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Jessica has self-certified that Hipcamp’s COVID-19 Safety Standards have been implemented at this listing. See what’s being done here.

The perfect blend of all you come to WNC for! 

We have the perfect balance of that rural feel, proximity to attractions, and year round easy access right on Scenic Hwy 9 between Black Mountain and Chimney Rock/Lake Lure. We are Ultra Family friendly with an instant playmate for your kids, my super social son Tender Wolf!

Your time is valuable and my time is const


The perfect blend of all you come to WNC for! 

We have the perfect balance of that rural feel, proximity to attractions, and year round easy access right on Scenic Hwy 9 between Black Mountain and Chimney Rock/Lake Lure. We are Ultra Family friendly with an instant playmate for your kids, my super social son Tender Wolf!

Your time is valuable and my time is constrained by duties to child and land with time saved to spend with guests on property. I've included extremely thorough details to help you know exactly everything there is to know.. Read on! 

My Story

Before I was able to secure stewardship of (buy) this beautiful healing slice of heaven I was traveling annually to WNC for a necessary nature plunge. I need the incredible green of the forest teeming with diversity to soothe my soul. I need the purity of the crystal clear cold water to wash everything that no longer serves my highest and best right out of me.  The expansive views of the mountains somehow help me in reshaping perspective, and to see the real night sky with no light pollution, only stars, inspires my dreams. I'm ever so grateful and thankful to have this as my and my son's daily life now and I'm even happier to share the deep peace and comfort we've found with you and your family. Last year we had a fabulous time connecting with so many awesome folks. I know many campers connected with new people beyond Tender Wolf and I and that those connections and the connections we made with many have continued to grow. 

1 site = 1 tent , 1 car, max 4 adults or 2 adults with 4 kids under 12, 

Sorry No Exceptions. It  is the only way to ensure that the hipcamp booking engine knows when to stop accepting bookings.  

No drive up sites  (changed from last year...but we do have rugged terrain carts to help with the loading) 

No cartop tents, rvs, or Van Life sites  unless you want to be in the parking area, which is still beautiful but you may not set up tables etc around your vehicle, it’s for parking and sleeping only while you enjoy the use of our sweet space and shared facilities. 

My goal is to protect everyone's enjoyment and allow for a feeling of comfortable relaxing space with enough room for social distance between separate parties and no overcrowding of the parking or the shared facilities. 

Below you find literally everything you need to know. We'll start with ways to enjoy your stay and proximity to attractions, followed by thorough details on the variety of sites, amenities available, and events - booking your own or attending one of mine. I don't have an event calendar yet but do watch for it! 

On Property,

We love hiking daily both on land or in the creek. Both hikes are easy to moderate in difficulty. There is always risk when hiking in wet or dry areas. Each guest assumes full responsibility for their own safety and promises to leave No Trace.

The land hike has a shorter and a longer option, the longer one takes you to the top of the ridge-line and there are some large rock outcroppings on the way. Views are lovely year round but the summer foliage does reduce them some. The land hike is easier and certainly dryer than the creek, haha. Soon there will be some peaceful sitting areas and some tent sites along the trail and Creek. 

The Creek hike is my favorite. It is a bit more difficult than the land hike and you will have to get wet as well as either go on land or go through possibly hip-deep water to make it the whole way. It is likely that you will end up on your rear at some point lol. Again each guest is fully responsible for their own safety and all risk involved in any and all activities on property. I often wear rain boots or water shoes to protect my feet since I go between the water and the land. You'll see small waterfalls, really cool natural rock formations, remnants of stoned logging roads, small swimming holes, downed trees to climb over under or around, snails, salamanders, and crayfish. Please be careful where you step and do not move around the stones where they have their beds. These lovely little creatures are all signs of a beautifully clean pristine top of the watershed healthy creek and i am honored to steward it's continued health. *The creek is not of swimmable depth but you can lay down and be fully covered.*

 If you need an even easier day just relax by the creek let the kids play in the water,  in the treehouse, soccer, and the close part of the creek.  Soak up some sun doing Yoga or Qigong in the field and in the evening hang by the campfire. Enjoy the rarity of 0 light pollution by gazing at the star studded sky and be mesmerized by the silent fireworks show provided nightly by the billions of fireflies in the summer months.


