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Important: Please read to the end before requesting a campsite reservation.

We are happy to announce that Grey Oaks private club has 2 new primitive-style campsites on our 20 acre property in North Monterey County (Aromas) available to HipCampers. Our 4 original sites (see our listing: Rustic Campsites) are very popular and we wanted to offer alternative options a


Important: Please read to the end before requesting a campsite reservation.

We are happy to announce that Grey Oaks private club has 2 new primitive-style campsites on our 20 acre property in North Monterey County (Aromas) available to HipCampers. Our 4 original sites (see our listing: Rustic Campsites) are very popular and we wanted to offer alternative options and availability for people to stay here and experience some of what we get to enjoy every day.

We are conveniently located near all the tourist areas in Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Gilroy. We are 5 minutes from the 101 and 129 Freeways, and 15 minutes from the 1 freeway. We are 2-3 minutes from the Old Firehouse Market, and the Aromas Grill.

This is a magical property with an abundance of very old oak and eucalyptus trees forest and a wide assortment of wildlife. It has great energy here and so many times people have come here feeling down or grumpy even, and after being here for a few minutes, they are smiling and happy and peaceful. It’s not guaranteed for everyone, but the chances are good! :)

There is a wonderful view of the night sky and you can see so many stars! Well, unless the fog has rolled in and then that is fun, too, and also looks really cool, but then you can’t see the stars. Our property faces west, so we get stunning sunsets, and with the view looking out over the Pajaro Valley towards Watsonville, we get a magnificent fireworks show on the 4th of July! Cell service works everywhere on the property, too.

Our new primitive camping adventure is great for experienced backpackers and primitive campers that would like a quick wilderness adventure closer to civilization; and also for those who are new to this style of camping and want to try it out on a smaller scale before traveling farther out into the larger wilderness areas.

If you like to have all your own camping gear and set up, these sites may be the ones for you! :) Not shown in our current pictures are the 6 ft wooden picnic tables. Those were added after, and we will be posting updated pictures, and hopefully our next guests will post some of their own, too! :)

Our new primitive camping sites in this listing are higher up on the property, which has a sort of terracing of smaller flat to moderately sloped areas, and it is a huge area with a lot of plants and wildlife. There is natural shade at these sites, but they also have more sun and more open to the stars, too!

So, for this adventure, you will park at the lower part of our property and hike (about a 5 minute hike to sites B and C), or see our “extras” for Bellhop/Sherpa service) to find your desired place to camp for the night. We will provide you with gps coordinates at check-in that show where to look for each site.

For this primitive camping adventure, we are wanting to keep prices as low as possible for people, so a shower (and other items that we include at our Rustic Campsites) are not included in the booking rate, but you can pay for them as an add-on if you desire.

Also, if you add the shower option, you may use our swimming pool! A shower is required before using the pool. We also have fresh well water available for you, if needed, from a spigot or bottled water at the washing station. You may also use either of the 2 very nice composting-style outhouses at our Rustic Campsites (there is a sink, soap, and water there, too) if you’d like. Or you can bring your own water jugs and your own portable camping toilet to your campsite and pack it out (please don’t bury it or leave it out in the open on the ground.).

We have a huge stone bonfire pit on one of our large meadows that we use for special events, and that you can camp near and use at Site B; and we have portable fire rings for you to use at Site C so you can have a campfire at all of our campsites. You may forage for fallen eucalyptus and oak wood (there is a lot of it!) as part of your adventure for your campfire, or you may purchase pre-cut pine firewood from us.

An important thing for you to understand before booking a camping adventure here is that the site you choose may or may not be completely perfectly level on the spot you choose for your tent. There are level tent spots, but we also give you the option, as adults, and as part of your adventure, to choose the spot that you want to put your tent any where at the campsite.

If your tent is bigger than the spot you choose, then it is up to you to make it bigger, or you can request our help, but that is not a defect in the site. It is part of this style of camping. If you move the picnic table from where we had put it, it is not likely going to be level, and is not a defect in the campsite either, if you move it. So we recommend that you bring a camp shovel to make any (probably minor) adjustments to the site. It is part of the experience and adventure.

In addition, there is a lot of poison oak on the property, and Zak always shows guests what it looks like so they will know what to look out for. It’s a native plant, and our land has been left wild for 100s of years at least. We are working on removing it, and we are progressing, but it will take time to complete. So please be aware and careful if you react to this plant.

There are many trails throughout the property, and lots of places where there is no poison oak, and we will be sending you to those areas for you to set up camp. There will be poison oak in the surrounding area of the campsites until we can get it removed, but the sites are large enough that you can fully avoid it, just keep an eye out and be aware of your surroundings. That is good advice for life in general, too. :)

This is a primitive camping adventure, and as adults we expect you to bring the gear you would require, such as flashlights to see at night if you need to walk to the outhouses and any other items you may need. We run our outhouse and shower lights on solar power, so if guests forget to turn off the lights when they exit, there may not be enough battery to run the lights all night. This is not backyard camping, and our house is 1/4 mile away, so there is no way to have a real light there, and frankly we wouldn’t want one. For one, because people don’t remember to turn it off as it is, and two, it is incredibly annoying to have a bright light randomly lighting up the campsites all night when one is trying to sleep nearby.

Please do not ask to bring, or bring, any animals, or beings born as and now designated otherwise (of any category) onto the property, as Grey Oaks does not allow them. For safety precautions, no toddlers or very young children for this experience, please. These primitive sites are recommended for 1-2 adults (one person can be a teen: age 13+) and we are allowing up to 6 people at Sites B and C (and in that case more than 1 can be age 13+).

