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Fall aslumber to one of the best sunsets in the world!  Framed in a naturally picturesque valley filled with rural farmland, rainforest, and national parks in the distance.

We accept late bookings and facilitate late arrivals whenever we best can, however, we strongly recommend arriving before sunset as th



Fall aslumber to one of the best sunsets in the world!  Framed in a naturally picturesque valley filled with rural farmland, rainforest, and national parks in the distance.

We accept late bookings and facilitate late arrivals whenever we best can, however, we strongly recommend arriving before sunset as this is a rural property and it gets more difficult to navigate after dark but we don't want you to miss our amazing sunset.

We are a family-friendly conscious property. Safety, and peacefully enjoyable stays for all our guests are our highest priority. We are friendly and approachable, and we leave you to enjoy the gorgeous views and sunsets all to yourself.

We only list two sites on the Top Pad with a superb lookout, and they are at right angles to each other, but essentially we have another few sites on the property in development as backup options.

Due to the uniquely varying nature of the sites, and the differing nature of Hipcamper's accommodation kinds and needs, we often suggest that when you arrive you're welcome to park at the front of the property (safely off the main road) and pick the site that best suits your preferences and needs.

As Hipcamp usually suggests, we also highly recommend you Message us in advance as you book and tell us what kind of camping you are doing so we can help plan for it. And at any stage approximately what time you may arrive, messaging us on the day is fine.

You will be navigating hilly terrain here. Many guests have found the camping spots easily from the directions provided. 

Please bear in mind the price we pay for these spectacular views and panorama, it does expose us to the weather being atop a ridge. We occasionally get strong wind gusts, especially from the southwest, rain, and summer monsoonal microburst storms, rarely hail, and very warm summer sultry sunny afternoons due to our westerly facing exposure.

We will always advise and keep an eye on the weather for you, and it's best for you to check in with us just before your arrival to ensure the weather is on your side for a great stay. Wet weather can be equally as exquisite camping in the clouds, or living in the mists, but some sites like the Top Pad may be less accessible, and with wet weather, we are a rural property so it's a good idea to pack an extra pair of gumboots. Windy weather, when it gets gusty, becomes unpleasant for guests we find, and we do have slightly more protected sites on the property you can move to. The weather changes at the turn of a hat and can be unpredictable. We happily refund if you find the weather untenable and alternate sites unsuitable.

We request that all guests staying on our sites be fully self-contained at this stage unless otherwise stated.

We live off-grid with our own solar power, with a limited rainwater tank supply, and while there are a few branches down on the property we recommend when fires are permitted to bring your own firewood.

You must bring everything you will need. We can only help by prior arrangement, or in emergencies. These are budget sites until we can make available premium campsites with some services.

We genuinely care for the safety and enjoyment of all guests on the property.


Magnificent Panoramic Views of the Sunshine Coast and the Hinterland.

We are overlooking the beautiful Kondalilla Rainforest National Park Waterfall and Rockpools, a popular local swimming and hiking area on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk.

Even one of our guests has commented that this spot is a "Lookout".


Best views guaranteed perched on a ridge in the mist overlooking the breath-taking scenery of a great valley below, looking across into the deep western wilderness of Australia. Looking to the east, you will be looking down to a distant oceanic panorama of the Sunshine Coast.

Kondalilla Rainforest Walk, Rockpools, Waterfalls, and Great Hinterland Walk are beautiful and popular destinations just minutes drive away, on a quiet night you will hear the sounds of the waterfalls echoing up our valley.

You have the highest position on the property on our Top Pad, and one of the best vantage points on the entire rural valley, looking down upon our accommodation (we face away from you, down the hill), so you will get the feeling of privacy without feeling isolated.

This is a piece of sub-tropical paradise. Endless postcard views and photographic opportunities abound at every angle you turn with diverse wildlife, lookouts, and nature. You will also be spoilt by our picturesque sunsets silhouetted against distant valley hills looking west into the wilderness of the Australian bush.

