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John has self-certified that Hipcamp’s COVID-19 Safety Standards have been implemented at this listing. See what’s being done here.

SPECIAL NOTE: This is to inform you that at 9PM, a SOUND CURFEW is in effect. We have neighbors and must maintain this courtesy to them.....and us. This means low talking voices only after 9 PM. Thank you for respecting this rule. Our camp is not a party camp and EXCESSIVE DRINKING and DRUG USE has no place here. Please respect the beauty and peacefulness we offer at Sherwoo


SPECIAL NOTE: This is to inform you that at 9PM, a SOUND CURFEW is in effect. We have neighbors and must maintain this courtesy to them.....and us. This means low talking voices only after 9 PM. Thank you for respecting this rule. Our camp is not a party camp and EXCESSIVE DRINKING and DRUG USE has no place here. Please respect the beauty and peacefulness we offer at Sherwood Lake Forest Camp. Thank you, John and Anita



CAMPFIRES WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED LAKESIDE IN THE 1 COMMUNAL FIRE PIT FROM JUNE 1st (or if required because of fire danger, earlier) TO THE FIRST RAIN IN OCTOBER!!!!  All campsites have their own fire pit except for campsites 1,2 and 9 which use the 2 communal firepits. Cookstoves are permitted in all campsites...BYO table, except for campsites  2, 3, 4 and 5. The LARGE REDWOOD SLAB TABLE is for sharing with all Hipcampers....Please clear the table each day at the end of the day.

We have room for 10 campsites on the property, so you have many choices: Camp in The Redwood Grove, or by the lake, or in the deep woods, perhaps near Scorpion Rock. Views and privacy await you with hiking trails and fishing in Sherwood Lake Forest Camp....!!!  There is a one acre lake with a canoe and 3 other boats available.  There is a 50 foot dock and a swim-to diving float in the middle of the lake.  Standard toilet is next to the lake. Potable water is available as well as a sink for washing. Camps 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 are 4WD or AWD (if you dare) or we will help transport your gear if necessary.  We are musicians so we may drop by for a few tunes around the campfire.  We provide firewood for campfires and cooking.  If you prefer charcoal you must bring it.

Special Note: We have a Petanque/Boules Court at the lake!  Leisure Boules are available for play if you don't have your own. Oh, and Croquet and Cornhole....

2nd Special Note: This is Northern California.  There is poison oak.  No one has gotten a bad case of it as we keep it at bay with weed whacking.  We don't use chemicals here and poison oak is a critical food source and cover for many animals. If you are concerned about it, campsites 1 and 2 are your best choices....All roads, campsites and paths are clear of it.

9 PM is time to be quiet. QUIET means talking at normal voice levels and laughter at the same level. This is respectful of the neighbors and other campers and us.

DOGS:  Dogs must be very well behaved and friendly with other dogs and people. Any problem dogs must leave immediately. They can be in your car, tent or tied securely. Barking dogs are not allowed. No Pit Bulls or other aggressive breeds.

STOP AT OUR HOME TO CHECK IN and please call or text ahead to let us know when you are arriving.


1. THE TWO BIG FIRS: This popular campsite can accommodate several tents, and is very near the lake and facilities. Shadey. (4wd not needed) Quiet voices after 9PM.

2. LAKESIDE: Closest site to the lake and facilities. Most convenient and very popular. Most public. This spot can accommodate several tents. Great view. (4wd not needed) Sun and shade. Quiet voices after 9PM.

3. THE REDWOOD GROVE: Deep woods, shady and quiet: This favorite campsite is nestled next to the redwoods that Dad planted 50 years ago. This location can accommodate several tents. 4WD or AWD is needed, or we will transport. 

                                                      3 or 4 tents or more will fit here....

4. ARROWHEAD: Deep woods, 4WD or AWD needed or we will transport. Room for 3 tents. Auxiliary camp nearby can accommodate 2 more tents.

5. SCORPION ROCK: Sun and shade, 4WD or AWD needed or we will transport. Views through the trees.           2, maybe 3 tents possible.

6. BIG LEAF MAPLE: Deep woods, 4WD or AWD needed, or we will transport. Sun and Shade.                3 or 4 tents possible.

7. FRENCH CAMP: This very popular campsite can accommodate 3 tents comfortably. Located at the northwest end of the lake, within a stones throw of the water, 3 minute walk to facilities. Sun and shade. Great view of the lake. (4WD not needed)               1, 2 or 3 medium sized tents....

