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Best Hipcamp in Arizona according to Outside Magazine!

100 square food A-Frame transforming cabin on 10 wooded acres.  Perfect for couples, this cabin is fully off grid but has everything you need. The cabin is about a 3 minute walk from the parking area so do not expect to be right next to your car. We provide a wagon for transporting your luggage! Bathroom (compostin


Best Hipcamp in Arizona according to Outside Magazine!

100 square food A-Frame transforming cabin on 10 wooded acres.  Perfect for couples, this cabin is fully off grid but has everything you need. The cabin is about a 3 minute walk from the parking area so do not expect to be right next to your car. We provide a wagon for transporting your luggage! Bathroom (composting toilet style) and outdoor on-demand hot shower near the tent (May-October).  After late October we have to shower with solar heated bags. Short drive from the town of Williams; 45 miles to Grand Canyon.  Enjoy the peaceful landscape, the mountain air, and beautiful night sky! 

The cabin has 2 single beds which roll together to form a queen.  It does get chilly at night, even in the summer, but we provide lots of sheets and blankets, plus a Buddy heater in the winter! In the winter we suggest bringing a warm sleeping bag also.

There are lights and USB plugs in the cabin.

In the summer, there's Wifi available in our communal picnic area, not at the cabin.  In the winter, Wifi is turned off. Since we're out a ways from town, T-Mobile/Metro PCS is the only reliable cell network. AT&T does get a weak signal usually good for calls, same with Verizon.

The area is on 10 acres of wild land.  There are 3 other yurts, the cabin,  and our van home on the property  They are spread out so you'll have privacy.  Check with us before having a campfire to make sure wind and weather conditions are favorable.

Our entire setup is done in a way to be as sustainable as possible.  Most items are built from up-cycled wood and we tried to limit the use of concrete and plastics.  The goal is for you to feel like you are comfortably part of the natural environment.  Please respect the land and it will take care of you!  We respectfully ask that you try your best not to use single-use plastic during your stay with us.  We really need to change our habits in order to save the earth!  We have reusable metal water bottles for sale if you need them.

Our toilet is a dry and composting toilet.  It doesn't smell and also doesn't use any of our valuable water.  We are happy to discuss with any and everyone the necessity of changing our habits if we are to create a better more sustainable world.  

Our shower is outdoors and a really amazing experience.  In spring and summer, we have an on demand hot water shower that allows you to shower in nature.  After mid October the on demand hot shower is unavailable as it would freeze and break during the night.  In this time you can add hot water into the solar bags to still get a shower.  We are also in a very dry region, so we encourage less usage of water in general.  

We provide drinking water, local information, and a Grand Canyon park pass to save you $35!  There are decent restaurants in town and Zach is a trained chef specializing in creative plant-based cuisine.

This is a place to chill out in nature, not a party place.  We don't mind if you have a few drinks, but no loud music ever, or loud voices during quiet hours (9pm-8am). Be respectful to the fact that we are on a hill and sound carries easily, and we often have multiple groups staying at once.

Heat is provided in the cabin as nights can be quite cold after November 1st (and even sometimes in October).  The day times are still quite nice though, usually.  There is always a possibility of snow storms though and if this happens our cabin can become inaccessible.  We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if we deem it unsafe for habitation in the cooler months.

When we are busy the cabin may operate using a self check-in process and the price will be reduced to reflect this.  We will provide a video of how everything works. 

Lodging provided
1 site
Up to 2 guests per site
Short walk
No ADA access
Campfires allowed
Toilet available
Pets allowed
Potable water available
Showers available
Picnic table available
Wifi available
Bins available
No kitchen
Laundry absent
  • Check in: After 4PM
  • Check out: Before 10AM
  • Cancellation policy: Super Strict (30 Days)
  • On arrival: Meet and greet
  • Minimum nights: 1 night
  • Accepts bookings: 12 months out
  • Weeknight discount: 3% off
  • Response time: Within an hour
  • Response rate: 100%

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Natural features you'll find at Cozy AF Transforming Tiny Cabin in Arizona.


