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Hello this is Andre and Taina Pomeroy owners of Londonderry Quarry and gem mineral estate. 80 acres of rustic Beauty surrounded by wilderness, also the main entrance to the secluded pristine Granite Lakes area. Situated four miles from the little town of Marblemount. This is a naturalist and artist getaway / Haven , also perfect for dog lovers. 2 year-round creeks with water


Hello this is Andre and Taina Pomeroy owners of Londonderry Quarry and gem mineral estate. 80 acres of rustic Beauty surrounded by wilderness, also the main entrance to the secluded pristine Granite Lakes area. Situated four miles from the little town of Marblemount. This is a naturalist and artist getaway / Haven , also perfect for dog lovers. 2 year-round creeks with waterfalls, a sculptor's soapstone Quarry with prepped camping spots, camper, RV, motorhome friendly with fresh Mountain Water hookups and bathroom and shower available. Organic fresh and clean. Soapstone and carving lessons also offered on site. Enjoy the great Outdoors and take-home some beautiful art of your own creation. Your fur baby canines are welcome as well!

Campsite area
Bring your own tents
5 sites
Up to 7 guests per site
Park at listing
ADA access
Campfires allowed
Toilet available
Pets allowed
Potable water available
Kitchen available
Showers available
Picnic table available
Wifi available
Laundry present
Pack it out
Have a question? Send Michael a message!
  • Check in: After 5PM
  • Check out: Before 6PM
  • Cancellation policy: Moderate
  • On arrival: Meet and greet
  • Minimum nights: 1 night
  • Accepts bookings: 3 months out


Offered on the Host's property or nearby.

Horseback riding
Off-roading (OHV)
Wildlife watching


Natural features you'll find at Londonderry Gem Quarry in Washington.

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The vibe at Londonderry Gem Quarry

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Hipcamper Michelle

Which i could give less than 0 star

Michelle B.
doesn't recommend this listing.
(Dispersed site)
June 29th, 2020

We just returned home from out trip in which we planned on staying for two nights. We were very unhappy with our stay and notified the host the first night that we wouldn't be staying the second night. The only reason we stayed the first night is because it was late, and there was no way for us to find alternate accommodations so late. There were many reasons, some of which are as follows: The web site says the following, showers, kitchen, picnic tables, laundry, and when I asked about them the host stated, "oh, really? I don't know why those are listed. We just received a hot water tank last night, it's not hooked up yet." He also said "hipcamp hasn't paid me yet, that is why I haven't improved the property to reflect what is on the listing. So the hipcamp site misrepresented what was actually offered. The directions provided were inaccurate, and I had to do extra miles of driving to find you (I am not the only one, as I heard the other visitor had to drive all the way back to town to get cell service to call for accurate directions.) The 20-30 dogs owned by the host were barking, fighting, mating all around was disturbing, especially when 6 dogs were in our site barking at our tent waking us up at 4:30 am and we had to get out of the tent to chase them away, and then one of them returned and woke us again. The prior evening one dog urinated on our car, and stood on our tent while I was trying to set up, and when I drug it off, it returned to stand on the tent again. It also growled at my dog, who was on leash, and scared it so he only wanted to stay in the car. The spots showed to me were muddy lumpy, sloped, rocky and impossible to pitch a comfortable tent on. Two of the spots had dog poop in them, and when the host saw one poop in it while showing my the spot, he didn't offer to clean it up. The host said the advantage to your $25 per night spots over better, flatter, free dispersed camping spots that I have used is the privacy and isolated nature of your property, yet, there were people around, not to mention the dogs bothering us and waking us up.

Hipcamper Chloe

Unique and i would go again.

Chloe R.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
June 30th, 2020

I enjoyed my stay a lot at this very unique and beautiful campsite. The running water from the creek is drinkable and delicious but there are no toilets and no kitchen (which was just fine by me but the listing said that there would be so don’t get confused). I found the host to be a very nice man although the directions to the location need to be updated and more specific. You’re really nowhere near any neighbors. There are almost 40 wild wolf dogs running around the property who, in my opinion, we’re completely harmless but if you have young children, maybe consider how comfortable you are with that.

