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More than just a place to camp Pinnacle Springs is a recreational wilderness park lying right atop the cusp of adventure.  Everywhere you wander you will find waterfalls, scenic views, caves and rock grottoes, and natural springs -- some renowned for their healing waters.  Whether just for a night or for a weekend of whitewater paddling, hiking, fishing and creekin' Pinnacl


More than just a place to camp Pinnacle Springs is a recreational wilderness park lying right atop the cusp of adventure.  Everywhere you wander you will find waterfalls, scenic views, caves and rock grottoes, and natural springs -- some renowned for their healing waters.  Whether just for a night or for a weekend of whitewater paddling, hiking, fishing and creekin' Pinnacle Springs Recreational Park can deliver.  

Easy access?  YES!  Four lane highway right up to the last mile.  

Quiet?  YES!  Nothing but the sound of cascading water and nature's creatures.  

Streamside camping?  YES!   You can cast a line and catch a fish from your camp.

Soft bed of pine needles with no rocks or mud?  YES!  And trees for hammocks.

Stuff to do?  YES!  YES!  YES!  On site you can find some really nice swimming holes. paddling, fishing, hiking, a 6-acre foraging field, a 9-hole Frisbee golf course, a Ninja rope course with zipline, slackline, rope swing, bouldering, climbing, psicobloc and more outdoor pursuits than one has time to pursue.   And Woolly Hollow State Park, Cove Creek Natural Heritage Area and Greer's Ferry Lake all lie within biking distance.   

Camp by the side of a river.  Or at the foot of a bluff.  Or in a cave or by a waterfall or atop a towering bluff.  Camp in total solitude or camp with friends and family.    We offer so many choices one can select a site that perfectly fits your needs as long as you don't have a need to be coddled.  HOWEVER If you are in any way  risk averse or  easily triggered or can't be responsible for your own personal happiness and well-being then this is NOT the place to camp.  Again -- if having any doubts, please camp elsewhere as we are not here to appease your every whim or assure that your happiness quota and personal hygiene needs are fulfilled each day.  This is DIY camping!   But if you want total seclusion -- a real "wilderness experience" and are willing to "hike-in" a couple of hundred paces -- we can provide that too -- just ask at time of request.  No traffic noise here!  Rather, you'll be soothed by the sound of cascading water echoing off the bluffs  -- great for outdoor sleeping and keeping the air fresh and alive.   Most of the camp sites are equipped with a heavy picnic table, fire pit and grill, lamp post and level tent site.   And if you like to swing -- we have trees!  Hammocks and slack lines are the best no trace tree things ever!  And although Pinnacle Springs Campground lies in an off-the-grid wilderness setting there is good cell phone service, open air hot-water shower, and nearby electrical outlets for recharging phones and such.      Downwind and further from the river is a clean and sanitized porta-potty -- and more can be found elsewhere on the property.   Guests are encouraged to explore any of the trails that criss-cross the property especially if you like waterfalls, scenic views, cascading streams, and goat trail bluffs.  The trails to Tanner Pool and Lil' and Big B Falls are especially popular after a heavy rain, Bluff Trail offers a nice perch for viewing the river below, and the 1+ mile "circuit trail" is a great way to start one's day.   There is even a 6-acre foraging playground -- oxalis, nettle, ginger, mint, poke, etc., a 1/2 acre fishing pond -- suitable for "storing" any fish you catch but may not wish to clean and eat -- and a nine hole frisbee golf course on the slave-built terraces where cotton fields once laid (first tee near bench by front gate).  I could go on and on -- this is a pretty awesome place with hundreds of acres at your disposal.  It is rough, rugged and unruly yet we call it home -- a place where everyone regardless race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, political views, religion, national origin, or culture is welcomed to come enjoy nature's marvelous works and wonders.  Unwind.   Kick back.  And enjoy!

Campsites with electrical hookups are also available at nearby Camp Toasty and both properties give you access to the full array of amenities offered by Cadron Creek Outfitters.  These amenities (picnic tables, fire rings, water spigots and showers, etc.) are for your use and enjoyment -- but if they make you uncomfortable then please avoid and don't use.  We also offer kayak and canoe rental, guide and shuttling service through Cadron Creek Outfitters and we have four separate campgrounds on the banks of Cadron Creek to support multi-day paddling adventures.   

IMPORTANT #1:   This is a no trash park -- pack out what you pack in!  Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories.

IMPORTANT #2:  This is DIY camping!!   We love welcoming people to the creek but we are not here to pander to your every whim so if primitive wilderness settings give you pause or concern then please, please, please camp elsewhere. 

RESPONSE TIME - We have day jobs!    The campground is both a passion and hobby but we are not always on hand to meet and greet our guests especially after hours and on week days.     We think of Pinnacle Springs as "DIY camping" -- and if you can't "do it yourself" then perhaps there are better places to camp.