Hummingbirds, goldfinch, song birds, hawks, bears, foxes, wolves, coyotes, bobcat, wild turkey, box turtles, black snakes (we love) and poisonous copperheads (be careful) are the animal friends i have either seen, heard, or seen evidence of on my property. You can also hear some two-leggeds in their cars and motorcycles as the price of proximity and year-round access. But it's only enough to know the zombie apocalypse has yet to begin, lol, and is super minimal at night. Everywhere in NC you must beware of bears, poisonous snakes and spiders.

Location, Location, Location!!! 

Close to Everything!!! 

Less than 5 minutes away Activities

I'm luckily nestled between the only 2 public gathering places between Black Mountain and Lake Lure. You can add to your adventure and healing by visiting The Light Center (open 7 days a week) for light therapy, more hiking trails, or swimming in the pond (all free) or visit The Straight Away Cafe for a bite to eat socializing and great music Wed-Sun. Both are less than 2 miles from us. There are also multiple horseback riding outfits, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, waterfalls, and water sports options. We do not have these options on property but they are within 15  to 30 minutes.

*Use The Straight Away Cafe location in maps to see the distance between us and your desired activities*

Black Mountain and Montreat are 20 min one direction, Lake Lure, Chimney Rock and Bat Cave are 20 min in the opposite direction, the amazing Catawba Falls Trailhead is also only 20 min and you can be enjoying all Asheville has to offer in 25 min as well. Only 7.5 miles from !-40 you can easily get to wherever you'd like go and enjoy beautiful views of fields, creeks, and mountains along the way. There is a grocery store, fast food and local food options by i-40 as well. Uber and others do service this location but it's not cheap!

Cell service and WiFi

I use Verizon and have great service reception for phone, streaming, and hot spot. Other carriers do not work

I’m now offering wifi - you have to be close to the house and sign in with a password. It is provided by a verizon jetpack.

Current Lodging 

  • primitive campsites - $35
  • Lilypad Lair Tent Camping Deck - $50
  • Shugashack ‘glamping’ tiny house- $65

Coming Soon - 

  • More camping decks/platforms teepees & other fun covered structures along the creek trail & farther up the trail - $40-$60  
  • The “Silver Lining" on Cloud 9 Renovated 1950 Spartan Royal Mansion - sleeps 4, 33 ft shiny silver rv with large windows to allow for views and the sweet sounds of the creek - available in `May - Until I'm able to add tanks or septic for waste water, guests will use the awesome shared facilities. During that interim, you can sleep peacefully in a super sweet space for half the price, only  $125 (plus cleaning). It will have basic power for mood lights and gadgets and a private rv sized fridge and freezer
  • 1978 Ramada Apache hard sided Pop-up camper- sleeps 4 right on the creek for sweet lullaby- end of April - $75 (plus cleaning) has a dorm sized fridge, a mini ac unit, a power strip and lights, rent power for and extra $15/day. Make sure to add when booking so that the fridge will be cooled down prior to your arrival.

 Currently,  the magic number of parties I'm allowing is a maximum of 15 parties max of 15 vehicles which has seemed comfortable for all during these interesting times.

I have a larger capacity for total camping for private party retreat/family gathering options, the vehicle max would be 23. Please see the events section at the end.

Campsite descriptions are  general areas, sites are not actually numbered (yet), you choose your specific site at check in once you've walked the property. This will be changing by the end of April as I am adding more secluded sites off the hiking trail and near the creek.

The porta John, outdoor hot water shower, Scrumptious Soul kitchen, the Laughing Wolf Lounge, and campfire facilities are yours to enjoy! Bring your own dry firewood. Absolutely no scavenging wood off the property. The reason being, it often encourages the use of wood that's not appropriate for the size of the pit or  will be burning longer than you want to tend it. Safety First Folks! ( More facilities details after lodging description),

Primitive Tent and Camping Decks general site location and description

1) The Barnyard

backyard/barnyard area which is the area closest to the amazing lullaby sounds of the creek and spring,  the shared facilities, and parking. They are mostly flat and looking on the site map are near the Barn. These sites use the shared backyard fire pit. It is not secluded. The tiny house, the Apache pop-up and Royal Mansion, my house, the backyard and fire pit are all visible. Families with young ones especially enjoy this area for the ability for kids to play in the water and level yard areas while parents relax at the site or make dinner. There is room for two 4 person tents 12ishx20ish.feet 