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Hipcamper Alex

Excellent getaway!

Alex L.
recommends this listing.
October 24th, 2021

This was an excellent place to disconnect from the city and regenerate internal peace. It got chilly at night and the wind was biting during the day but show up with layers and use the provided blankets and it’ll be all good! We loved the balance in indoor/outdoor living. The beds were very comfortable. The space was quiet. The stars were beautiful. The sun and moon rise from the deck were spectacular. It felt like a personal secluded campground with amazing accommodations. The toilets were clean and private. The paths were well lit. I really appreciated how welcoming Zach was for us into their space. They are great hosts!

Hipcamper Suzanne

Perfect night under the stars!

Suzanne N.
recommends this listing.
July 20th, 2021

This was the perfect de-stresser that I needed. I have to admit, I didn’t realize I was parking my car down the hill and walking to the cabin. But it ended up being perfect. The path is very short, well lit, and naturally beautiful. The bathhouse was halfway. But really, it was a hop-and-a-skip. All of this made me feel removed without being remote. The bed was so comfortable. I brought my dog and it was very dog friendly. I didn’t have to worry about her getting in other guests space. The view was amazing. The stars were bright. The moon was glowing through the cabin window wall.

Hipcamper Kathleen
Kathleen S.
recommends this listing.
July 15th, 2021

The A frame was amazing with one whole wall opening up to the world and acting like an awning! Perfect for 2 people.

Hipcamper Cristina

Cozy beds under the stars

Cristina C.
recommends this listing.
July 13th, 2021

The description for this beautiful property is very accurate. The values expressed in the summary are evident as Zach and Carrie have been very intentional in creating an eco-conscious atmosphere. We stayed for 2 nights so that we could have a full day at the Grand Canyon and the location was perfect for providing a camping feeling while visiting the park. We enjoyed the location, the innovative structure, the quiet, and the comfort of the beds while sleeping under the magnificent stars and watching the colorful sunrises. The toilets/showers were clean and well-maintained and at a fairly convenient distance from the AF. All the paths were well-lit with solar-powered lighting at night. The only thing AF campers should be aware of is that this site is a significant distance from the parking lot. While a wagon and wheelbarrow are provided to transport food and gear, the walk back and forth became a little tedious because we'd been set-up for car-camping. The walk to the AF is uphill and about an 1/8 of a mile. Pack light and *think backpacking* and it will be the perfect stay in the Grand Canyon area.

Hipcamper Michael

Educate yourself on rattlesnakes

Michael M.
doesn't recommend this listing.
July 11th, 2021

- Carrie and Zach refused to take any actions
- No rattlesnake warning signs
- No precautions taken onsite to prevent rattlesnakes from nesting underneath their Yurts, the A Frame, or the Yoga deck
- $3,500 vet bill (closest emergency vet is in Flagstaff, FYI. There's a vet in Williams but not an emergency clinic)

I booked the A Frame Cabin and was excited to have a solitary weekend with my pup.

I arrived Friday around 4:30, unpacked, and settled in on the A Frame's deck to take in the scenery with a kombucha and some music. My dawg sniffed around the cabin, and less than an hour into my stay, I hear her yelp while sniffing around the north side of the cabin.

She quickly ran to me and jumped on my lap. She'd never made a sound like this, and given the desert, I figured she had encountered a snake. I turned off my music and in the quiet all I could hear was the rattler of a rattlesnake directly under the A Frame Cabin. This was incredibly scary.

I wasn't sure, however, if she got bit until a few minutes later. The right side of her snout was bleeding and began to swell, and that's when the panic started and the emergency trip to the vet clinic started.

I'll spare the details of the trip to the vet, but long story short, my pup spent 24 hours in vet emergency care.

This is where the story gets interesting: I told Carrie and Zach what happened and their response was, "We don't have rattlesnakes on our property." I told them that they actually do, even if they thought they didn't.

My dog's face swelled massively and the vet told me "this looks and acts like a rattlesnake bite, so they need to understand they do have rattlesnakes."