WELCOMING PARTY:  Once you have made a reservation through HipCamp -- you are good to go.  Feel free to ask questions and make inquiries for additional information.  And you'll definitely want to stop at the store if wanting information and maps for hiking, paddling and fishing.  

CAMPFIRES:  The use of downfall, dead trees and fallen limbs is unacceptable.   Burning up our property -- even dead limbs and leaves and destroying habitat for lizards, salamanders and bugs -- will get you permanently banned from our properties.  That said -- we have ample firewood to serve all our campers.  Please just purchase what you need and pay for what you take -- $7/bundle (or three bundles for $20).   Free firewood is also available from selected wood lots -- just ask us where they can be found.  

WATER:  The water spigot creekside at the campground is currently closed to use.  However you will find a water spigots behind the store at the gate, near the shower house and behind the bunkhouse.    These are free for you to use 24/7.   We also offer an onsite campsite water  dispensers on 1st come basis on the weekends. 

TRAILS:  All trails are open but we are getting more reports of "ticks" especially when wandering off trail -- thus we encourage the use of repellents and a nightly "tick check".   Like most of Arkansas we also have patches of poison ivy and stinging nettle; however, it is our goal to eradicate such plants where they border trails, roads or campsites so if such is observed please bring to our attention and we'll eradicate it with the help of our campground pigs.

WILDLIFE:  There is only thing more important to us than you and that is our wildlife that we live with year round.  Deer, raccoons, armadillos, turkey, geese and ducks visit us frequently and the family of beavers below Playground Shoals are particularly friendly -- be slow and nice and they'll swim right alongside your boat and even splash you with their tail.  Please DO NOT DISTURB THE WILDLIFE!!   The only exception:  if you were to find a poisonous snake on the property -- please inform us so that we can relocate it to a place where fewer people gather.  

LASTLY -- NO saws, axes or shovels.  We like our place just the way it is!  If you are caught harming flora or fauna or damaging the land in any way you will be asked to leave.  On that you have our guarantee.Now what about the campsites --

SITE#1 -- Bluff Manor.  A favored site.  Walk-in camping (approx. 80-100 feet) to an intimate site that sits aside Playground Shoals at the bottom of a top bluff.  Absolutely wonderful spot -- away from all other campsites and offering easy access to our trail system.  Picnic table, fire ring, tripod grill.

SITE#2 -- Eager Beaver.  The first site as you cross the low water bridge onto the island.  Like all the other campsites (exc. #12) it lies right on the banks of the creek.  Large and roomy site, easy to find, and fully equipped with table, lamp pole, etc.

SITE#3 -- Peachy Beach.  Another favored top 5 campsite especially for families with small children as it offers access to a really nice little sandy beach and gently sloping swim area.  Also pretty large and roomy.  

SITE#4 -- Belvedere.  A sandy perch overlooking the creek (short but steep trail to water) and our deepest swim hole with rope swing.  This site lies fairly close to SITE#5 and the covered pavilion and is especially good for larger groups (up to 20 people can reserve together SITE#4 and #5 and the pavilion).

SITE#5 -- Pavilion Camp.  Similar to site #4 but does not offer easy access to the water although it sits on the bank of the river (steep embankment).  A grand perch to watch paddlers run or capsize on Sarah's Wave.

SITE#6 -- Darren's Venue.  Renowned for being Darren's site of choice -- the highest camp above the flood plain Darren camped here for 49 days straight through 5 thunderstorms, a flood and a mini-tornado.  A proven choice -- trail to creek -- but a little steep.

SITE#7 -- Husky Heaven.  One of the "bigger spreads" and a bit distant from the next closest camp site.  This site is also sought by families as it is close to the swim hole above Sarah's Wave and has its own trail down to the water.

SITE#8 -- Hog Inn.  After a while all the descriptions seem to be the same -- great site, heavily wooded -- close enough to Site#9 that the two are often reserved together for a larger parties.

SITE#9 -- Heaven Sent.  CLOSED ON SPRING WEEKENDS.  Probably the most frequently requested site -- it has it all and sits right across from Indian Bluff House.  It is a faultless campsite aside from being in close proximity to the upper campground river access -- thus it gets some nearby traffic on the weekends -- mostly on Saturdays.

SITE#10 -- Paddler's Pad.  Short walk-in (<100 feet) to a camp hidden in the woods yet still with a trail to the water.   This is a new site in the making but has picnic table and fire pit.  One can access by car for unloading but otherwise request that you park in area so designated. 

SITE#11 -- Forage Forest.  Just beyond SITE#10 -- this is about as far as you can get from everyone while still camping on the island.  Hidden but accessible and with trail to the water -- in fact the camp lies adjacent to the trail to Lil' B Falls.  

