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Welcome to our farm. you may walk or drive down to a private, wooded location near the creek. Horses may be roaming free around your site, if they are pestering you, a simple wave of a plastic bag or tarp will shoo them away. If you want a horse ride please inquire while making your hipcamp reservation.

Campsite area
Bring your own tents, vans and truck campers, RVs
1 site
Up to 5 guests per site
Park at listing
Wheelchair access
Campfires allowed
Toilet available
Pets allowed
Potable water available
Picnic table available
Bins available
No kitchen
No showers
No wifi
Laundry absent
Camping vehicle details
Electrical hookup available
Water hookup available
No sewage hookup
No TV hookup
Generators not allowed
Pull-through site
Max length 45ft
Surface type: loose gravel
Surface levelness: requires leveling
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  • Check in: After 2PM
  • Check out: Before 12PM
  • Cancellation policy: Moderate
  • On arrival: Meet and greet
  • Minimum nights: 1 night
  • Accepts bookings: 9 months out
  • Weeknight discount: 10% off
  • Response time: Within 6 hours
  • Response rate: 84%


Offered on the Host's property or nearby.

Horseback riding
Wildlife watching


Natural features you'll find at private creek site in Illinois.

River, stream, or...

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Hipcamper Julie

Original family camping trip!

Julie B.
recommends this listing.
October 3rd, 2021

My family and I will always remember this trip: the horses passing by our site free roaming in the evening and early morning going to and from the pasture, our dog frolicking in the creek, our adventurous horseback trail riding around the property, and a 3 mile hike at a Silver Springs State Park nearby! (The bathroom being a jaunt away at the barn and the train tracks being right overhead were not as exciting, but just added to the memories! 😜)

private creek siteprivate creek siteprivate creek site
Hipcamper William
William S.
has mixed feelings towards this listing.
October 2nd, 2021

The site is primitive with no water, electric or bathroom. We had a nice view of the tree lined creek and We loved meeting the horses at night as they came down to the lower pasture for the night.

Hipcamper Yadira

What an experience….

Yadira L.
has mixed feelings towards this listing.
September 28th, 2021

This was my mistake, I mis interpreted the pictures but there is an active freight train track insanely close to the campsite. About 15-20 feet next to it and it passes 2-3x at night. The hours? 9pm, 3am and around 5. In addition, I often got the hint that the host was not happy to have people on ground (note- we were quiet, clean and respected our surroundings and animals) i got the hint that it seemed like a chore to answer my questions (e.i. Where are the bathrooms, where is the water, where can we hike/set up. I very much like knowing what I can and cannot do to respect each other). I asked several questions prior to the day of and none where answered until after I got there. Example- i asked to confirm the address, this was confirmed two hours after I had arrived. I only found the place thanks to google. Lack of communication is lack of professionalism and lack comfort and welcoming. I understand they are busy however to last days without a response is problematic for those of you who follow planning and scheduling.

However it wasn’t all bad. The creek was great and refreshing, it was great waking up to the horses walking through the bridge at 9pm and 5am or 6am. Enjoyed the horse ride however I timed it (because I had a schedule set) its not an hour long. I loved the hiking and random cows gazing out in the fields. It was nice and relaxing.

My advice is if you have a nervous dog, do not bring it with you. The train is incredibly loud and this is the home of many horses that come around all the time, which is amazing! My dogs loved it however my sister’s dog did not and that is not the horses fault but ours.

Overall, would recommend if you don’t mind being woken up by the train and seeing multiple people pass by multiple times a day and if you don’t have a dog who gets scared at night by random noises. The creek, hiking, animals and bridge was amazing.

Hipcamper Susan


Susan A.
recommends this listing.
September 28th, 2021

This was so beautiful! The host greeted us when we arrived and then let us be for the rest of our trip. We woke up to sounds of horses chomping grass outside the tent which was delightful! The train did come through at 4:30am but it didn't make the coping any less amazing. There is a porta John to use, and a fie pit

Hipcamper Amy

Perfect getaway on the creek

Amy P.
recommends this listing.
September 26th, 2021

Meredith has a beautiful farm with some amazing horses! The young lady in the barn gave me directions to the site, told me where to find bathrooms and warned me about the train.

I arrived with just enough time to set up camp before sunset and enjoyed my dinner at one of the provided picnic tables.

Hearing the horses coming was honestly one of the highlights of my stay! It was already dark and since the moon hadnt risen yet, it was pitch dark! I sat on the back of truck and watched them munch their way through and over the footbridge! Total surreal moment!

The train did come thru twice. 1st at about 1030pm and then again at 4am. A few times during thr night i heard horses coming back thru, under the light of the moon!