2) Open Field - in the high line of the field nestled back by the trees  is a super sweet spot.  These sites are mostly flat but far less level than the barnyard or High sites. They are open to the field. It  has the best year round views of a rolling field giving way to beautiful  mountain Ridgeline with  great sunsets. At night when the Humans are still (those beautiful forest sounds never sleep) you can still hear water flowing faintly. This is where I will build my personal living space, my Earth castle. The terrain here is relatively flat on the band near the back treeline.  3 of these have a small fire pit. It's a 1- 3 min slight incline walk from the parking area. There is also a good hammock spot here. Fireflies are most visible from this area and the Barnyard in season. It's like having your own silent fireworks display! Hillside 1&3 can have two 6-8 person tents, Hillside 2 is perfect for a hammock or one 4-6 tent, it is shaded by pines. Each of these have their own fire ring.

3) Cleared Homesite- behind the above mentioned treeline on the high back side of the field is  the cleared future multifamily Earthship home site. This is as mentioned behind a treeline so it's further from the road. It's a large open very flat area.  It is a hike in site. It's not far (less than 5 min from parking) but there is the incline of the field then a steeper incline to up behind the field.  This area is farther from the facilities and parking. The tree line blocks the view of the house and provides for fabulous mountain view and night sky. There are 6 sites.  If you rent 5 sites you may have this area to yourself (max of 5 cars/20 people/12 tents....parking near the house not at site)

3.5) Group of 5 sites at Cleared HomesiteIf If you want camping for up to 20 people 10 tents,  5 cars ; rent 5 sites under the same name and I will block out the cleared home site for your group. The same goes if you want it privately for fewer people. If you have more people or cars, rent additional sites accordingly under the same name if possible, or at least let me know they are connected to your group. Other guests will still be on property at any of the other described areas. The trail loop runs by the site so there might be an occasional guest passing by on a hike. 

4) Lilypad Lair Tent Camping Deck- Level, just barely raised, solid wood deck nestled just behind Frog Song Pond between Serenity Spring and Crawfish  Creek. You’ll be engulfed in the sweet sounds of water and frogs singing! Lilypad Lair is less than 2 min from the facilities and parking, but tucked away for an easy sweet stay and perfectly flat root, mud, and rock free sleeping regardless of the weather.  

The Shuga Shack “Glamping '' Tiny House is an 8x12 insulated, finished and powered (by extension cord with surge protector, easily powers the lights , a private mini fridge and freezer upon request, and your technology). It has a super comfy raised queen sized loft bed (only 46inches off the ground), shelving, built in seat/ladder to bed, a desk, and plenty of open room for stuff under the lofted queen size. Super comfy mattress and sheets included. Bring your own pillow and towels. *if you want to provide your own linens please let me know ahead of time so i don’t make the bed) This unit is great for short term, longer term, or year round rental.  The porta John, outdoor hot water shower, Scrumptious Soul kitchen, the Laughing Lounge, and campfire facilities are yours to enjoy! This is very close to parking and as mentioned directly on the creek so the sound is amazing. This unit also has a mini fridge I can plug in for you if needed (please make sure to add it when booking) or use the shared one in the camp kitchen. This unit is booked separately from the tent sites. Weekends are a 2 night minimum, holiday weekends require 3 night. Please understand this is closer to glamping than it is to a house. Also please know, that in the month of October this whole area swarms with a ton of little beetles that look like ladybugs. They do not bite and are not harmful.. No matter how I try, there will inevitably be some in the tiny house. Once they swarm in October there's a lot of them for a month and then there's just a few continually until spring. it is the same in my personal home as well as all of my neighbors, it's just part of nature here. The beatle/ladybugs and the occasional stink bug are the only bugs, both of which are not bugs from being dirty they're just little friends that visit for a period of time.

If you're looking for a longer-term rental please contact me for a negotiated rate.


The lovely and much raved about outdoor instant hot water shower is behind the barn. Only use Dr Bronner's (provided) to protect our precious and pure land and water Available only May-Oct due to freezing issues...’ll have rectified by next season. I'm dreaming up and scheming on what will the Ahhhhhh Camp Spa, a year round covered but with a view bath house, outdoor crafty hot tub, sauna, and any other fun I dream up. OOOO how I love water 

Mountain well water is available at the Scrumptious Soul kitchen. It comes from my well to the whole house filter and through a hose to the sink faucet. There is also a popular filling spot on Hwy 9 (closer to Black Mountain)  that is from a piped spring and free for all to enjoy. You will want to have containers to hold water you may need at the campsite but you can fill as needed on property. 

