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*CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE from 4/9/22 to 4/16/22 WHILE WE FIGURE OUT THIS HIPCAMP THING. Only good people welcome:

Our teepee sits in a Rocky Mountain Neighborhood, not far from HWY 285, Conifer, CO. A very unique area accessible by dirt road and surrounded by forest with intermittent 1900s log cabin relics and modern cottages. Acquired in the Yukon and fitted with a 1


*CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE from 4/9/22 to 4/16/22 WHILE WE FIGURE OUT THIS HIPCAMP THING. Only good people welcome:

Our teepee sits in a Rocky Mountain Neighborhood, not far from HWY 285, Conifer, CO. A very unique area accessible by dirt road and surrounded by forest with intermittent 1900s log cabin relics and modern cottages. Acquired in the Yukon and fitted with a 16’ arctic entry, P and P’s Teepee comfortably sleeps 3. Heated with infrared and a propane ring fireplace authentic artifacts from around the world.

Our Teepee serves as a destination. Although nestled between a mix of new and old, the teepee itself is an enclosed sanctuary of relaxation—filled with essential oils and ensence. Sheesha tobacco and pipes. Teas Everything inside is hand selected from around the world. It is a special place and represents peace and respect. Although near cottages (and as the crow fly’s, not far from Safeway), it is quiet and tranquil. And Only those who roll with that mind set are welcome. Please read carefully as I apparently have not been clear on what you are getting for the price.

TO BE ULTRA CLEAR: This is not Glamping It is at over 8,000 ft in the Rockies A teepee with a 16’ arctic entrance can comfortably sleep 2/3. 4 would be someone on the ground. (Again, check local weather conditions). It can get wicked cold in the winter. Here’s what we got for heat. 1. Propane Fire Ring Fireplace 2. Propane heater for extreme cold 3. Space heater 4. Infrared heater If you can’t figure that out, you shouldn’t come. Again this is a teepee with dirt floors. Even though it is fitted with exceptional handwoven mats from east Africa and batiques from the M. East It is not for everyone. It really isn’t. But if you are understanding of the circumstances and respectful, you are more than welcome. (But if something like a rusted ax, or some antlers, or cold, or Mountain life or anything like that’s going to bother you, probably not the place for you). A bed to hold a couple that could also be separated. Also a cot to hold a third guest. Technically it could hold one more. At up-charge, depending. I don’t make a living off this, but I am going to start screening my guests better after some shady characters and price might be the only way to do that. Either way., I know I’ll do my best to ensure your comfort— but at a point. You are CAMPING. HENSE— HIPCAMP!!


USE COMMON SENSE. Here’s an example: Don’t drive to the Rockies during a snowstorm, without checking local weather conditions.

I honestly almost feel like making this sound like the most horrific and dangerous place anyone should ever be so I never have to hear a bad review.

Before I continue with how amazing the place is and especially what you get for that price (‘especially in these parts), please read carefully and I’ll get back to the good part about the place. BUT.. (to my reviews and mistakes setting up my account): ***Not to under sale it. (It’s an incredible deal for the price and what you get and where you are), but I must be extremely clear that is not a B and B. This is not glamping. It is teepee with a propane fire ring. I recommend you Google Earth it, otherwise: On one side there’s a cottage. On one, open forest. The other, a 1932 cabin, the other- a cottage in the distance. There are dangerous animals around that will literally kill you. You can trip and die. You can freeze LITERALLY to DEATH!!!! You can get hypothermia. You are at over 8,000 ft staying in a glorified tent in the Rockies with questionable weather, roads, amenities, wifi, turn down towel service. etc. etc. i think there’s even a rusty BB gun in there. Someone wasn’t sure once. But no fire arms allowed. Hard no on that.

Animals: It’s best for everyone you don’t bring your little pup. As much as we love them, big cats eat dogs. So we try to say no but it’s hard when you love dogs. I guess on you. We have one. He is loud at first, but impeccably well behaved. He will shut up quickly. Other than that, you should hardly ever have to deal with it.

So to AGAIN be clear and in response to anyone ever confused: The price reflects it. It is that price because it is essentially a glorified tent, next to some cottages and cabin relics in the woods, strangely convenient and also worldly and dangerous. It is near all convenient amenities yet one could travel endlessly in our pristine woods. It is not Glamping nor any kind of Bed and Breakfast.

Our authentic Teepee was acquired in the Yukon and could sleep 2/3 people. With a 20ft enclosed walkway to cook, also includes a side exit to an outdoor latrine.

But note: the teepee is the destination and our price reflects that. Meaning: our low price reflects that you are coming to a teepee — in the Colorado Rockies. It is very comfortable. But it is NOT glamping. Some have mistaken my description before so I want to be so cle

To be absolutely clear if I wasn’t in my description before: This is

very much reflected in our low price. IHowever unorthodox, clients have been pleased with its amenities. essential oils, sheesha and — just as the settlers did cometjing throunv this area over a hundred years ago. . But to not undersale it I must be very clear. In alignment with HipCamp’s policies, and in proper disclosure: Our teepee is in a “mountain neighborhood “ what that means to us ‘mountn’ folk is: a few we began to fill it with artifacts we discorbex around the wodmfilled with authentic energy healing with a 16 ft long arched arctic entry. Heated by a propane fire ring, space heater and infrared fireplace. And an outside RV toilet in separate tent. We have a small sink in the long, warm entry way. It can accommodate up to 3 people (possibly 4 depending on the group and must be pre-arranged). This Teepee is very special. Inside you will experience various world cultures. With Hookah pipes, various sheesha and tea flavors, you will be stepping into African and Middle Eastern traditions, while enjoying the peace and quiet of the mountain forest. Meditate with a diffuser of various essential oils, incense and ambient lighting. Be surrounded with exotic artifacts from many countries. With three small couches, and a comfortable floor sitting area, get cozy around the fire and enjoy the peace and quiet of the Colorado Rockies. Although just minutes drive from restaurants and grocery stores, you will be removed and very much in the woods, with few neighbors, lots of pristine land and excellent hiking trails nearby.

