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It's not a huge place, but the goats, sheep, and a very bossy donkey will keep you company as you bake in the sun, or read under a tree by the creek. Hwy access but far enough from that, and in most cases the house, to afford privacy.

You'll save us both time and potential disappointment if you read the entire description below.

I have several locations for campe


It's not a huge place, but the goats, sheep, and a very bossy donkey will keep you company as you bake in the sun, or read under a tree by the creek. Hwy access but far enough from that, and in most cases the house, to afford privacy.

You'll save us both time and potential disappointment if you read the entire description below.

I have several locations for campers based upon multiple factors like weather, phase of hay growth, whether you have kids, want sun or shade, or animals in your space. Due to COVID I am limiting the number of people  - there is only one bathroom. (We are vaccinated.) 

SITE 1 is best for people with pre-teen kids. Adult only groups can also camp there, but it's the best place for children due to proximity to the bathroom, less travel in the dark, and normally there aren't animals pastured there when there are campers scheduled. To camp near the pond, book your reservation on my other listing, Goatland II.

I’ve gotten some odd comments, and a lot of repetitive questions, so here's a list of answers to common questions, and replies to oddball comments that may help you decide if this is the place for you. I know it sounds a bit GET OFF MY LAWN, but after someone’s kids killed one of my chickens because the parents couldn’t be bothered to watch them, my sense of humor is wearing thin.

This is a farm, not a campground. There are no "sites" per se. There are spots I like, and that others have liked so I point those out, but you can camp wherever you wish as long as it isn't my house yard. Anywhere you choose to camp will, at some time, have livestock on it. Do not leave stuff on the ground that they may eat a month after you leave.

You'll want to arrive before sunset unless you're adept at setting up in the dark. This is a farm; we don't have street lights.

Unless you have kids, or camp in the kid area when there aren't any kids, you will open and close one or two gates. You will walk 2-3 minutes (100-200 yards) to get to where you're camping, you may cross the creek to get there (there is a crossing). You're welcome to use my wheelbarrow, but you cannot drive your vehicle through my pastures. 

Bring a battery operated mattress inflater unless you plan to carry an inflated mattress 200 yards from the shop to a campsite over uneven ground, and through a gate or two.

No, you can't park your RV in my yard, and connect to my electricity.

The picnic table is not an amenity, it's a goat toy. You may use it, but it stays in the goat pasture, and I'd rather you not move it around as I don't want goats killing my trees because you wanted to sit in the shade, and didn't bring a chair.

We have dirt here, and poop, and there may be mud in places. The grass is sometimes patchy, and it has weeds. Not to belabor the point, but this is a farm. Depending upon the weather there may be flies, or gnats, or bitey asian ladybugs. I have no control over this. Plan accordingly.

There are trash cans and a recycle bin in the shop where the bathroom is. Please use them.

Yes, you can burn, but don't haul rocks around setting up fire pits. Again, this is a farm, and your cute little fire ring is my livestock's buffet area. I will provide wood for you so you don't bring borers in to destroy my fruit trees. If we're in drought, or the wind is high, do not burn. I'm responsible if you set fire to my neighbor's fields or buildings.

No, you cannot reserve one site for 6 people with 3 tents.

The bathroom is located in a shop in which work is done. The shop is not a play area. Also, shut the door behind you.

I can't believe I have to say this but the shower curtain goes inside the tub, not out. If you turn my bathroom into a wet room like one pair of jokers did, I'm going to be pissed.

The pond is about 8 feet deep. It's spring fed so it's really cold. I don't care if you get in it, but if you bring kids, watch them every single minute they're in the water.

I don't do this to make a living - obviously. I do this because a lot of people don't have the opportunity to get into the country, pet a goat, donkey, or sheep, and see where their food comes from. Also your attention helps to keep my animals socialized which makes them easier to handle, but it's not a petting zoo, and not everyone will want you to touch them. Respect their space.

I will let you know if there's butchering planned for the days you'd like to camp. If you're sensitive to such things avoid the barn lot as there are usually decapitated heads there which I process for resale.

A note for people with children. This is a working farm, not a KOA or petting zoo. There are large animals here, and water at a depth for drowning. While my livestock is all relatively tame, there is always a risk of injury - to your kids and my animals.  I provide instruction with each new arrival, but you and your children need to follow it. Also keep in mind that we live here, and keep the screaming to a minimum. If you're going to bring your kids, you need to supervise them at all times, or I will limit campers to adults only.

We're happy to have you visit, to answer any questions you may have, and to introduce you to the animals. We mind our own business unless you need something. If you require a lot of attention, manicured lawns, electrical service at your site, a grill at your disposal, and parking at your tent, you probably wouldn't be happy here.