8. THE GROTTO: Deep woods, nestled next to a massive rock formation. 4WD or AWD needed or we will transport. Shady.       4 tents possible

9. Bennett Camp: Close to the southern border of Sherwood Camp in the shade with an open feel. Near camp 1 and the lake and facilities. Easy access by car. A QUIET CAMP. Please keep noise down after 9:00pm due to neighbors. There is room  for:                              2 tents  or one big one.

10. Manzanita Camp. Nestled under a Manzanita canopy.  Same as Camp Bennett...A QUIET CAMP, especially after 9:00pm...due to neighbors....2 medium to small tents possible

Camp 6 is the farthest from the facilities. It is about a 10 to 15 minute walk. All other sites are 5 minutes or less away from the Sherwood Forest Lake.....

Campsite area
Bring your own tents
10 sites
Up to 8 guests per site
Park at listing
No wheelchair access
Campfires allowed
Toilet available
Pets allowed
Potable water available
Kitchen available
Picnic table available
No showers
No wifi
Pack it out
Have a question? Send John a message!
  • Check in: After 2PM
  • Check out: Before 2PM
  • Cancellation policy: Moderate
  • On arrival: Meet and greet
  • Minimum nights: 1 night
  • Accepts bookings: 12 months out


Offered on the Host's property or nearby.

Wildlife watching


Natural features you'll find at Sherwood Forest Camp in California.


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Hipcamper Alexiy

Sound curfew - be aware

Alexiy S.
has mixed feelings towards this listing.
(Site 1)
September 28th, 2021

My camping group has rented three sites from Sherwood Forest Camp. From the onset of booking (a few months ago) I was pretty clear with John about our camping group having small children. Overall, we had various ages from 5 y.o. to 13 y.o. A week or so before our arrival, John has communicated via email informing me that camp’s policy has changed, and a SOUND CURFEW was introduced prohibiting anything outside of low talking voices past 9pm. This policy was understood although it was not there at the time of booking.
On arrival, camp and facilities looked good. A host was polite and friendly. All was going well. Kids were very excited for their first camping night and were getting ready for marshmallows by the campfire. Around that time, I have started getting text messages from John (two times) about the fact that children voices carry and “he better not asked me again”. It was a bit weird, since we were not playing a loud music, screaming, or even talking loudly. I suppose there were a bit of excitement from kids once in a while. Again, John seemed concerned only about children’s voices. After a second text we had to terminate marshmallows activity since we didn’t know what “he better not asked us again” means. It was most unusual to hear this type of tone from someone supposedly in hospitality business. Children went to bed; we continued to enjoy the campfire and did not hear from John.
Apparently, we thought wrong. The following morning John and his partner Anita came down to the camp site. John seemed agitated and in terrible mood to begin with; he did not answer our “Good mornings or Hello’s”. All he said was, “I want to have a meeting with adults”. It was hard to achieve since our children were running around but we had the meeting anyway. John was extremely rude and loud. He said that children were loud and he “couldn’t fall asleep since his house windows were open”. He said, in very threating voice (and I quote), “You better be WHISPERING tonight or Else”. He was talking to us in very demeaning tone, like we are children that are being told of. When we questioned his tone and asked what he means “better be whispering” since we came here to have fun and would like to converse normally, John was increasingly becoming more and more frustrated, raising his voice and telling us that if we won’t obey, he will through us out from his camp. We tried to reason with him, saying that the way he behaves is not helping or being productive. John (white hot at this point) asked Anita (his partner) to take over. Anita was much more reasonable and apologized for John’s language and tone.
We understand the policy and probably John did hear a few children laughs after 9pm on the first night. However, it is all in delivery. He could have resolved the whole incident with smiles and politeness. We are all successful adults; we understand English language very well and possess excellent communication skills. There was no need for yelling, screaming, threatening, or being demeaning. All could have been resolved peacefully. But it wasn’t..
Lastly, camp is great with all the facilities like lake, campfire, kitchen etc. Perhaps, it is not good for kids with ages less than 13. It should be clear for any upcoming camper that even an occasional laughter past sacred 9pm curfew can trigger a rage outburst from the camp owner.

Sherwood Forest CampSherwood Forest CampSherwood Forest CampSherwood Forest Camp
Hipcamper John
Response from John, the Host, on October 5th, 2021

Thank you for the review Alexiy....I'm glad you were able to enjoy Sherwood camp in spite of the disagreement over sound levels. It is a tough one when you do not know what we hear at our house. A neighbor had phoned us on Labor Day to complain of noise from the group that suggested Sherwood Camp to you. The reason for my reaction to noise after hours is simple....too much noise.....NO HIPCAMP! I appreciated your respecting the noise curfew the second night and told you so. If my rules aren't followed pretty closely I will get a bit testy. Too much after hours noise, NO HIPCAMP, because of neighbors complaints I might have to shut down. P.S. I never asked for whispers, but repeated several times that maybe I should and then I would get normal talking voices. Tiny joke there......