Hipcamper Michael
Response from Michael, the Host, on July 1st, 2020

thank you Chloe I'm glad you enjoyed it enjoyed having you here and your friends. I do have a bathroom available it's in our Stone industrial area but campers and more than welcome to use it and the shower is being finished in that bathroom and should be available within the week. dogs are friendly and get along with children too but suggest definitely having parental oversight at all times. the pups are usually with me and the new entry at the blues at the Blue Gate it's a much easier Road. There will be balloons marking that turn off. Again thank you I look forward to being able to share the joy of Londonderry and some of its uniqueness here and the Cascade little Alps wilderness, people from the University of Washington they're coming through my property in a few days you're going to be going up to Granite Lakes up above and researching the Arctic grayling one of the only places in the lower 48 where they have been able to thrive. My property is a main entry up there. And I have people coming to get soapstone for carving and art. Be blessed

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Hipcamper Penelope

Back country car camping

Penelope Z.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
July 8th, 2020

This is a private secluded nature setting with a feeling like you are backcountry backpacking. That said, do not drive a fancy car here because the road is rough. A backcountry friendly auto would be ideal. If your car has low clearance you may want to park at the bottom of the hill and backpack up to your campsite. For water there is a close by fast flowing mountain stream. For things to do there are lots of places to explore. Michael is friendly and is definitely the Alpha of the pack of Dogs he keeps. They are very intelligent and wonderful animals and I would recommend asking him about taking one home if you need an intelligent watchdog and family member. I have a miniature labradoodle and she was initially very intimidated by the pack but she, in the end, gained courage by the interaction of meeting Michaels pack. We saw them while being led to our site and rarely a dog or few would come by during our stay. Our little dog "scared them off" with her barking and I assume they were under strict orders from the owner not to meddle with the visitors so easily left at our request. If you prepare for your stay like there are no amenities it's probably more realistic. I am booking my second visit now. This time I am bringing a 5 gallon bucket half full of peat moss to poop in. We were pooping in the woods there which was great except for one thing I learned while there. My dog likes to eat my poop. That was a bit tricky to deal with so with a home made compost toilet, aka bucket of peat moss, I will be prepared to pee in the woods and poop in the bucket. In case you are new to composting toilet; separating liquid and solid is what makes it not stink. If you are used to back country pack out what you pack in kind of camping you will be thrilled to be able to bring your bulky camping stuff and still feel like you are in the wilderness. We had a lovely unwind in nature there and do recommend it. For the nature lover this is a real Gem.

Londonderry Gem QuarryLondonderry Gem QuarryLondonderry Gem Quarry
Hipcamper Elizabeth

Remote and beautiful

Elizabeth P.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
August 17th, 2020

We wanted a remote, quite, wooded mountain-scape camping weekend. This was perfect. Our host was Jeff who helps manage the site for Andre(micheal) and he was lovely and helpful.
The Hipcamp description is a little off, it's mostly primitive sites that have been thoughtfully cleared out of their amazing land. I could not tell you is there were actually restrooms or showers because they were nowhere to be seen but we dug a hole as our means of toilet, so keep that in mind.
It's a little rugged, but our Nissan cargo van did fine, I'm sure most cars could handle the terrain.
I think there are a few sites with rv hook ups but I only saw one on the way in.
The reviews aren't kidding when they said lots of dogs, wow...yes...so many dogs, but honestly we loved every minute of their company. They are shy of people and mostly just play with their doggy siblings but I don't know how well they would do with your pet dog because they we a touch wild.
There is so much to hike around and see on the property as well as being a close drive to the astoundingly gorgeous Cascade river.
We did not care about the bathrooms, or dogs, it was a lovely place to stay and the hosts were more than helpful but did not bother us. Any time I messaged them with questions they responded immediately!
We will for sure be coming back!!

Hipcamper Michael
Response from Michael, the Host, on August 19th, 2020

Thank you very much Elizabeth appreciated having you here it was really fun and I'm glad you enjoyed your time and got refreshed and thank you for taking the time to share . Look forward to you and yours coming again

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Hipcamper Sabrina
Sabrina P.
has mixed feelings towards this listing.
(Dispersed site)
June 22nd, 2020

Mixed reviews. The site #3 was definitely a work in progress. It was private and right by the creek but needed some TLC.

Directions were a bit spotty, the coordinates took us past the drive way and the orange ribbons were not visible at first glance so we drove past it over a mile and found it because a neighbor on a quad ooppednoutnof the forest and happens to know him. I think with a few posted signs at the site entrance of the driveway & directly to the sites would be better than having to drive up to the house and get brought back to the site. I highly recommend a 4x4 because our regular sedan bottomed out and got stuck multiple times, really thought I'd lose my muffle and actually cracked my front bumper.