Additionally, my dog's initial blood report, which is the critical factor in rattlesnake bites, showed that her blood coagulation was on the "low end" of normal, which meant that the venom was kicking in. They immediately gave her antivenin, and her next to blood reports over the next 24 hours returned back to a "healthy" normal, trending back in the other direction.

Here are the most upsetting parts:

Zack and Carrie never believed me about the rattlesnake, never offered any reimbursement options (I spent the weekend in a hotel in Flagstaff), continually questioned whether my dog was bit by a rattlesnake and didn't believe my that I actually heard the rattlesnake. It seems to me that in a scenario like this you would give the benefit of the doubt and give a caution to the other campers just to be careful. After all, humans are also susceptible to rattlesnake bites.

Additionally, I offered to provide the Veterinarian's phone number and details so they could talk to him, but they ignored that offer and asked for a "toxicology report," which is a test for drugs in a system, so completely irrelevant.

I do have her blood results and the vet diagnosis of a "rattlesnake bite," but have a sour taste in my mouth from their lack of understanding and addressing the situation properly.

Additionally, the site shows negligence in multiple areas, including but not limited to:
- no snake/rattlesnake warnings
- no precautions to keep rattlesnakes (or other animals) from nesting underneath the decks of the yurts and the A Frame (think mesh netting)
- no instructions to campers to CLOSE THEIR YURTS AND A FRAME WHILE GONE... I saw multiple yurts with the front open... Snakes can easily make their way in
- No education about rattlesnakes in the area... they claim to have been here 10 years... I've been in Arizona for 4 years and know that it's ridiculous to claim "We don't have rattlesnakes"

If there had been warning signs, the least I could have done is been more aware and kept my dog away from the sides of the decks.

Lastly, the most upsetting thing is Zach and Carrie never offered to look into the fact they actually do have rattlesnakes or to take any other precautions, or even talking to neighbors (there are many homes in the area).

I hope this review at least helps campers be aware of the possibility of rattlesnakes at this site, and that ultimately Zach and Carrie take responsibility and start warning campers in their listings (is their site REALLY pet friendly?) and posting signs onsite.

No mesh netting/snake/rattlesnake preventionNo mesh netting/snake/rattlesnake preventionWhere the rattlesnake bit my pup - Under right side of A Frame CabinWhere the rattlesnake bit my pup - Under right side of A Frame Cabin
Hipcamper Zach & Carrie
Response from Zach & Carrie, the Host, on July 14th, 2021

We’re truly sorry for the experience Michael and his dog had with the snake if it is true. We were off site at the time and a little bit skeptical since in all our 10+ years here we’ve never had a rattlesnake encounter and neither have any of our neighbors or neighbors dogs. Obviously things can change but in seeking to do our due diligence and view the proper documentation from the vet Michael refused to provide it and threatened to sue us. I would have gladly given a refund and a sincere apology if we could have just gotten the documentation as proof. Our search immediately after his stay revealed no snakes or evidence of snakes under the A frame. Our conversation with him on the incident was nothing but apologetic and professional so I have no idea why he would refuse to show the veterinary report. We will continue to be extra diligent in looking out for the safety of guests and their pets as we always have been, however it is impossible to prevent every possible situation that could arise when camping in nature.

Remove vote :(
Hipcamper Rebekah

Loved it!

Rebekah N.
recommends this listing.
May 28th, 2021

Zach and Carrie were awesome, sweet, accommodating and helpful! Our stay in the a-frame was perfect and it’s so cute. Beautiful property and just the perfect step up for a nature getaway.

Hipcamper Cara
Cara C.
recommends this listing.
April 8th, 2021

Lovely ! So much gear and water to use!

Hipcamper Anthony

Better then the usual hotel.

Anthony L.
recommends this listing.
April 3rd, 2021

Very nice Stay the camp site had the basic utensils for cooking. Blanket and a heat that was need for the stay little cold one of the nights. Its something different. Then the usual Hotel Room.

Hipcamper Adam
Adam B.
recommends this listing.
April 2nd, 2021

Zach was a great host and the property is perfect for a nice little getaway. Thank you!

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