We do find families, especially with very young ones, prefer to share a camping spot on our Lower Pads near us in our Tiny Houses. With your back to us, you will be facing the panorama of a large valley below and you will quickly forget that we are here - in fact, most of our panoramic photographs are actually snapped from the Lower Pad anyway.


Truly spectacular, peaceful, and serene sunsets are guaranteed almost every day, weather permitting.

We recommend a pair of good walking shoes for hiking and gumboots to get around the property during wet spells. Sometimes shrouded in mists and early morning fogs, because of our altitude, we live in the weather, and even above the weather sometimes, and you'll be sleeping above the clouds as fog gathers from the waterfalls and mist of the valleys below early mornings before sunrise at the right times of the year

The weather constantly plays out a wonderful performance for us and there is never a dull day.


We have kookaburras, native birds, magpies, crows, hawks, and flying foxes whooshing overhead in their evening migrations, and on the property, we have a couple of local possums, and wild turkeys, as well have a handful of rescue cattle a reasonable distance away and also on adjacent properties.

We are perched on an island of regenerating sub-tropical rainforest, so we are actually quite inert from most of the critters you'll find on most camping properties.

We do have the occasional visit from pythons and snakes passing through here like anywhere in Australia, however, it is not frequent as the vegetation along the ridge is on an isolated patch of rainforest regrowth surrounded by tracks or roads.

South East of Queensland has its share of critters, yet we are lucky with naturally much-reduced exposure to them all here on our ridge.

Occasionally we see the bigger jumping ants which can bite, and you'll feel it, but they have naturally subdued their activity and adjusted to having us as guests here as well, so we rarely have encounters now.

Mosquitoes or midges are not a great problem in our spot either, we are blessed, and they are even less likely in the cooler, windier winter months, and only generally at dusk. Some of the land around us has been cleared, so there are fewer trees to harbor mosquitoes. We also live on very well-draining red clay soil which doesn't pool water for too long, and we also diligently upturn any vessels that can pool water up here, which reduces the chances of mosquitoes breeding.

It is very rare to see leeches but if they do it is in the wetter warmer summer monsoon months, as we are historically living in a rainforest.

We do have cattle, bush and grass ticks in the drier late winter months, but there again, we seldom encounter them. 

In springtime and early summer, we do have march flies that can bite but are easily brushed away. Best to always bring insect repellent when you go camping in any case if you're sensitive.

We recommend you always be aware and alert and cautious of Australian wildlife but not be alarmed as they only rarely impact us.

Please do advise us if you have any allergies to any critters so we can best advise you on safety and precautions if needs be. We are generally nearby to advise or help immediately if you encounter any issues.

We are 3 mins drive to Montville Medical Centre, 16 mins drive to Nambour General Hospital, and 38 mins drive to Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

The climate is sub-tropical with wet warm and humid weather in summer and cooler drier, windier weather in winter which gives us six months of ’springtime’ weather with shorts and t-shirt clothing being entirely suitable for almost every day of the year,  and cool nights enough to snuggle up.

Because of our privileged position up high on a ridge, the price we pay is that we can be exposed to the weather. Different types of weather may affect various types of accommodation in different ways.

In August and September, we can get strong winter south-westerly winds which may affect tents and tall camper vehicles, wet periods can make our hilly dirt tracks tricky to negotiate (they are being gradually and constantly upgraded to become all-weather tracks). RVs, Caravans, and Campers may need to orientate into the winds to reduce being rocked around.

Again, we recommend you message us closer to your booking dates to double-check that your site will suit the accommodation you are bringing. 

We have alternate positions on the property that offer a little more protection from the wind, and if the weather is either gusty or stormy, we will also attempt to contact and advise you either upon booking or closer to the booking date.

You will tan easily during your stay up here, so slip slop, and slap on sunscreen if your skin is sensitive to sunlight. We, ourselves, don’t feel a great need need to wear sunscreen here.

We are constantly enthralled by the diversity of wildlife that abounds, yet we are not overwhelmed by it either, so we feel very safe up here.