You must love dogs, the owner is a breeder so you will encounter a lot of dogs, lots of puppies too, but secure your trash overnight or you'll find some visitors. Don't be afraid when 20 dogs surround your car barking, they will move if you keep driving slowly, but it is intimidating big you don't kbow. The campsite is on a rock quarry, so RV camping would be fine but if your tent camping you really need a mattress or cot, it's sleeping on rock otherwise. It was very private, the fire ring was placed perfectly under a tree canopy so even in the downpour our fire survived, which was great. It is very wet though, which meant very muddy, so you'll need to bring or buy their firewood for sure. They were very helpful and brought a Deere full of wood down for is when we asked, which was a real life saver. There is a lot of wood around you can pickup and dryout the first few fires. There is a lot of land and room to hike and explore and a public foot traffic trail about a mile from the entrance too.

There is a toilet and shower somewhere near the main house, didn't see or use myself, they were not walking distance, so I would get in the mind frame of using the great outdoors. He is planing on doing some more work, a pond, finishing touches on the campsites, which should be nice moving forward. Andre and Jeff were very nice and seem to be really invested in making more sites moving forward.

Local Doopity visiting our pup Entry to site #3 from main drive
Hipcamper David
David B.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
July 5th, 2020

Great site! Rocky ground as was described but we brought extra padding and it was fine. Michael is very nice and responsive. Site is a bit difficult to find but Michael will help you find it if you have trouble.

Hipcamper Annastasia
Annastasia W.
has mixed feelings towards this listing.
(Dispersed site)
August 2nd, 2020

Michael(angelo) 🙂 was a very welcoming host, and has very beautiful, well-behaved dogs. The campsite we stayed at was up in the woods next to the creek, which was small but adequate for 2 tents. It was very dry when we camped, but if it rained it would've been a much muddier affair, and maybe a thick layer of fine gravel would really help. If the weather is dry, this place is awesome. No running water....but there is a beautiful stream right there. The flush toilet and shower are not near the campsite. It's basically a wild-unimproved camping experience. There is a trailer on the road up to his property that is a real offensive eyesore, but it's someone else's. You will get a taste of local color at this spot, and it was beautiful, safe, and rustic.

Hipcamper Eddie

A whole 'nother world

Eddie M.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
August 16th, 2020

Let's get this out front: staying here isn't for those who want a place to plug in their RVs and who need a microwave. This is a place to camp, through and through. I didn't expect warm water or a kitchen just from looking at the photos of the campsites, and as long as you set that expectation, you'll love it especially for the price.

Getting in is an adventure. The road is no worse than the roads that lead to a lot of trailheads. Drive an SUV, take it slow, bob-and-weave when you can, and you'll be fine. The turn off is a few miles past the end of the pavement, so as soon as you think you've gone too far, keep going. If you get lost, Michael is more than willing to help.

The sites are very secluded (which is the point of camping, no?) and most of them have access to a creek which runs clear and cold glacier water. They're a work in progress, but the work that has been done is wonderful, and Michael will tell you all about what he wants to do next.

Speaking of, Michael's a great host. He's a very affable and knowledgable man. Point in case, he stopped by my site and we started talking about how his land is on a Soapstone vein. He then picked up a rock and showed me how to carve it (it's really soft, so you can use anything metal). His daughter also offered the campers homemade blackberry cobbler, but I left before I could get some. I can't imagine it was bad though.

He does breed dogs so there's about 30 puppers running around. They're shy, harmless, and adorable. They mostly kept their distance except the one time one of them tried to sniff me in the dark. I jumped because I thought it was something wild, and scared the poor thing.

The bottom line is that if you're wanting to get away from city life, this place is only a few hours away, but at the same time, a world apart.

Hipcamper Meg

Woodsy site near water and hikes!

Meg C.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
August 17th, 2020

Andre (Michael), his family and staff were very welcoming. We even got a homemade blackberry pie from his daughter! The tree-covered site was tucked away and we took advantage of some hiking on the property along a logging road that ended in a waterfall. Around dinner, we were visited by 10-12 dogs who were really well-behaved (just don't leave food out at the site because of the dogs and bears!). The site had a great stone fire ring, and Andre was even kind enough to provide some wood in the mornings. We stayed at a five person site, and, although it was snug, it was enough for two or three tents, two cars and about 5 chairs around the fire. We saw other campers as we passed their sites on the way to hiking and things, but our site was private and we kept our distance. The newly built pond nearby was great to put our feet in after a long hike to help with the inflammation. Overall, great experience! Definitely call Andre on your way to help with the directions, but the coordinates were really helpful. Be prepared for dogs and basic amenities, and you'll enjoy your time a lot!

Michael P.’s Land
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