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Hipcamper Ryan

Amazing campsite!

Ryan E.
recommends this listing.
(Site 2)
September 14th, 2021

Our family of five had a wonderful time at Sherwood Forest Camp. Between the lake, the views, the swings, and the fire pit, there were plenty of activities to keep our children entertained. And the bathroom and sink made camping very ease. We will be back again for sure!

Sherwood Forest CampSherwood Forest CampSherwood Forest CampSherwood Forest Camp
Hipcamper John
Response from John, the Host, on September 15th, 2021

Hey Ryan, It was great to have you. We look forward to seeing you again here. Your appreciation helps make Hipcamp a fulfilling adventure for us...John & Anita.

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Hipcamper RUSTAM

No longer a family friendly camp

Rustam M.
doesn't recommend this listing.
(Site 9)
September 9th, 2021

We recently spent 3 nights at Sherwood Forest Camp and here are my comments/concerns about this stay:
1. It used to be a kids friendly camp site but apparently something got changed and the host (John) doesn't really need families with kids staying at his camp. This time around he was screaming/yelling at our kids for being loud when they were sitting around the camp fire after 9:00pm. He was claiming he could hear them talking in his bedroom 1/2 mile away but when other group of adults were playing a guitar and singing (also after 9:00pm cut off time) he was pretending he did not hear anything. Next morning when we complained to him that our kids got scared when he creamed at them, he actually said: "Good, I wanted them to be scared"! On top of this he was talking to adults (us) and was using the F-word with kids being present. He also stated that he wants this camp to be couples only.
2. There is only one toilet for the entire camp site for everyone to use and once there are 40 people over the long weekend-it just simply is not enough! When the toilet stopped flushing water, John brought two 5 gallon buckets full of water and asked everyone to use this to clean after themselves. He could have spent $200 and installed a new toilet but no! he was trying to fix it a few times and we all ended up using bucket with water as a flushing toilet device!
3. There is no lock on the toilet door- it is always open to everyone at ANYTIME! Seriously, the new lock costs $15.
It has been this way for 5 years.
4. Considering the amount of people (around 40 over the long weekend) the toilet got dirty but nobody from management team cleaned it or dumped any waste buckets. At the end we all ran out of toilet paper and paper towels and the waste basket was full of toilet garbage!
John talks all the time that he would add another toilet but it never happened in the last 5 years.
5. At the end of our stay he came to us and made it very clear he does't want us to come there any longer-it was a mutual agreement since we don't want to spend time with our kids in the environment like that.

Hipcamper John
Response from John, the Host, on September 27th, 2021

This is a response to Rustam's review: 1. I encourage anyone who read this review to read, basically all the rest of the reviews which are 99% positive. Friday night we came down to the campfire and sung Happy Birthday to Alex's (a 5 year Hipcamper) older daughter and several campfire songs. We then returned home to relax. 2. (Later that evening) After my 3rd visit to the campsite, I did yell, not only at the children but at the adults who were in their own adult world at the big table, drinking heavily and ignoring the children. I had to yell 3 times, 2 for the children and 1 for the adults, who were all men, just to get their attention. Apparently, that's what it took as they were quiet after that. 3. I always frequently visit the campsites so the next day I went down to talk with them to make certain there was not a repeat of the night before. They were basically defensive and non-apologetic. I did not swear in front of anyone, because I don't. 4. When people drink too much they often break things. This, I believe was the case with the toilet. When they told me it would not flush, I immediately checked it out and replaced the flapper which they had broken either by tearing it out or pulling very hard on the flushing mechanism. I suspect the latter. The toilet was working fine when I left. The next day they said it was not working again, so I supplied two 5 gallen buckets and a per flush dipper to get everyone through. I asked them to please keep the buckets full for them and the rest of the campers which they did not!. Please bear in mind that they take over the 3 most convenient campsites to the lake and the common area and the toilet. This was the first time I had had any problem with the toilet since I re-vamped the entire system. The toilet was left very dirty and even human waste on the floor. It has been working flawlessly ever since. There was a group of about 20 there this past weekend with no problems. The toilet definitely did not need replacing! Although we do supply great quantities of toilet paper and paper towels and hand sanitizer, we don't say that we do and it should not be a given. Generally campers bring their own toilet needs. There is also an outhouse down the hill for anyone close or far. 5. There is a lock on the bathroom door. For someone who just wants me to replace this and that, Rustam was not very observant. We also provide outside lights which have been left on by this group when they leave. 6. Basically this group is a fun loving bunch who don't respect the noise curfew. They mostly clean up, although we spend time picking up water balloon bits and small pieces of this and that as well as some cigarette butts. 7. Our home is less than 300 feet from the camp. Other homes are a little farther but we got a complaint that first night from a father who said his daughter could not concentrate on her homework. We border on a neighborhood which is why we have the noise curfew. Disturb the neighbors and no more Hipcamp, which I explained to them. 8. Over the years I have given the children and adults from this group many jeep rides, fruit from our trees and unlimited free firewood. This year one of the men told the children they could leave the camp and come up to our private residence and pick fruit. I found young children on one of my ladders, unsupervised, trying to collect all the remaining apples and pears from our trees. 9. Alex, who was the original booker 5 years ago, remained silent through all that transpired. I think the energy behind the willingness of the group to break rules and have common courtesy was a little much for him. 10. This group takes over the communal area which includes a 16 foot long communal table. I have never asked them not to but have pointed out that it is for use by the other campers too. By using double canopies and using their own table cloths over the entire table, other campers were prevented from using this table. 11. They left burning plastic in the communal fire pit for us to deal with. 12. Over the years some of these individuals have come with their wives and children as individual campers with no problem. 13. I did offer for one or more of them to come up to my private residence to hear what the group sounded like. No takers and no response. 14. If you took the time to read all this, you might still have a question or two. Please contact me, John, through Hipcamp.

