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Welcome to The Muvaland - A black-owned beachfront campsite

Muvaland is a small piece of peace on a living beach. 

Come vibe out under the stars, around the bonfire while the waves crash in the background. Play some Kaytranada and chill.

The Muvaland currently has: A port-a-potty, a swing on the beach that can seat up to 3 people, a fire pit with 2 benche


Welcome to The Muvaland - A black-owned beachfront campsite

Muvaland is a small piece of peace on a living beach. 

Come vibe out under the stars, around the bonfire while the waves crash in the background. Play some Kaytranada and chill.

The Muvaland currently has: A port-a-potty, a swing on the beach that can seat up to 3 people, a fire pit with 2 benches that can seat up to 6 people, a picnic table

No parties, loud music or big events - The Muvaland is in a residential area and is not an event space

Campsite area
Bring your own tents, vans and truck campers, trailers, RVs
1 site
Up to 12 guests per site
Park at listing
Wheelchair access
Campfires allowed
Toilet available
Pets allowed
Picnic table available
No potable water
No kitchen
No showers
No wifi
Pack it out
Laundry absent
Camping vehicle details
Generators allowed
No electrical hookup
No water hookup
No sewage hookup
No TV hookup
Back-in site
Max length 20ft
Surface type: grass or field
Surface levelness: requires leveling
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  • Check in: After 3PM
  • Check out: Before 1PM
  • Cancellation policy: Moderate
  • On arrival: Go straight to camp
  • Minimum nights: 2 nights
  • Accepts bookings: 6 months out
  • Response time: Within 12 hours
  • Response rate: 100%


Offered on the Host's property or nearby.

Wildlife watching


Natural features you'll find at The Muvaland - with private beach in Maryland.


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Hipcamper Kevin

Very first-time camper friendly....

Kevin H.
recommends this listing.
October 14th, 2021

This is a group review from a Family of 3. Two adults, 1 child under the age of 12

We found the reviews, pictures and advice from previous campers so helpful. This has inspired us to pay it forward by contributing to the pool of tips.

Among us, only the husband has lots of camping experience (as a youth), so we consider ourselves first-time campers as a family. We aren’t complete amateurs of outdoor life, we just usually leave spaces without pitching a tent. Everything that has been written about Muvaland being a majestic place is spot on with our experience. This space truly feels like someone’s vision on a spiritual level and you feel it.

Cinder blocks, poking stick, fire pit, solar lights, tiki torches, tables, benches…you have everything you need and they’re all arranged intentionally with delightful touches to create warmth.

It’s very cool to see from other photos how the beach (a living, constantly evolving space) changes with the time of year. We hope our mid-October review helps to create a full seasonal portrait.

In addition to water shoes as one of the reviewers suggested, we highly recommend also bringing rain boots if you’re camping during this time of year. It rained lightly our first evening, but the sandy campground quickly absorbed the moisture, so it wasn’t too messy or muddy. However, the ocean swept in a carpet of red seaweed overnight. Having rainboots allowed us to venture through without getting our feet soaked. It was glorious.

We experienced about 10hrs of the sounds of crashing waves through the evening and well into the next afternoon. It’s true that a large bird of prey lives there, likely a bald eagle. Our child found a large feather during one of his independent explorations. It was raining lightly when we arrived and mostly overcast afterwards, so we weren’t sure we’d see any stars at night. By staying up past midnight, we got lucky & saw patches of glitter through the breaks in the clouds. We can only imagine what a clear night sky looks like. There is very little light pollution.

By mid-afternoon the next day, the water was completely calm. So we got to experience both extremes and that was a real treat. Weather was high 73/low 64 on both days, which was perfect to us.

We came prepared with citronella incense, bands and a bug zapper expecting mosquitos, but never used them. During our overnight stay, there was only two mosquito bites between the three of us! Considering how most of our time was spent outside the tents, that’s incredible. Be advised though, our first evening there was windy, which made it hard for mosquitos to fly or find us. Come prepared!

With the exception of mosquitos 😊, when it comes to outdoor bugs, we respect their home (huge fans of the doc “Microcosmos”). So the countless encounters we had with the graceful, otherwordly harvestman arachnids (Daddy Longlegs) didn’t bother us. Whenever they curiously inspected our things, we just gave them a gentle blow. They are harmless to people.

As several reviewers have written, the neighbors are friendly. Although we had zero contact with anyone there during our overnight visit (which was a relief, as we practice social distancing) we felt welcome.
During mid-morning while gazing at the water, we saw a gentleman on his motorboat. We waved and he waved right back. These kind, simple gestures mean so much, especially today.

We arrived on a Tuesday afternoon and left Wednesday night, so we got used to the rhythms of traffic. It is a residential area, and the campsite is off their main road, so we saw school buses come and go as you’d expect on a weekday. You have just enough privacy for camping in peace, but are far from secluded.

Do not be deterred by the graffiti on the porta potty. Clearly, Amina has poured so much love and attention into her site, so we imagine it is frustrating to have taggers deface her property. Although we brought our own potty tent, we did peep inside and found it as immaculate as all the reviewers have stated.

As first-time campers, we felt safe and slept peacefully during the night.

We were booked for two nights but slept overnight for one and that’s only because our inflatable sleeping pads were a joke. We made the rookie mistake of not ensuring the most comfortable sleeping surface (D’oh!). Next time, we’ll come better prepared!

