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Looking to get away from it all? Wanting to go off grid and say so long to society? Then you've found the place! Nestled within hundreds (and hundreds) of acres of national forest, you'll find yourself surrounded by nothing but trees, spectacular views and trails. The cabin is located on our private property (the owners live much further below it, but still on the same piece


Looking to get away from it all? Wanting to go off grid and say so long to society? Then you've found the place! Nestled within hundreds (and hundreds) of acres of national forest, you'll find yourself surrounded by nothing but trees, spectacular views and trails. The cabin is located on our private property (the owners live much further below it, but still on the same piece of property) 200+ acres of California's fineness wilderness. Perfect for anyone who wants to take advantage of maintained running/hiking trails on the property, abundant hunting (*) and/or just wants a break of the hustle and bustle of the city, than this is your hideaway hangout! The cabin is rustic, with one queen bed and two single air mattresses on a bunk bed (see pics....and please know that the ladder on the bunk bed is straight up, not inclined). There is running water (not drinkable) and a working toilet. Minimal electricity powered by a generator (this includes a little TV with a very limited selection of VHSs to choose from). The cabin is accessible by 4WD only; however, there is a paved road leading up to the property and it is only a short hike from the paved road to the cabin. Food (whether prepared in the form of meals or simply providing what you need to get your own BBQ going) can be arranged for an additional fee. The land owner grew up in a family of fantastic cooks/foodies and he is happy to showcase his talent with a cast iron and open flame. He and his small family raise and grow their own food on the property and are happy to incorporate whatever is in season into the menu (traveler's tip: try the homemade salsa and their tomato juice cocktail!!)In short, if getting dirt under your fingernails, breathing fresh air, favoring the minimalist lifestyle and ultimately yearning to take a journey into the wild, then this place is for you.

It all depends on the weather: This place gets snowed in during the winter. What that means is that the ONLY way in or out is to snowshoe out to the main road (which is routinely plowed) where we would have you park your car (along side with ours...we keep our car out on the road for the few occasions we have to hike out and go into town during the winter). That main road is 8 miles from us....and it's no walk in the park. The trails are the snowed in roads (hence, it's easy to visually follow). How much snow? It all depends on what time of year it is and what kind of wet season we are experiencing. We have gotten snowed in as early as the last week of November and as late as the end of February. The snow generally melts enough to easily get a car in and out by the end of May. If you want guaranteed car access up to the cabin you will need to visit from June-October. If you want to snow-shoe it, then late Feb-early March is your best bet. Please feel free to contact me with questions, but seeing that California's weather has been all over the place these last several years I can't give you any slight guarantee until about 10 days before your planned trip. (and yep, we get snowed in and cut off from the rest of the world once we're snowed in...we live here year round.....it's all about preparation).

Cell phone coverage can be iffy. We've found that Verizon seems to get the best signal. There is no internet connection (remember....this is rugged back country after all).

Smoking: We ask smokers to please not smoke inside the cabin, and to make sure your butts are disposed of in the appropriate receptacle.

Kiddos: We are strong believers that children of all ages should experience the great outdoors (we are currently raising our young sons here). Please keep in mind that while nature can be beautiful, she can also be harsh. There is poison oak, brambles, stinging/biting insects, wild animals, etc that you will need to keep your children away from. This is not an enclosed property; children can't be allowed to wonder off. Please note that only a few specific types of strollers can handle the terrain out here.

Our boys are age 7 years and 3. Hence, we have a bunch of books/toys for that age range and are happy to share them with your kiddos during your stay.

Pets: Because there are no fences to where our property starts and the national forest ends, it is key that any companion animal stay with you at all times. If your pet is prone to wondering/exploring (and not coming when called), then this is not the place for him/her.

*Hunting: during appropriate seasons, hunters with tags may reserve the cabin for an additional fee. This includes guided hunts (deer, bear) and assistance in cleaning.

Plenty of private walking/running trails available. The property starts at 3,000ft elevation and goes down to roughly 2,000ft. While the property is very close to a river, it is only accessible by a rugged trail (recommended for only seasoned hikers). The landowner is happy to suggest plenty of easy-to-access points of the river that are a short drive away from the cabin (some spots include picnic tables too). Ruth Lake is roughly a 40 minute drive away and offers boating, fishing, swimming, etc.

There is a small creek that runs through our property and is great for toddlers to play in (shallow and mellow). There is a river (Trinity River) that runs right up next to our property BUT it is a heck of a off-trail hike to get there and is only recommended for well-seasoned hikers. You can simply drive 45 minutes to some amazing spots along the river that provide picnic tables and great swimming holes. We're more than happy to give you directions and help you find that right spot for you. We are also roughly an hour away from Ruth Lake where you can find swimming, fishing and boating along with a tiny general store and a restaurant called Journey's End (they actually have menu online that you can check out. We've eaten there several times and recommend it)

The land owners will be present on the property at all times but out of site from the cabin (unless you want some good nature stories around the campfire!).

Other things to note:

When we say this place is remote, we mean exactly that. The nearest general store (that also acts as the gas station) is a good hour drive away. Other than that there is nothing out here. NO.THING. You don't want to arrive with the notion that if you need something, you can run out and get it. 

Because the water here is not potable, you'll need to bring your own. We do have a few water bottles on hand, but because we don't know how much water you'll consume, make sure you bring enough to meet your needs.

There is pavement all the way up to our gate. However, from our gate to the cabin it's completely off road. Only 4WD will make it. Grated, it's only a five minute ride, but it's steep and bumpy. We are happy to meet you at the gate where you can park your car and then be 'shuttled' by us to and from the cabin. 

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Pets allowed
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