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Hipcamper Hillary
Hillary F.
recommends this listing.
(Site 4)
September 6th, 2021

Johns place is great! Friendly hosts, private campsites, and nice to have a bathroom and a place to wash dishes. They care about their land and it shows!

Hipcamper Shay
Shay M.
recommends this listing.
(Site 7)
August 30th, 2021

We had a great, relaxing weekend! We enjoyed hiking around and seeing the property, playing horse shoes, enjoying the swings, fishing, swimming, and riding row boats on the lake! Really beautiful.

Sherwood Forest CampSherwood Forest CampSherwood Forest CampSherwood Forest Camp
Hipcamper John
Response from John, the Host, on September 27th, 2021

Thanks for the photos Shay....Hope to see you again, John and Anita

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Hipcamper Marija
Marija B.
recommends this listing.
(Site 2)
August 29th, 2021

Sherwood Forest Camp is a beautiful place exactly as described. John was a wonderful host. He met us soon arrival and came by to chat during our stay. The camp site is full of fun activities and is a great place to spend time with friends.

Hipcamper Aly
Aly H.
recommends this listing.
(Site 7)
August 5th, 2021

The hosts are lovely, the location is private, and the views are beautiful! My family had a blast- even our pup bailey!

Hipcamper Matthew
Matthew D.
recommends this listing.
(Site 1)
August 2nd, 2021

We had a great time at Sherwood Forest Camp. John was a welcoming host, and the site was great for our father-son camping trip with two 5 year olds. The pond was wonderful to swim in on a hot day, and we even caught two small bass fishing on one of the rowboats. The campsite was just a short drive to a great hiking trail. Would stay again. Thanks, John!

Hipcamper Ryan

Amazing family and dog fun

Ryan H.
recommends this listing.
(Site 10)
August 1st, 2021

My daughters (7/9) and I had an amazing
time camping this weekend. John is an awesome host,

He brought us some peaches and figs from his trees while we were swimming and they were delicious maybe the best peach I ever had. The blackberries on the ridge we great too.

The lake is beautiful, clear and warm. Our pup Maggie loved swimming in it too. It has a shallow end to splash around and chase tadpoles and a platform you can swim out to or take one of the fun canoes or row boats available.

It was hot we took up John’s recommendation to switch camp sites to a more shared one and I do think that made a huge difference. It did mean I we had to deal with some elevation changes. I’m recovering from an Achilles tear and hills are still a bit tough for me, but otherwise I would be fine.

The girls loved the Jeep rides John gave them while we toured the campground. That was the highlight of the trip for my eldest daughter. It wasn’t as cool as dad driving the AWD Sienna which did fine BTW getting up and down the camp inclines, maybe just not as fun when you are hanging on in a topless 4x4.

Can wait to go again!

Hiking early morning Lilies on the lake so lush my dog thought I was land and tried to walk off the dock in themLittle hobbit holeSuch a great property
Hipcamper John
Response from John, the Host, on August 4th, 2021

It was great to have you and the girls Ryan. Seeing how you and your daughters enjoyed everything makes the Hipcamp adventure worthwhile. I do hope you come back with the "whole" family soon.

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