If you are a lighter sleep or don't want to be awaken by the horses, a simple pair of earplugs would do the trick, but honesty, the hores are part of the charm amd the reason why I stayed here. I'll definitely come back!

private creek siteprivate creek siteprivate creek siteprivate creek site
Hipcamper Kevin

Quiet, cool, convenient

Kevin P.
recommends this listing.
September 12th, 2021

Meredith’s place is great, and I highly recommend it. The spaces for camping are quiet, private (away from the main buildings), and appropriately close to the bathroom. She also offers access to potable water. The fire pit has picnic tables and even a couple of folding chairs. The horses and the train are a pretty cool touch, too. We also appreciate Meredith’s “leave everything better” message; we should all try our very best to camp by it.

All in all, we had a great time and will likely come back.

Hipcamper Melissa

Creek play

Melissa R.
recommends this listing.
September 11th, 2021

My kids loved the creek. So much exploring to do!

private creek siteprivate creek site
Hipcamper Jennifer

A magical time with the horses

Jennifer M.
has mixed feelings towards this listing.
September 8th, 2021

I'm so glad we stayed here because camping at a horse farm is a unique experience! I am grateful for the beautiful and powerful images of the horses at dusk and dawn around our tent. These are memories I will always cherish and I don't know where else I could have experienced this!

Things we learned that might be helpful to know:

1. There is a footbridge just before the campsite with two picnic tables and a fire ring. We decided it might not be a good idea to drive a big SUV over the bridge. So, we ended up hauling our stuff on foot over the bridge. Smaller cars could definitely drive over. It's fun to watch the 15-30 horses come over the footbridge at night and return at dawn.

2. We needed to move some horse poop so we could set up our tent. It was OK because we had a campfire shovel.

3. The campsite is next to a picturesque, old wooden train bridge. It's beautiful! Our first night in the camp we heard a train at 9:30pm and 6:30am. The second night it was 2:45am. If you don't mind being woken up, it is an amazing, surreal experience to be enveloped by the sound. We stayed awake that morning and enjoyed the experience of the horses around our tent as the sun came up!

4. We learned via internet that horses only sleep 3 or 4 hours over the course of 24 hours and have excellent night vision. It was amazing and impressive to hear them chomping, snorting and sometimes running around in the darkness outside our tent!

5. In addition to having some excellent shade trees at the campsite, the little creek is ice cold! We set up camp in a heat index of 108! Two folding chairs by the picnic table are excellent for sitting in the creek, which is shallow--about ankle deep in most places. In the afternoon, it's in the shade and minnows like to jump--sometimes completely--out of the water to eat insects, One dusk, a beautiful Green Heron landed on a branch to eat minnows while we sat at the picnic table! We also saw crayfish.

6. When you enter, you drive past 2 sets of open red gates. The second gate will be closed with a chain at dusk when the horses are let out for the night. The first night we had to leave to cool off after setting up camp. After dinner, we returned in a downpour shortly after dark and mistakenly thought the second gate was locked. After trying to reach our host for 10 minutes, we decided to get a hotel room and come back in the morning. She texted us that the gate is not locked! But, I think we would have been too unsure on our first night of how to drive back down to our campsite in the dark, through the horses, in the downpour.

7. We took an amazing horse back ride at sunset on our second night through several creeks and beautifully wooded areas with lush, old trees. These same trail rides came by our camp every day. (We were warned the trail rides would be running all day on that particular Saturday.) There are areas to camp if you can drive over the footbridge that seem more private. They look beautiful and lush, but there is no picnic table or fire ring anywhere but by the footbridge. I believe the trail rides still might pass your tent and you will probably hear Fox River Drive traffic no matter which campsite you choose.

8. In the mornings, we saw so many hummingbirds just a short walk from our tent--sometimes four at a time. We saw all of these birds while camping here:

Indigo Bunting
Northern Flicker
Red-bellied Woodpecker
Downy Woodpecker
Hairy Woodpecker
Northern Cardinal
Ruby-throated Hummingbird
American Robin
Eastern Kingbird
Turkey Vulture
Red-tailed Hawk
Mourning Dove
Green Heron
Northern Rough-winged Swallow
Black-capped Chickadee
House Finch
European Starling
Gray Catbird
House Sparrow
Blue Jay

Horses at dawn outside our tent just before heading back to their barnHorses at dawn from our tent windowGreen Heron at dusk in the creek eating minnowsPicturesque train bridge
Hipcamper Robert
Robert A.
recommends this listing.
September 7th, 2021

Horses 👍
Creek 👍
Overall experience 👍 👍

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