Reasonable driving distance to Le-Aqua-Na, Apple River Canyon, Cadiz Springs, Pecatonica Forest Preserve, and Head Gates Park. About an hour from the Mississippi to the southwest, & Galena to the west.

Pagans & LGBTQ welcome.

Lambs are born in March. Kids are born in April or May. Most are gone, or mature enough to be less fun, by early Oct.

Please note that one booking is one tent. I have it set for 4 people per site; if your party is larger than that, send me a message. Book for all of the people in your party. They're going to be in my bathroom even if they're small. Contact me for clarification, any inquiries, or questions.

I have a second listing - same farm. It helps me keep people separated so they have privacy. This listing is the house side of the property, the other listing is the pond side.
Campsite area
Bring your own tents
2 sites
Up to 4 guests per site
Short walk
No wheelchair access
Campfires allowed
Toilet available
No pets
Potable water available
Showers available
Wifi available
Bins available
No kitchen
No picnic table
  • Check in: After 12PM
  • Check out: Before 12PM
  • Cancellation policy: Flexible
  • On arrival: Meet and greet
  • Minimum nights: 1 night
  • Accepts bookings: 6 months out
  • Response time: Within an hour
  • Response rate: 100%


Natural features you'll find at Goat land in Illinois.

River, stream, or...

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Hipcamper Penny

Great place for a peaceful visit

Penny W.
recommends this listing.
(Site 1)
August 25th, 2021

Wonderful place! You have the run of the farm but you need to operate with courtesy and respect (for both the owners and the animals). Don't bring kids who will run wild and harass the animals- this is a unique, beautiful place that really allows you access to the farm, so don't take advantage. That being said, come if you're ready to relax and learn more about some animals and interact with them in a lovely setting. The shower and bathroom are a huge plus, and everything is super well kept up.

Hipcamper Richard


Richard L.
recommends this listing.
(Site 2)
June 28th, 2021

Perfect weekend of camping despite the heat. The views from our site were gorgeous, animals were fun to have hanging around, and location was great for us (close to hiking and breweries). Having a clean bathroom with shower was a definite plus. Read the description - you’ll likely set up camp a ways from your vehicle so consider packing light. From my wife: “I saw a goat be born and it was the greatest most amazing experience in my recent memory. I can’t imagine another camp-on-a-farm adventure even comparing.”

Hipcamper Evgeny
Evgeny K.
recommends this listing.
(Site 1)
June 23rd, 2021

Amazing well maintained farm. Host was amazing, showed us the property and introduced to many animals living there. All of them are super friendly and my 3.5 year son was super excited to pet them.

Hipcamper Colin

Great stay

Colin R.
recommends this listing.
(Site 2)
June 3rd, 2021

We had a great night at Goal Land! Naimhe was very welcoming and the site is well kept.

Hipcamper Sonja
Sonja P.
recommends this listing.
(Site 2)
May 12th, 2021

goatland was so fun! the host is super nice and the animals were all very friendly! would definitely recommend this to a friend.

Hipcamper Noah


Noah F.
recommends this listing.
(Site 2)
April 2nd, 2021

Naimhe has got a beautiful piece of land and is a gracious host. My stay was very enjoyable and I look forward to staying here again in the future!

Hipcamper Linda

Little tent on the prairie!

Linda K.
recommends this listing.
(Site 2)
November 9th, 2020

Best of both worlds— a rustic camp site by a pasture brook, tucked into a little hollow under a willow tree PLUS access to a spotless full bathroom with hot water shower. And then the adorable animals— goats, mop-topped cows, chickens and peacocks plus a donkey— all friendly and safely sequestered in their own pastures. Bright star sky and a fire ring for a campfire. No picnic table.

Suggestions: arrive before dark if you want to use my spot as it’s a bit of a walk over a somewhat bumpy pasture— I had my gear in a wheeled duffel which made all the difference. Or a folding wheeled cart could help too. Not a problem if your site is closer to house/vehicle. Also somewhat hard to see Jeanne’s direction landmarks after dark.

Great choice if nearby state parks are filled— good pivot spot for Galena and Monroe.

Hipcamper KIMBERLY

Great stay at a great farm!

Kimberly P.
recommends this listing.
(Site 1)
October 18th, 2020

Everything was as stated in the listing! Bathroom and shower were a welcome amenity for our camping trip! We were given a tour and allowed to set up where ever we wanted. Fire wood was provided, along with use of a wheel barrow for hauling it!

Goat landGoat landGoat landGoat land
Hipcamper Ella
Ella R.
recommends this listing.
(Site 2)
October 17th, 2020

Enjoyed my stay! Beautifully quiet and a lovely view. I loved being able to walk around and see animals too!


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