 08:38
Zip code: 30707
Number of listings to be photographed: 5

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