A porta-potty is available on the side of the barn, it is professionally serviced weekly, has hand sanitizer, and a biocide strong viri-cidal cleaner for guests to use. It is all the guests shared responsibility to keep it sanitary for everyone between professional cleanings. 

Cooking it up 

In the Scrumptious Soul Kitchen you will find a full sized fridge and freezer, a sink, large griddle, a single burner coil hot plate, a rotisserie toaster oven, rice cooker, 2 crock pots, and if you really want to get fancy there is also a bread maker, a juicer, and a smoothie maker. Sorry no coffee maker, people have a tendency to forget to clean those (so not fun in a shared environment). Plenty of plugs and ways to heat water for your own coffee making contraption. Every guest is responsible for immediately cleaning up after themselves during and after cooking. Bring your own paper towels and trash bags to pack it out to the trash area. All trash must be removed immediately. All food from refrigerator freezer etc must be removed prior to departure please do not leave anything. Scrubbies,Dr Bronners soap, hand sanitizer, and virus killing multi surface cleaner. The kitchen is open air but covered. 

You may use the fire, the charcoal grill (bring your own charcoal), and kitchen anytime.  

Please leave it better than you found it. 

Bears are possible so all food should be kept labeled and stored in the lounge or in your vehicle, never at your tent! Trash from your site or the lounge should be immediately disposed of at the trash area. The last person out the lounge should close it up and turn off the lights. 

Relaxing Zones

The Laughing Lounge is connected to the Scrumptious Soul kitchen and has a cooking area,  dining area, and a lounging area. Originally it was a garage and woodshed. Now it’s a super fun and scrumptious space. We've made many windows so it's very open air but well protected from the rain. Always nice to have options! 

The community fire area behind the house is a great way to have some human interaction with a safe distance. We've enjoyed a lot of great conversations there. There are chairs and side tables . 

The Outdoor dining area near the fire pit is also a great place to enjoy your meal . Glass top seats 6.

Ways to Enjoy Your Stay 

You can definitely spend a full day just enjoying the property and two weeks or better checking out all the other sites in the area without spending too much time in the car and without wasting time changing camp locations. Sooooo many options are available within 25 mi

nutes and even those farther away points of usual interest are around an hour (your in the forests the whole time along the way)


Want to teach a class or workshop but don’t need the privacy or exclusive use of shared facilities?

Contact me to share the details and needs of your group. You could either rent just the entire cleared homesite to keep your group together (must be done at one time by booking 1 site per car under one name. Must book a minimum of 5 sites to have no other guests camping in that space. 

If you teach permaculture or natural building and would be doing a project on property that will have a lasting benefit, I have large projects and am at the perfect stage of development for these hands-on classes. I am calling you in!  Let's make some magic! Healing Facilitators and Events, as well as survival and earth skills or foraging are also especially invited. As long as it's positive and safe I'm open to all events, those just happen to be near and dear to my heart and are events I'm proactively seeking teachers for.

Rent the whole property for a private event

If you're having an event where everyone is being safe and thoughtful of their interactions (in both the regular ways and the 'new normal' ways) and you want to book the whole property we could easily accommodate up to 90 people in * 20 primitive tent sites or camping decks plus,* the Shugashack (sleeps 2-3) the Royal Mansion (sleeps 4) and Apache (sleeps 4)  and all the facilities solely for your group. Parking max is 23 cars.

  •  $1800 for  2 weekend nights plus Thur or Sun night and the day before and after to include setup and breakdown ***Non-holiday*** 
  • $1000 for a Monday through Thursday event with all day Sunday to set up but only until 10 am Friday to break down. 
  • $2400 6-7 nights plus setup and breakdown time as needed.

 Remember these prices include 3  structural units (Shugashack, Apache, and Silver Lining) in addition to 20 tent sites, the use of any of the tent camping decks and exclusive use of the facilities and property (except for myself , my son, and dog. Parking is limited to 23 vehicles.. 

For whole property rental please Book early!. 

Campsite area
Bring your own tents
10 sites
Up to 4 guests per site
Park at listing
No wheelchair access
Campfires allowed
Toilet available
Pets allowed
Potable water available
Kitchen available
Showers available
Picnic table available
No wifi
Pack it out
Have a question? Send Jessica a message!
  • Check in: After 2PM
  • Check out: Before 12PM
  • Cancellation policy: Moderate
  • Minimum nights: 1 night
  • Accepts bookings: 12 months out
  • Weeknight discount: 10% off


Offered on the Host's property or nearby.

