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DAVID has self-certified that Hipcamp’s COVID-19 Safety Standards have been implemented at this listing. See what’s being done here.

This is the beginning of the 2nd winter of booking the Gers.  The bookings didn't start until Jan 15th 2021 and they are and were a big hit during the rest of the winter and summer.   

There was a total of 96 Cancellations between June 1 and Oct 15.  That is way too many.  So I have changed the Cancellation policy from Super Flexable to Super Strict.  If you disagre wi


This is the beginning of the 2nd winter of booking the Gers.  The bookings didn't start until Jan 15th 2021 and they are and were a big hit during the rest of the winter and summer.   

There was a total of 96 Cancellations between June 1 and Oct 15.  That is way too many.  So I have changed the Cancellation policy from Super Flexable to Super Strict.  If you disagre with that, or "Something happens beyond your control", message me.  I am very easy to work with and completely understand "Shit Happens".  But when I get a cancellation the same day and it doesn't give another Hipcamper an opportunity to Book, that just isn't right.  So if the new Cancellation Policy doesn't work for you, talk to me.  

The gate is locked at the 10 Mile Snow Park as of 1 Nov.  Now that doesn't mean we still can't drive in.  I have a key to the gate.  So until the snow comes and one can't drive in, you can still book.  But once the snow comes........... It is a 7 mile hike/walk/snow shoe/ski trip in.  Once conditions are right, the snow mobile club keeps the road groomed and all of the trails.  I will meet you are the gate, like to do so at noon on the arrival date, and I will bring your gear in, in a sled behind the snowmobile.  I charge $30 to do so, which includes taking it back at noon on the day of your leaving.  You must be prepared for any and all kinds of weather.  It is only 10 miles off of Hwy 97 and 40 plus miles out of Bend, but in the winter at certain times you might as well be in Siberia, so be prepared.  I do not bring folks in on the snowmobile.  There are circumstances that could change that, so message me.  

60% of the bookings this winter are already repeats.  

Here are some ground rules and absolutes:

No barking dogs.  You can bring 100 dogs and I don't care, BUT NO BARKING DOGS.

No older dogs that are overly protective.  I have been bit twice and it was both times older/protective dogs.

No over the rediculous alcohol consumtion.

NO SMOKING AND THAT INCLUDES NO SMOKING DOPE IN THE GERS.  I absolutely do not allow smoking anywhere on the property in the summer and if you are still a smoker than you need to buy and read my book "101 Ways to Tell the World to Kiss Your Ass" specifically Chapter 33.

These are 2 Original Mongolian Gers, direct from Mongolia. They are 1st class and pristine.  I have created an enviornment below glamping and at the same time maintaining comfortablness and magic.  They can accommodate up to 4 adults, it is best 2 adults/w or without kids. These are 1st class, pristine and original.  I just finished decks on the front of both of them and put in windows on each side of the door.  New carpet in The Osprey, reconfigured the furniture/kitchen area in both of them which gives much more room.

Each Ger has a wood stove with plenty of fire wood and a large Propane Buddy Heater.  Each Ger has a single/twin bed bunk bed style.  Easily and comfortably sleeps 2 adults.  Good comfortable mattresses/w mattress covers.  There is a sleeper sofa/full size that can accommodate a couple easily.   There are single air mattresses available.   Reading material and lots of games of all kinds.   I am a big advocate on less is better.  So don't bring everything you own.  If you want, I can provide very nice/warm/comfortable sleeping bags/pillows.  However, you willl need to bring a queen sheet or large sleeping bag insert.   

This is semi-primitive.  No running/drinking water.  There is a 5 gallon bucket of water in each Ger out of the lake with a foot pump for washing up and for washing dishes.  The cooking area includes a 2 burner propane stove top/small microwave/small counter top oven/coffee pot/tea pot/all cooking utensils and pots and pans, crockpot, waffle iron, paper plates and paper bowls, paper cups and coffee cups.  There is a BBQ available to put on the deck.  Bring plenty of bottled water.  I always have plenty of drinking water.  

There is power to each Ger, lots of lighting.  Lots of daylight coming thru the windows on each side of the door.

There is Wifi available and a land line phone in the cabin.   

There is an outhouse with a lighted walk way.  No heat in the outhouse, but during the daylight hours, "What a View".   

No shower facilities.

I am a advocate of the "5 P's.  "Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance."  So think about what you are doing and plan for it.

I COVID spray after each cleaning thoroughly.  

If you have any questions please message me.

Also read the directions thoroughly, this is an easy place to get to.

When I decided to “share” this property that I happen to be fortunate enough to be one of the owners of, I had no idea the “Hipcamp” experience was going to transcend into what it has become.  8 campsites and 2 original Mongolian Gers.  The season for the camp sites is from June 1st to October 15 and the Gers are all 12 months.   

My intention was to create an atmosphere of more than just “going camping”.  I did not want to create a “glamping” type situation, not my style.

I wanted to have people realize, feel, appreciate and experience what I get out of being here.  To be able to live on this piece of “Heaven” has a whole host of special meanings to me.  When I lived up here in a 26 ft tipi for 2 ½ years, thru 2 winters I realized that there was more meaning to life than all the wanting, thinking that more money was the answer, the constant need for more stuff, more things.  I realize now that there is more to life than all of those “things”. 

Now, what is most important and paramount. in my life…”is me”.

That is not me being conceited, or selfish, or missing the mark.  After all, what matters most is how we treat ourselves.

