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10 acres of meadows, forest, garden, pond and seasonal stream on Orcas Island, WA!  Camp in a grove of cedars or in a meadow by the pond.  Campfires (until the burn ban in late July/August), a swimming pond early in the summer, an organic garden and friendly folks are all part of the experience. Our homestead is a great place to rest, recharge and sink in.  We cannot accommo


10 acres of meadows, forest, garden, pond and seasonal stream on Orcas Island, WA!  Camp in a grove of cedars or in a meadow by the pond.  Campfires (until the burn ban in late July/August), a swimming pond early in the summer, an organic garden and friendly folks are all part of the experience. Our homestead is a great place to rest, recharge and sink in.  We cannot accommodate RVs or large vans.

Orcas Island at large is a special place to connect with Nature and healthy ecosystems. Moran state park on the east side of the island is a fabulous evergreen rainforest sanctuary with old growth trees and amazing lakes to explore. Turtleback mountain is on the west side (close to us) and is a sacred mountain full of oak trees and splendid views of the surrounding islands, including Vancouver island  in the distance. Some other features not to miss are whale watching, kayaking, and the excellent restaurants around the island.  

Camp sites are scattered around 2 meadows near a pond, either in the meadow or tucked in the forest under cedars.  We also can usually fit a van if you want to sleep in a van or truck.  There is a porto potty and potable water nearby.  Check out cascadiahomesteads.com for more info on our cottage industry.  

Campsite area
Tent sites
4 sites
Up to 6 guests per site
Short walk
No wheelchair access
Toilet available
Fire ban in effect
No pets
Potable water available
No kitchen
No showers
No picnic table
No wifi
Pack it out
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  • Check in: After 3PM
  • Check out: Before 12PM
  • Cancellation policy: Super Strict
  • On arrival: Go straight to camp
  • Minimum nights: 2 nights
  • Accepts bookings: 9 months out
  • Response time: Within 6 hours
  • Response rate: 94%


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Horseback riding
Wildlife watching


Natural features you'll find at Ravensong Refuge in Washington.

Swimming hole

Places to see near Ravensong Refuge

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Hipcamper Laura

Ravensong refuge is truly a refuge!

Laura J.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
September 24th, 2021

We enjoyed our eight day stay at Ravensong immensely. We found a perfect spot for our Sprinter van with room to spread out our awning. The place was private and quiet. A few tent campers came and went while we were there and there was plenty of room for everyone. We especially appreciated the stand up sink by the pond for dish washing. Helped us save on our water supply. The compost toilet was also very well maintained and essential!

Erin and Issa and their jovial band of yurt and tiny house dwellers were very friendly and welcoming. We enjoyed walking through their organic garden and learning about Issa's tiny house construction business. So refreshing to see so many smart, industrious young people living on the land in an environmentally conscious way. If we come back to Orcas we will definitely visit again!

Hipcamper Maura

Mossy serenity in fern gully

Maura M.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
September 12th, 2021

Loved our Hipcamp Orcas experience!

Hipcamper Carmen
Carmen F.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
September 4th, 2021

Lovely, peaceful and friendly spot to camp!

Hipcamper Jackie
Jackie A.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
September 3rd, 2021

My stay at Ravensong was wonderful! The setting was beautiful, peaceful, quiet and a great location. There were an abundance of choices for tent sites. I highly recommend staying here and look forward to my next visit.

Hipcamper Arina

Pleasant & convenient camp spot

Arina A.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
September 3rd, 2021

Very pleasant, secluded spot with good access from the ferry and an easy drive to eastsound. Plenty of space and nice to have running water available.

A note on navigation: It’s a little confusing to get there, so be sure to watch carefully for the small red tent sign — don’t pay so much attention to the Ravensong signs that veer left. Instead, look out for the small red tent sign that takes you onto a slightly rougher road straight ahead, not left.

Hipcamper Rebecca

Beautiful land, needs more care

Rebecca P.
has mixed feelings towards this listing.
(Dispersed site)
August 30th, 2021

The land was beautiful and in a prime location on the island. The owls hooting at night were a treat and the owner was nice. Where it fell short was the port-a-potty was dirty and wasn’t cleaned while we were there for 3 days. The last night we were there the poop was awfully close to the top and there was no toilet paper leaving my husband to wipe with the discarded cardboard rolls. With some regular maintenance all would be well.

Hipcamper Daniel

The more you know.......

Daniel L.
has mixed feelings towards this listing.
(Dispersed site)
August 30th, 2021

I had very mixed feelings about Ravensong. The stay would have been really wonderful had communication and information here on Hipcamp been better.