This is a rare piece of heaven that has been highly praised by many of our visitors for its amazing location and natural settings, so we look forward to seeing you join us here soon.

On our camping positions, a soil underlay and lawn turf have been rolled out to create a comfortable base for camping with beautiful all-season wintergreen grass.

We highly recommend families with children under 5 years old maintain supervision at all times. We have sloping hills with small embankments, and like any this is a rural property, so expect all the trappings a rural property will bring as there are garden tools and gardens lying around, barbed wire fences nearby, rescue bulls (never to be approached).


The quaint tourist town of Montville town is just one mile away, (2 mins drive), and this European-style village features plenty of Art Galleries, Tourist Gift Shops, and Cafes, including the popular Montville Bar ’N Grill; you can even buy a Grandfather Clock from the well-renowned 'Clock Shop'.

All of the basic amenities are nearby in Montville including a mini convenience IGA Supermarket, Post Office, and Chemist.

We are just above the main road, tucked away behind a ridge. There is minor traffic noise, you'll only hear the whooshing of cars driving by, and we are not on any steep hill road climbs so sounds of engines cranking are only occasional. Weekends do bring avid motorcyclists to the Hinterland which can create motorcycle noise across the whole region.

We are a 15-minute walk away from a well-kept clean and affordable commuter bus connecting to the main Queensland Rail line north of Brisbane, and 17 minutes from Nambour Station and Maleny with all major supermarkets and services including hospitals.

We are 30 minutes west of the regional Sunshine Coast Airport which connects to all major cities, and an 80-minute drive north of Brisbane and Brisbane International Airport, so you can also arrive by a highly recommended door-to-door commuter service by searching for Con-X-Ion.

We are constantly evolving and upgrading these sites so additional services may become available that may not be mentioned here. 


Your own mobile phone reception may be patchy, which can be a holiday blessing or a curse. Optus carrier phones are only mildly better than Telstra/Boost, so it's not perfect, and data can be slow.

From time to time we may be able to offer Starlink Satellite Hi-Speed Internet (or via a Wifi Extender) which offers up to 150-330mpbs download speeds and 20mbps uploads, and low latency. If not, we still have backup 4G mobile broadband access via a WiFi Extender.

The nearest public swimming areas in summer are Kondalilla Rockpools (4 mins drive, 25 min walk) and Baroon Pocket Dam (10mins drive).

We are working on building an ablution block with a shower, toilet, washing machine, basin, facilities + more. If this is not listed as being ready for your site, or you have opted for a budget site, please ensure you are self-contained and bring everything + take everything with you at the end of your stay.

The nearest public toilets are in the main town of Montville (just 2mins drive away) listed on Google Maps as 'Main St Toilets' and public toilets on the 'Village Green' on the public park across the road from the 'Montville Village Hall'.

We can highly recommend the popular camper's toilet the Thetford Portable Toilet Porta Potti, which you can find at stores like Supercheap Auto for a member's price (cheap - approx $150). Very little smell, self-contained, sealed, water-tight,  portable, and perfect. We also use them.

We prefer campers not to go potty around the sites as it leaves an unpleasant smell for future guets.

Year-round public heated swimming pools are nearby at Swimfit Palmwoods (13 mins drive) and Nambour Aquatic Centre & Waterslides for kids (17 mins drive).

We are 3 mins drive to Montville Medical Centre, 16 mins drive to Nambour General Hospital, and 38 mins drive to Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

Campsite area
Tent or RV sites
3 sites
Up to 4 guests per site
Up to 1 vehicle
Wheelchair access
2WD Accessible
RV Information
Pop-up campers, Class B RVs, and Cars allowed
Vehicles under 18 feet allowed
Pull-in site
Accommodates slideouts
Surface type: loose-gravel
Surface levelness: requires leveling
Electrical hookup available
Water hookup available
Generators allowed
No Travel trailers, Fifth wheels, or Class A RVs
Hookups: No sewage and TV connection
Campfires allowed
Pets allowed
No toilet
Potable water available
Kitchen available
Showers available
Wifi available
No picnic table
Pack it out
Laundry absent
No hot tub
No playground
  • Check in: After 2PM
  • Check out: Before 12PM
  • Cancellation policy: Flexible
  • On arrival: Meet and greet
  • Minimum nights: 1 night
  • Accepts bookings: 6 months out
  • Weeknight discount: 30% off
  • Response time: Within an hour
  • Response rate: 100%


Offered on the Host's property or nearby.