What I want folks to get out of being here, whether they are camping or staying in the Gers is just to “take a break”.  Relax, appreciate, assess and just listen.  I hope what you hear is the sound of life and of course all the Angels that make up this special piece of Heaven.  The chipmunks, the squirrels, all the different birds, the eagles, the osprey, the fish jumping, the deer roaming, the timber martins running thru the trees, the snowshoe rabbits and the occasional black bear.

Then there is the silence.  The best part of “Heaven”.   

So, while you are here, take a deep breath, close your eyes at the appropriate moment and ask yourself, am I on the right path?  Is what I am doing fulfilling me?  Am I showing my family and friends how much I love them?   Do I really need all that crap I got?  Where do I go from here?

My intention was for each one you to not just go camping, or to stay in a Mongolian Ger, but to have an “Experience” that just might lead you to a more fulfilling and happier life.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, and if you are not over 40, or there abouts, life goes by in the blink of an eye.  Before you know it, if you are lucky enough to live that long, you are going to be turning 75 years old.

What are you going to do with your life between today and then?

Lodging provided
2 sites
Up to 4 guests per site
Park at listing
Wheelchair access
Campfires allowed
Toilet available
Pets allowed
Potable water available
Kitchen available
Picnic table available
Wifi available
Bins available
No showers
Laundry absent
Have a question? Send DAVID a message!
  • Check in: After 2PM
  • Check out: Before 12PM
  • Cancellation policy: Strict
  • On arrival: Meet and greet
  • Minimum nights: 1 night
  • Accepts bookings: 15 months out
  • Weeknight discount: 20% off


Offered on the Host's property or nearby.

Wind sports
Snow sports
Wildlife watching


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Hipcamper Lacey

Beautiful land rich with history

Lacey C.
recommends this listing.
("The Osprey")
October 17th, 2021

Staying at the Ger was fabulous. The one we stayed at had a view of East Lake. You are staying inside a caldera. There’s rich volcanic history everywhere you go. The Ger itself is fabulous, there’s a little pamphlet about the nomadic history of Gers which we really appreciated learning about. We went in late October and stayed plenty warm. Went hiking both days and there were plenty of nearby trails. David was a kind and thoughtful host. He has his books and travel journals in the Ger which were really neat to read. WAFFLE MAKER! Would certainly come back in the winter, the wood stove kept us toasty.

Hipcamper Marilen

Feels both like home and a vacation

Marilen R.
recommends this listing.
(The Genghis)
October 17th, 2021

Our stay wa really peaceful, beautiful, safe and cozy. It's not glamping, as there are no actual bathrooms or showers, but the outhouse is very clean and really close. We loved being right by the lake "beach", being able to easily cook and warm up food, learn about authentic stories of the host's lived experiences (Dave's fantastic!) by reading his books and journals, and I especially loved being and staying at the authentic Mongolian ger! Definitely coming back and highly recommended.

Hipcamper Scott

We'll be back!

Scott P.
recommends this listing.
("The Osprey")
October 16th, 2021

The hype is real, David's spot is truly a slice of heaven, winter or not. Well equipped, beautiful, quiet, cozy, easy to get to. We will be back. Also, stormy is such an amazing dog.

Experience Heaven in the WinterExperience Heaven in the WinterExperience Heaven in the WinterExperience Heaven in the Winter
Hipcamper Greta
Greta B.
recommends this listing.
("The Osprey")
September 26th, 2021

Off the grid and unplug. Rest + recharge in this rustic Glampin Experience. Special place to stay for the weekend.

Camp stoveSun on the deckThe OspreyView to the lake
Hipcamper Ryan
Ryan C.
recommends this listing.
(The Genghis)
September 23rd, 2021

David has a really special place. A beautiful ger, a beautiful location, and an incredibly thoughtful experience that we will carry with us after our trip is over.

Hipcamper Taran


Taran O.
recommends this listing.
("The Osprey")
September 6th, 2021

We loved our stay , we got to stay in The Osprey and we loved it !!

Definitely came back with wonderful memories, thank you David, Randy and Stormy :)

Hipcamper Amanda
Amanda V.
recommends this listing.
(The Genghis)
September 4th, 2021

We stayed in the Ghengis ger. Such a cool and unique experience! We loved that the lake was so close and could use the canoe, paddle board, etc provided to go exploring. I’m not a bird person but it was so fun sitting on the deck and watching the variety of birds fly by. Highly recommend this place and definitely plan on staying again. We didn’t get a chance to meet Dave, but I started reading his book in the ger and it’s worth a read. Seems like an awesome dude.

Hipcamper Heather

Already booked our next stay...

Heather W.
recommends this listing.
("The Osprey")
August 31st, 2021

Piece of Heaven is 💯 correct. The peace and tranquillity here was exactly what we were looking for and needed. David was a wonderful host and we enjoyed our time with him and were inspired by reading his books. We hope to come back often and have already booked a Ger for a winter adventure this coming January.

Hipcamper Melissa

The perfect escape!!

Melissa C.
recommends this listing.
(The Genghis)
August 29th, 2021

Our stay was amazing! We wanted to stay at a beautiful woodsy place by a lake to paddleboard and David did not disappoint!!! Gorgeous property and the Ger was lovely and warm! David thought of everything as his property and the Ger was jam packed with things to do. We had friends traveling with us who were going to camp at another site but David made them feel right at home so they camped on his property as well. Last, but not least, David has an amazing dog that roams the property with him. So sweet❤️❤️ We definitely want to stay again!!

David S.’s Land
United States
2 Sites