While we like honest good reviews, we would appreciate if you do have something negative to say (and we try our best to avoid that possibility) then please don’t factor things like “there’s poison oak” or anything mentioned in this listing that could be a negative into your rating system because you have been notified of these conditions and have acknowledged and accepted them by making your booking.

We appreciate private messages for suggestions for improvements that are within the scope and price range of what we are offering. :) Thank you for your interest in our primitive camping adventure and if it sounds like something you’d like to experience, then we look forward to receiving your booking confirmation and then meeting you. Happy camping! :)

Facebook: @CampingatGreyOaks

Instagram: CampingatGreyOaks

Campsite area
Tent sites
3 sites
Up to 6 guests per site
Short walk
2WD Accessible
No wheelchair access
Campfires allowed
Toilet available
No pets
Potable water available
Kitchen available
Showers available
Picnic table available
Bins available
No wifi
Laundry absent
No hot tub
No playground
  • Check in: After 2PM
  • Check out: Before 12PM
  • Cancellation policy: Flexible
  • On arrival: Meet and greet
  • Minimum nights: 1 night
  • Accepts bookings: 3 months out
  • Response time: Within an hour
  • Response rate: 100%

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Fire color changer packet

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1 Extra car parking

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Hot Water Shower/Pool Access

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Firewood bundle

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Mountain biking and road biking are very popular in the area. We are close to many popular places to ride in Santa Cruz and Mon...Read more


20-30 minutes away in Moss Landing, Santa Cruz and Monterey.


20-30 minutes away in Moss Landing, Santa Cruz and Monterey.


You will be hiking to your campsite and you can hike around and explore our 20 acres of land.


Elkhorn Slough, Moss Landing- 20 mins away


Monterey and Santa Cruz, 30 minutes away


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Wildlife watching

Great horned owls, red-tail hawks, deer, COYOTES, raccoons, squirrels, wild turkeys, quail, doves, lizards, snakes, and more.


Natural features you'll find at Primitive Adventures in California.


20-30 minutes away in Moss Landing, Santa Cruz and Monterey.


We are 15 minutes from the Pacific Ocean and we get the evening breeze and cool foggy air.


Coast live oak, eucalyptus and pine


We have a 45 ft waterfall with koi pond at the top of our driveway by the house that we welcome you to come see.


We do have ranch animals, and the property is an animal sanctuary. We have 2 friendly elderly horses, 8 hens, 1 cat, and 2 dog...Read more


Paved driveway lined with beautiful oak trees.

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7 Reviews

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If you stayed here and have some insider info for us, let us know!
Hipcamper Rachel

Friendly and helpful

Rachel D.
recommends this listing.
(Site B)
August 6th, 2022

Zak met us at the entrance and was very friendly and helpful! That made the experience start off nice. The pool had an amazing view! Thank you, we had a great time :)

Hipcamper Shoshana
Shoshana L.
recommends this listing.
(Site B)
August 1st, 2022

Zak & Wendy's primitive adventure site is a great tent camping spot! Zak is a great host and willing to help with anything you might need. Site B is more secluded than the other sites, but still very close to everything, including bathroom and shower. It should be noted, the site does require walking up a somewhat steep hill to get there. I would highly recommend using the shuttle/tractor option to help get your stuff to the site. Overall, we would definitely recommend this campsite and can't wait come back again!

Waterfall & koi pond where you can feed the fish.Views from the top by the pool.
Hipcamper mara
Mara W.
recommends this listing.
(Site B)
July 29th, 2022

Super cute place. The hosts were very friendly and extremely accommodating. They helped us with our bags and made sure we were comfortable. We would definitely go back.

Hipcamper Thomas

Simply, private camping!

Thomas P.
recommends this listing.
(Site B)
July 23rd, 2022

Camping at Zak and Wendy's site was super easy, efficient, private, and affordable! Zak showed us our plot, offered us nice accommodations with a fire pit, wood, and even a cool packet that changed the colour of the fire. We had a nice time relaxing on the rented plot of land.

Check in and out were very easy and we had no issues at all during the trip. Bathroom shacks were clean and convenient!

Hipcamper Jonathan
Jonathan K.
recommends this listing.
(Site B)
July 5th, 2022

Zak and Wendy's campsites are great escape from Bay Area. All the camps are situated amidst beautiful oaks (just make sure you also know what poison oak looks like!). They are warm and welcoming and happy to help out with whatever you need. They only recently started hosting hipcampers, so not everything is 100% dialed in (e.g. our picnic table was quite slanted, but easily remedied with some fire wood). But they are always happy to help get whatever you need. Easy access to rest of the area and many outdoor activities.

Hipcamper Zak and Wendy
Response from Zak and Wendy, the Host, on July 5th, 2022

For clarification, the table was level until the guest moved it. Poison oak disclosure is in our listing and rules, which you must agree to before booking. We also show every guest what poison oak looks like upon arrival, so you don’t need to know what it looks like in advance. Our listing is very detailed and thorough.

Remove vote :(
Hipcamper Liam

Exactly as described

Liam M.
recommends this listing.
(Site C)
June 30th, 2022

I stayed at site C and was very pleased with the site. The site was spacious and I quickly found a level spot for my tent and the portable fire ring. This site has a fantastic view of the night sky and I heard owls in the tress in the evening. This site is very private and just about a 2 minute walk to the showers or outhouses. The site is quite big and there are a few options for tent placement. There are some poison oak bushes but they are not near the camp site and easily avoidable. This site is shaded in the morning then has great sun all day and then nicely shaded again in the late afternoon. It was a great place to hang out and enjoy a campfire. Zak and Wendy are fantastic hosts and really want you to have a good time / experience while camping here. I will definitely be back!

Hipcamper Kevin B.
recommends this listing.
(Site B)
August 7th, 2022