Horseback riding
Snow sports
Whitewater paddling
Wildlife watching


Natural features you'll find at Cloud 9 Campsite in North Carolina.

Hot spring
River, stream, or...
Swimming hole

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Hipcamper joshua
Joshua M.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
January 21st, 2022

I went to camp in the snow and we got 12 inches or so. Loved it I really like black mountain and the old fort town. Jess and tender wolf I really like tho. It's a great place

Hipcamper James
James B.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
November 19th, 2021

It’s always a pleasure to stay at Cloud 9! Jessica and her family offer a very welcome atmosphere. Next time I’ll take full advantage of the tiny house. I hope she continues to accept guests and thrives! Looking forward to my next trip!

Hipcamper Ellen
Ellen T.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
October 24th, 2021

Great combination of people. Peaceful and beautiful.

Hipcamper Joey

Amazing stay!

Joey L.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
October 22nd, 2021

It was a great experience! Jessica is an amazing person and makes everyone feel at home and part of her family. Tent camping was up on this little hill but pretty level and was so beautiful. It was close to Black Mountain which had all the shopping and restaurants you would need. Also close to amazing hikes and scenery. I would definitely stay there again if in the area.

Hipcamper Sarah Claire
Sarah Claire M.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
October 20th, 2021

This was a great site! We pulled up, and there were lots of kids playing and adults chatting. There were lots of site options, and we hiked up a little hill and had even more privacy! The facilities were INCREDIBLE, and the host was so kind and personable!! We had no complaints.

Hipcamper Katelin
Katelin W.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
October 17th, 2021

Our stay at cloud 9 was wonderful. Jessica was so friendly and accommodating. The property was the perfect space for our family! The star gazing at night was almost unreal. We loved cloud 9 and are already looking forward to coming back soon!!

Cloud 9 CampsiteCloud 9 CampsiteCloud 9 CampsiteCloud 9 Campsite
Hipcamper Ana

Lovely, but steep

Ana Y.
has mixed feelings towards this listing.
(Dispersed site)
October 12th, 2021

Really love Jessa and her space!! Just hope to have clearer communication in the future!! For instance, letting us know ahead of time that our campsite is listed with her AirBNB guests, instead of telling us we'll have to move and build a campsite elsewhere - ourselves - the moment we've booked with Hipcamp (at her coaxing; because it's 'mutually beneficial', vs AirBNB).
Or being offered a tiny house to winter over in, working to clear space for said house, getting our children excited about it, and then it being booked for a month immediately.
We also offered our help fixing up said tiny house, as the inside was completely unfinished, but were never offered any compensation of any sort; just being asked to help her meet her deadlines, and then her giving tasks unrelated to the tiny house and her supervising, rather than working to meet said deadlines.
Again, she's an amazing woman and we developed a lot of love for her very quickly.
But, we are not interested in being treated as 'less than', especially given the rates we were paying to sleep in our van on unlevel ground, just because we ARE living in our van until we find a home for winter.
A guest should never be asked to move to accommodate overbooking when they are paying $225/week; much less, being asked to pack up their tent and leave their designated site the MOMENT they're booked and out of said money.

Hipcamper Kerri

Camping in community

Kerri S.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
October 11th, 2021

Camping at Cloud 9 was a great experience! While it was different than expected (I thought that the spots were going to be more secluded), it was definitely an adventure. There were at least ten different camping groups scattered across the property, with some people in tents, others in trailers, and a few stayed in tiny houses. Some campers kept to themselves, while others of us gathered around the campfire for s'mores and stories. Jessica, her son, and their dog were delightful! This is not the place to go if you're looking for silence and solitude in the middle of nature, but would be a great fit if you're wanting a nice getaway just out of town and to connect with other campers! Eating Concord grapes off the vine was a fun treat too!

Hipcamper Sammy

Great camp site

Sammy K.
recommends this listing.
(Dispersed site)
October 11th, 2021

We loved this campsite. We booked last minute using the ‘Instant Book’ feature on Hipcamp after arriving at a campsite that didn’t work out. We camped on the upper part of the property and enjoyed the flat surface, fire pits, picnic table and tree lined views. Jessica was a kind and available host who saved the day for us by letting us quickly come to her property!

Cloud 9 CampsiteCloud 9 Campsite


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