We do own a dog who gets along with anyone. He sometimes barks when he first meets new people, but quickly ignores you. We are very dog friendly but yours must be leashed when outside of the teepee and only on pre-approval.

**** IMPORTANT DRIVING AND PARKING INSTRUCTIONS:******** We are in the Rocky Mountains! Check local conditions and expect a short (exactly .6 mi. from Pleasant Park Rd.) drive down a dirt road/ possibly snowy. 4x4 vehicle recommended, but at least snow tires. Again, you are camping in the mountains. It is not “glamping” in the city.

If the weather is bad, I would suggest parking up a bit and walking about a couple hundred feet down the dirt road to where you would normally park. You can see it. I have rope railings that will lead you to the Teepee.

The path is usually well lit but if it snows hard, they can become buried. If the weather is accommodating and your car can handle a small dirt incline road when leaving, you’ll be fine.

But use caution. We are in the woods!!

****Specific driving instructions:**** From the 3 way stop sign, entering Pleasant Park Rd from HWY 285 (north or south bound) you will continue up Pleasant Park for exactly .6 miles where you will then see a break in the guard rails on the left. Enter the dirt road through the guard rails and continue on the dirt road for .2 miles. You will see reflective signs.

Orange cones indicate where you normally park. You can go in and turn around to be facing front when exiting. But if the weather is very bad (and especially if you’re here for a couple of days,) we suggest you park at the top of the driveway near the trash cans and walk to the teepee.

The teepee is the destination. Once inside, you will not really need to leave. The bathroom will soon even be attached so that you never have to put on your boots to go to the out house.

It is near a house but also very much in the woods. Plenty of great hiking around the area.

We aim to please. Let us know if we can make your stay anymore enjoyable.

If you have any problems you can always call me directly at calling 360-441-5200.

Lodging provided
Canvas tent
1 site
Up to 3 guests per site
Up to 1 vehicle
No wheelchair access
Toilet available
Pets allowed
Fire ban in effect
Potable water available
Showers available
Picnic table available
Wifi available
Bins available
Laundry present
No kitchen
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  • Check in: After 2PM
  • Check out: Before 12PM
  • Cancellation policy: Flexible
  • On arrival: Meet and greet
  • Minimum nights: 1 night
  • Accepts bookings: 12 months out


Offered on the Host's property or nearby.


We drive you to some of the best hiking places in the Rockies.

Horseback riding
Off-roading (OHV)
Snow sports
Wildlife watching


Natural features you'll find at P & P’s Teepee in Colorado.


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Hipcamper Hayley

Not private and trashy

Hayley F.
doesn't recommend this listing.
March 26th, 2022

They conditions if this hip camp site were very poor. There was trash throughout the teepee and it was filthy. I understand this is camping, but this was ridiculous. There was a lot of unnecessary clutter and it was nothing like advertised. I am all for ruffing it, but I expected better conditions than this. There was a gun in the teepee. Not sure if it was a BB gun or what, but I feel they should have said something about that. It was not as private at the post made it seemed, it was right behind their house. We decided to leave and get another place.

P & P’s TeepeeP & P’s TeepeeP & P’s TeepeeP & P’s Teepee
Hipcamper Joshua
Joshua B.
recommends this listing.
March 7th, 2022

I loved staying in this Teepee. It definitely got a little chilly at night but with the sleeping bags and heaters it wasn’t much of an issue. Super cozy and a beautiful location. I’d definitely stay here again.

Hipcamper Sabrina

Do not stay here!

Sabrina W.
doesn't recommend this listing.
February 21st, 2022

0/10 Stars
Would never return.
10/10 would trick someone into going here.

The link to my full review: https://www.reddit.com/user/VigilantesPinkyToe/comments/t3hmbw/no_not_stay_at_pps_teepee_in_connifer_co/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

TLDR; from my post. It’s nearly impossible to get to and harder to leave, the place was filthy, it wasn’t private in the slightest, the view was nothing to write home about, it’s not actually a teepee, it is super cold, the furniture is too small and awkward for the space, it’s literally right next to their house and the neighbors can see you poop, and the hosts were drunk, unhelpful, or absent. 0/10 would I recommend.

Hipcamper Jessica
Jessica S.
recommends this listing.
January 14th, 2022

It was quaint and sweet and had a great ambience. Peyton was very accommodating and responded quickly to our messages. We will definitely be coming back in summer time.

P & P’s TeepeeP & P’s Teepee
Hipcamper Samara
Samara J.
recommends this listing.
November 27th, 2021

Thank you! We had a lovely time. We loved the teepee and really enjoyed hanging out in there. Thank you for your hospitality!

P & P’s Teepee
United States
1 Site