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Peshtigo River State Forest
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The Northern Glamping Camp
Moriah: My friend Sean and I had the best time staying at the Northern Glamping Camp. The cabins were way beyo...
Direct book $50/night
UP NORTH Arcadian Meadow
Dan: Spend your nights under the stars in the pristine north woods of marinette county! Nestled in the...
Direct book $90/night
Rest & Ride
Stacy: Pitch your tent at our small farm nestled in UP. You can enjoy all of our livestock animals and...
Direct book $20/night
Koi Kamping
Marianna: We are lucky to have and are happy to share our wonderful part of the world with you. If you love...
Direct book $40/night
Hilltop View
Hilltop View
100% – 1 Response
Catherine: Though the forecast wasn't looking ideal, I couldn't pass up a weekend at a Christmas Tree Farm with a...
Request book $50/night
Governor Thompson Campground
Picnic-ready Woods Lake, pretty little Huber Lake or sprawling boat-loving Caldron Falls Reservoir? As...
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State Forest Fun
Tanya and Anthony
Tanya And Anthony: Pitch your tent or park your trailer on our quaint sheep farm a stone's throw from the Machickanee...
Request book $25/night
Bagley Rapids Campground
Ginger: First come first serve.
First come, first serve
Bear Lake Campground
Nathan: We camped at Bear Lake in October, when the leaves were just perfect. The lake was absolutely beautifu...
First come, first serve
Boulder Lake Campground
This is Nicolet National Forest’s largest campground—but the sites here still fill up super fast....
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Tent Sites at the Pond House
Amy: Pitch your tent next to our spring fed pond and watch the ducks play. Enjoy our 10 acres in a country...
Direct book $20/night
Lynn’s Retreat
Direct book $35/night
Camp Mudrak
Dustin: Get away to the Michigan's Upper Peninsula's North Woods by staying on our property.   Our peaceful...
Request book $115/night
Pelican Lake Campground
Martin: Lynn Ann's Campground has become one of Wisconsin's highest-rated and most popular campground...
Direct book $35/night
Bergwin's Field and Forest Farm
Sarah: located on private property only minutes from Sister bay and conveniently located between the ...
Direct book $25/night
Boot Lake Campground
The funny thing about Boot Lake Campground? Chances are, you’ll actually want to tug your boots off so...
First come, first serve
Ada Lake Campground
If you’re the preening type, don’t worry about packing a mirror to bring to Ada Lake Campground—the...
First come, first serve
Windfall Farm
Julie: Pitch your tent or park your RV/Trailer on our 10 private acres, located less than a mile from quaint...
Request book $25/night
Richardson Lake Campground
Need a little break from the city life? Escape to the calming shores of Richardson Lake. At this sweet...
First come, first serve
Shady Acres
Skipp: Pitch a tent in a rustic portion of trees or open area, bring a camper or motor home and park with...
Request book $20/night