SITE#12 -- Slough Hideaway.  The only camp on the island that is on the "slough side" -- tucked away back into the woods this is one of the first sites one encounters.  Just an all around nice camp. 

Lastly -- these are all the DESIGNATED CAMPSITES.  For those who want a more primitive site or more private experience (all alone) -- we can make that happen too!  And being ever so inclusive and in support of the BIPOC community we have sites specifically set aside for people of color who might seek their own space without white people present for their own healing or safety.  Now a few FAQs:   FYI#1:  Again this is DIY camping -- we love welcoming people to the creek but we are not here to pander to your every whim.   If primitive wilderness settings give you pause or concern, please camp elsewhere. FYI#2:  Access to Pinnacle Springs Campground entails a short but steep hill (14% grade) -- it has never given us a problem as we drive up and down it every day in all kinds of vehicles; however, if there is any question in your mind as to your driving abilities or capability of your vehicle please camp elsewhere.   We have many campsites atop the ridge -- open and dispersed, take your pick.  FYI#3:  If total privacy is your thing and you want to see absolutely no one during your stay -- then do not camp at one of the designated campsites at Pinnacle Springs Campground but rather consider camping at our adjoining Camp Toasty and then driving or walking deep into the woods to find your special place.We look forward to your visit.  John and Lisa

Campsite area
Tent sites
12 sites
Up to 6 guests per site
Up to 2 vehicles
No wheelchair access
Campfires allowed
Toilet available
Pets allowed
Potable water available
Kitchen available
Showers available
Picnic table available
Bins available
No wifi
Have a question? Send John a message!
  • Check in: After 2PM
  • Check out: Before 12PM
  • Cancellation policy: Flexible
  • On arrival: Go straight to camp
  • Minimum nights: 1 night
  • Accepts bookings: 12 months out
  • Weeknight discount: 10% off
  • Response time: Within 12 hours
  • Response rate: 88%

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Hipcamper Stephanie
Stephanie O.
recommends this listing.
(#3 - Peachy Beach)
May 23rd, 2022

We love it! The views were beautiful my daughters loved the pigs!

Hipcamper Elizabeth
Elizabeth H.
recommends this listing.
(#2 - Eager Beaver )
May 19th, 2022

Hidden gem! I loved this site! Right on the river! I want to live here!!!’

Hipcamper Dover

We found a new camping tradition

Dover B.
recommends this listing.
(#9 - Heaven Sent)
May 15th, 2022

We had an AMAZING time at John’s land. We tent camped and floated the creek. The area is absolutely beautiful, our dog and kids all loved it as well as us. I can honestly say our crew had a blast with our ages ranging from 53 being the oldest and 9 being the youngest and some teens thrown in the middle. We love how it was secluded but 10 minutes from town. We will DEFINITELY be back.

Hipcamper David
David B.
recommends this listing.
(#1 - Bluff Manor)
May 15th, 2022

Nice campsite no road noise and lots of birds and frogs. Pretty creek.

Hipcamper Christine

Beautiful, peaceful spot

Christine B.
recommends this listing.
(#12 - Slough Hideaway)
May 9th, 2022

The whole place is so beautiful and serene. Plenty of hiking, playing in the water, our two little ones had a blast just running around in nature. It was perfect and we’ll definitely be back!!

Hipcamper Robert

Cadron creek camping has everything

Robert V.
recommends this listing.
(#9 - Heaven Sent)
May 9th, 2022

I have really enjoyed the location of Cadron Creek Outfitters. This was our second time camping with Cadron Creek Outfitters. John and his crew really go above and beyond to make us campers feel comfortable. With easy access to the river for kayaking and plenty of trees for our hammocks, Cadron Creek Outfitters is a must. They even clean their porta potty daily and there's even a hot shower to wash off after being on the river all day.

Hipcamper Linze

What a majestic little campsite...

Linze K.
recommends this listing.
(#11 - Forage Forest)
May 8th, 2022

I absolutly loved this campsite! There was plenty of places for me and my dog to roam and adventure... the water running sounded beautiful at night.... we stayed at Site #11 which is the very last site on the strip and the head of one the the trails leading to a waterfall... my only complaint is that I didn't book a longer trip!!! I can't wait to do back!!!

Make sure to bring your bug spray and do a throughout tick check when you get home!!!

Pinnacle Springs Recreational ParkNo edit needed...Living his best life....Pinnacle Springs Recreational Park
Hipcamper Jessica
Jessica E.
recommends this listing.
(#2 - Eager Beaver )
May 3rd, 2022

Absolutely wonderful. The campground was remote and peaceful. John was an excellent host.

Hipcamper Stephanie
Stephanie H.
recommends this listing.
(#2 - Eager Beaver )
May 3rd, 2022

Beautiful campground with extremely nice owners. We enjoyed our stay very much!


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