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Wind sports

Paragliding is permitted at Gerrard's Lookout just 8 mins drive south.


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Wildlife watching

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Natural features you'll find at Magic Mists of Montville-Kondalilla in Queensland.


The ridge is an island of naturally regenerated sub-tropical rainforest.


Escarpment of the hinterland and Great Dividing Range looking down to the ocean.


Long private 200m driveway for walking.


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Hipcamper Meagan
Meagan F.
recommends this listing.
(Front Pad Site 3 (Development))
September 28th, 2022

Beautiful spot on top of the mountain, just stunning views! I really enjoyed my stay and exploring the surrounding townships.

Land is shared with two other tiny homes but I felt that I had all the privacy I needed for my stay.

Thank you!

Magic Mists of Montville-KondalillaMagic Mists of Montville-KondalillaMagic Mists of Montville-Kondalilla
Hipcamper Tiah
Tiah R.
recommends this listing.
(Top Pad Site 1)
September 27th, 2022

Was a good view at the site, however very muddy when it rained

Hipcamper Brooke
Brooke T.
recommends this listing.
(Top Pad Site 2)
September 26th, 2022

Beautiful sunset views! Hosts responded quickly to questions & directions were very easy to follow. Some noise from nearby traffic but to be expected with school holidays.

Hipcamper Kaddi & James
Response from Kaddi & James, the Host, on September 26th, 2022

Pleased to share the gorgeous sunset with you - Was great to have you stay!

Remove vote :(
Hipcamper Monica

Great sunset

Monica S.
has mixed feelings towards this listing.
(Top Pad Site 1)
September 25th, 2022

The Views were stunning. We had booked the top site but upon checking it out we decided to take the lower site. We had the section to ourselves which was very private. Not the same view but you can’t have everything. The top 2 sites we felt were too close to each other. We had a fire every night. Only 2 minutes to Montville. Only downside to us was the traffic noise. Great hosts lovely family.

Bottom siteBeautiful Sunset
Hipcamper Jonathon
Jonathon N.
recommends this listing.
(Top Pad Site 2)
September 22nd, 2022

My friends and I had a fantastic experience. The hosts had prompt replies to any questions I had and the mist was quite mesmerising.

Hipcamper Ronin
Ronin P.
doesn't recommend this listing.
(Front Pad Site 3 (Development))
September 21st, 2022

As I turned up to this place I was immediately disappointed. It was difficult to find and once we found it, there was the smallest camping area, with barely enough room to turn my car around without falling off the shear edge. The photos were very deceiving and looked nothing like what we expected. We left almost as fast as we got there, and was not even worth the discounted price we paid.

Hipcamper Jordan

Great spot on top of a hill

Jordan M.
recommends this listing.
(Top Pad Site 1)
September 20th, 2022

Great location and easy to find with the direction

Hipcamper Ahmad
Ahmad S.
has mixed feelings towards this listing.
(Front Pad Site 3 (Development))
September 19th, 2022

The aria has a great view but there was no toilet and shower arias .Of course I think Jimmy is landlord and he let us use the bathroom of his cabin during our stying and he was kind .

Hipcamper Sam
Sam T.
recommends this listing.
(Top Pad Site 2)
September 17th, 2022

Great spot to venture out into the boutique towns in the area.
Amazing sunsets and star filled sky.
Hosts are very helpful and welcoming.

Magical Views Montville Kondalilla
3 Sites