That said, we didn’t want to leave this magical place, but left inspired & recharged during our brief stay. We’ve already booked our second visit. Yes, there are many convenient campsites, but nothing like access to a beautiful private beach via a relatively short drive.

Thank you for creating and sharing this charming, spirit-recharging space, Amina!

An explorer takes a break from independent exploration. As others have said, kids don't want to leave this magical place.Look closely! One of the many harvestman arachnids/ daddy longlegs that live here. We saw a few every hour during our stay. Never got into our well-sealed tent though. They're gentle, curious creatures that run off when you try to photograph them. A living, constantly evolving space.  We arrived during a high tide and got to witness the beach transform with red seaweed carried in by the water. We don't see this every day and appreciated the total experience.Sonic. Just chillin.
Hipcamper Philicia

My kids didn’t want to leave!

Philicia D.
recommends this listing.
September 29th, 2021

This place is the stunning!! It was our first family camping trip and it was beyond wonderful!! The sunrises are incredible!! The way the light dances on the ocean is mesmerizing! We sang songs, and listen to the audio book version of Swiss Family Robison by the fire to really get into the wild adventure island mood! We saw bald eagles fly above the ocean. My husband thinks there’s a nest at the campsite. Maybe the next camper can go on a discovery hunt to confirm this! Oh but the nights! The nights are really where the Muvaland shines!! When the sun goes down the vast night sky fills with stars! You can’t help but gaze in child like wonderment at all those beautiful stars and planets! Make sure to download a stargazing app so you can locate the names of your favorite stars and planets!!
By the end of this incredible experience we were already planning to come back!! My children 6 and 8 didn’t even want to leave! My son said it was the best vacation he ever had! My daughter who had been suffering with nightmares lately slept deeply and peacefully every night! This momma got a much needed reset! Don’t hesitate, go on a book your own private retreat!! You won’t regret it!!

The Muvaland -  with private beachThe Muvaland -  with private beach
Hipcamper charlotte
Charlotte J.
recommends this listing.
September 28th, 2021

This place is truly surreal. Like being on another planet. Who knew such beauty was only a 2hr drive from Baltimore! Amina is a beautiful land steward who cares for this campground with deep respect - you can tell by the energy that permeates the space. We had plenty of room for 4 cars (an SUV, a sedan, and two camper vans) - probably could have fit another. The fire pit with benches that convert into tables is perfect, as is the wooden swing bench on the beach. Highly recommend bug spray. And don't forget your watermelon for Yemanja 😉

Hipcamper Gem

From philly to maryland with love

Gem J.
recommends this listing.
September 22nd, 2021

i am honestly speechless! amina was so intentional about he type of space she has created. small touches really made us feel welcomed & there is such a magical atmosphere that invited nothing but good energy and laughter. the campsite is off of a residential road but that was no issue as there was little to no traffic throughout the night. we took a walk and the neighbors were polite. waking up and going to sleep to the sounds of crashing waves was the highlight for me. amina was also very responsive and friendly via text when we had questions. very inspired by this space and we do plan on returning next summer! hoping that we left everything as beautiful as we found it. thank you for everything!

The Muvaland -  with private beach
Hipcamper Annie

The things i’d want to know

Annie R.
recommends this listing.
September 22nd, 2021

Beautiful spot. ~ 17 min drive from anything you could need. Close to the road but almost no traffic. Shallow a long way out. Bring the tubes and float the day away. Tiki torches were essential with the late summer bugs/flies. There are a few there, so bring fuel and a few table top lanterns if you can. I also recommend water shoes for the Bay, rocks and muck can be hard to see/avoid. I recommend getting there before sunset to set up. Truly beautiful all day long.

Hipcamper Shyann

Quiet, peaceful, serene, clean

Shyann B.
recommends this listing.
September 10th, 2021

From watching bald eagles, cranes, and hawks to waking up to crashing waves and a beautiful sunrise, this site is a slice of paradise.

The Muvaland -  with private beachThe Muvaland -  with private beachThe Muvaland -  with private beachDespite the graffiti, the port-a-potty was super clean
Hipcamper Mike

Such a special place

Mike S.
recommends this listing.
August 31st, 2021

What a wonderful experience. Booking was simple, the directions were clear, Amina (the owner) was responsive, and we arrived at a site that is clearly loved and well cared for. Our family has been camping for years and we've seen a range of campground setups. The Muvaland is truly one-of-a-kind!

The site is well secluded and we didn't see another person during our entire weekend stay (aside from 2 cars driving by). The water was so warm and you can't ask for a better view. We appreciated the traditional camping atmosphere of being surrounded by mature trees and natural woodland scenery. That's what we're used to. And then on top of that, we had a whole private beach to ourselves!

We couldn't be happier with our choice to spend our special day (anniversary) at such a special place. We'll definitely be returning to The Muvaland!

The Muvaland -  with private beachThe Muvaland -  with private beachThe Muvaland -  with private beach
Hipcamper Crystal

A beautiful and relaxing site

Crystal S.
recommends this listing.
August 21st, 2021

The sounds from the woods and the bay waves are a great combination. My 86yr old Grandmother enjoyed her first time camping. This is site is on my list for a return visit.

Hipcamper Nkenge
Nkenge B.
recommends this listing.
August 18th, 2021

It was our pleasure to camp and fellowship at The Muvaland. My family truly enjoyed themselves. It is definitely an experience! The peace and joy that comes from the land and water is unmatched in this area! Thank you for hosting us and we will surely be back!!

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