The property was really neat and we had a great time camping in our tent at the meadow. My son and I really enjoyed throwing our Frisbee and kicking the soccer ball in the open space surrounded by trees. The location was also great as it was not far from the ferry terminal, yet it still managed to feel very isolated.

So why the mixed feelings? The experience was awful finding a place to camp on the property. The host indicated in the confirmation email that they wanted us to text them before we arrive so they can show us around. I was concerned that cell phone coverage would be spotty for us on the island, so to be safe I copied the written instructions from the confirmation email just to make sure we had something. As I thought, cell phone coverage was spotty (we sent them a text that did go through a little before we got there). We pull up to the property and I see a sign that says "Ravensong" with arrows indicating that we should drive around a corner and up the road. I do that and find a sign that says "Parking". Awesome! I'm on the right track correct? From the email:

"We have an info board in parking lot with prints of this map for you to use. There is signage around property matching the map to aid orienting as well."

When I arrived in the parking lot there were two people there, one of which gave us some serious stink eye. I walked around and did not see an info board, print outs, nor any sites in the area. Rather than ask someone who didn't seem happy to see me, we decided to drive around to find the meadow. I drive further up into the property and see a lot of familiar spots that are shown in the pictures for this listing, but I keep driving to the end and see nothing that resembles a meadow. I turn around and drive up the other road in the area and it loops me around the whole property and back to the parking area again, still no sign of a meadow. As I was doing this, there were more people around that didn't seem happy that I was there and I start to feel really stressed about the whole situation. I finally parked the car in the parking area and spoke to the same back down in the parking lot. She very kindly told me that the camping was farther down the road and that there is a sign with a red camping symbol on it and that the area I was in was for "residents only". Went back down the road found the little red camping sign which was very small, behind some shrubs, and next to the sign that said "Ravensong" with arrows pointing the opposite way. To see the little camping sign next to the Ravensong sign pointing the opposite direction was frustrating. After all that, we got a text from the host (one they send to everyone that lets them know that they're coming) and it has much better directions and some additional information that was not on the website. Such as not being allowed to park in the meadow. This is just fine for us since we're tent campers, but if you don't want people to park in your meadow and it's important to you, please put that in your instructions online and in the email too!

Some suggestions for the owners of the property so others can have a wonderful time at your place and so we can all make sure that we're following your rules:

1. Put the instructions that you text your campers into the email that gets sent to your campers by Hipcamp! This would have made our lives so much easier on arrival.

2. Call your campground something besides Ravensong. It's very confusing to have both your community and campground called the same thing, especially since signage directs all Ravensong traffic go to the area that is for the residents of the community. Also, some more signage for campers would really help.

3. I don't know for sure if the campers are allowed to go up to where the residents are or not. Based on what one of the residents said and the looks I was getting, we didn't feel welcome in that area. That's totally fine if that's the case, but that needs to be made more clear to your campers so we're not bothering anyone.

4. Make sure that people know before they put down money that they cannot park in the meadow. There were some folks there at the same time as us who were sleeping in their van and they weren't very happy to have not been made aware of that earlier. I think the parking lot would have been nice to sleep in, but they seemed to have a problem with it. Probably best to make sure everyone understands that before they pay.

Now that we know how things work at Ravensong, we'd probably stay there again because it is a wonderful place to camp on the island, but it was one of the more stressful and awkward times I've ever had trying to get to a campground. All that could be remedied with some updated information online and better signage for your campers.

Hipcamper m

Read this before booking

M B.
doesn't recommend this listing.
(Dispersed site)
August 20th, 2021

The place was not like the photos. The listing says someone could perhaps fit a vehicle at the camping site, so we parked on the meadow. Then the hose left a note on vehicle saying the meadow was sacred, and not to park on the meadows (this is of course misleading according to the listing description). Parking is in a dirty section of road away from the meadow, so if you are looking to car camp this is not a good place for it. Garbage was scattered near a faucet (water safe?), from previous guests we presumed. The pond was more than half empty and muddy, looked more like a refuse dump / unsafe for swimming. The farm photos shown in the pics are not near the camping areas (where were they?) and we never saw an outdoor kitchen, just that faucet on a dirty table. Sauna? Never saw it. Otherwise the camping is in the trees, the one plus.

Hipcamper Amanda

Moran state park better option

Amanda R.
doesn't recommend this listing.
(Dispersed site)
August 20th, 2021

Not like the photos. The lake was almost 2/3rds empty and very muddy. The farm photos shown in the pics are not near the camping areas and we never saw an outdoor kitchen. The was a closed sauna too.

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