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Nicolet National Forest

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Nicolet National Forest, Wisconsin

The Nicolet National Forest is gonna leave you with a thick grin across your face! A deepwoods paradise, Nicolet offers a smorgasbord of game and fowl for those who like to hunt and over 800 miles of Read more...
The Nicolet National Forest is gonna leave you with a thick grin across your face! A deepwoods paradise, Nicolet offers a smorgasbord of game and fowl for those who like to hunt and over 800 miles of trails, off roading, and snowmobiling for those who like to wander! Canoe out into the Blackjack Springs Wilderness for some serious trout fishin’ or just to be inspired by Mama Nature herself. With unique overnight options like ATV or horse camping, you’re sure to find some rest after your days adventure and there’s plenty of regular campgrounds for families and groups. There’s no coming back from a Nicolet National Forest adventure, when you smile so much your cheeks hurt, you know you’ve found “the” place.
Pine Lake Campground
Tucked away on the west shore of one of Chequamegon’s largest lakes, you won’t be sad you crashed at...
Public campground
Sevenmile Lake Campground
Tucked away on a high ridge that overlooks the shimmering waters of Sevenmile Lake, this campground is...
Public campground
Anvil Lake Campground
If you like the finer things in life, such as lakeside chillin’ and cool beer sippin’, then Anvil Lake...
Public campground
Luna - White Deer Lake Campground
Smother yourself in the bosom of two beautiful lakes at Luna-White Deer Lake Campground. That’s right....
Public campground
Franklin Lake South Campground
Offering all the beauty and good times of its northern counterpart, Franklin Lake South Campground...
Public campground
Franklin Lake North Campground
After drinking in your fill of natural beauty on the Heritage Drive Scenic Byway, you’ll find yourself...
Public campground
Kentuck Lake Campground
Happy camper, introduce yourself to bass, walleye, and musky—good friends of Kentuck Lake. This...
Public campground
Spectacle Lake Campground
If you’re looking for the prime campground, you’ve found it. Spectacle Lake Campground is known to be...
Public campground
Windsor Dam Campground
Grab yer gun and pole—Windsor Dam Campground is the perfect place to spend a day (or a few!) hunting...
Public campground
Richardson Lake Campground
Need a little break from the city life? Escape to the calming shores of Richardson Lake. At this sweet...
Public campground
Lac Vieux Desert Campground
Not 100% deserty, Lac Vieux Desert Campground will land you right at the headwaters of the Wisconsin...
Public campground
Ada Lake Campground
If you’re the preening type, don’t worry about packing a mirror to bring to Ada Lake Campground—the...
Public campground
Stevens Lake Campground
Run off to the secluded waters of Stevens Lake Campground for a little escape from the busy city...
Public campground
Morgan Lake Campground
Bringing the whole gang with you into the Great Outdoors? Flying solo? Either way, Morgan Lake...
Public campground
Bear Lake Campground
Nathan: We camped at Bear Lake in October, when the leaves were just perfect. The lake was absolutely beautifu...
Public campground
Laurel Lake Campground
Though you’ll have to do your sunbathing and cool water dipping from your boat, Laurel Lake Campground...
Public campground
Laura Lake Campground
Looking for the best camping in all of the great state of Wisconsin? Well, folks, you’ve found it....
Public campground
Lost Lake Campground
How do you feel about long, leisurely walks with aspen and sugar maple swaying ever-so-gently...
Public campground
Lost Lake Cabins
With forested beauty and a shimmering lake just a few steps away, the rustic cabins at Lost Lake just...
Public campground
Chipmunk Rapids Campground
Forgot your drinking water at home? Well, shucks. Good thing Chipmunk Rapids Campground has its own...
Public campground
Boot Lake Campground
The funny thing about Boot Lake Campground? Chances are, you’ll actually want to tug your boots off so...
Public campground
Boulder Lake Campground
This is Nicolet National Forest’s largest campground—but the sites here still fill up super fast....
Public campground
Bagley Rapids Campground
Ginger: First come first serve.
Public campground
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Pelican Lake Campground
Martin: Lynn Ann's Campground has become one of Wisconsin's highest-rated and most popular campground...
Direct book$35/night
The Northern Glamping Camp
Robert: Camp in our nicely furnished tent cabins where you are right on the ATV and snowmobile trails. With...
Direct book$50/night
Cayuga Camping
Nick: Primitive camping with the Bad River bordering the property.   With in walking distance to a bar &...
Direct book$25/night
Cunard Lake Campground
Cut the crud and head to Cunard Lake Campground for a sans-frill genuine camping experience. Lakeside...
Public campground
Indian Mounds Campground
Ever heard of Minocqua, WI? We hadn’t either. Literally an “Island City,” parts of Minocqua are only...
Public campground
Buffalo Lake Campground
You can enjoy real camping at Buffalo Lake Campground without skimping on luxuries. In fact, with...
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Clear Lake Campground
The beach is within reach and the forest’s just waiting to be explored! Clear Lake Campground delivers...
Public campground
Carrol Lake Campground
Ever heard of Minocqua, WI? We hadn’t either. Literally an “Island City,” parts of Minocqua are only...
Public campground
Bittersweet Wild Campground
Northeast of Minocqua, WI, off of Highway 70, is the greatest misnomer there ever was. Bitter Sweet...
Public campground
East Star Lake Campground
Angella: I grew up camping here. Its a great campround for kids, and has great fishing. There is a decent hikin...
Public campground
Crystal Lake Campground
Hugging the waterfront closely, Crystal Lake Campground considerately tucks in so as not to leave...
Public campground
Musky Lake Campground
Ready to explore some of Wisconsin’s most wild lands? The Northern Highland American Legion State...
Public campground
Razorback Lake Campground
Angella: This lake is great for boaters. If you have a lakeside site, you can pull your boat up to your site. G...
Public campground
Firefly Lake Campground
Do you remember catching fireflies as a kid and putting them in your mason jar with the little holes...
Public campground
West Star Lake Campground
You might not earn that anchor tattoo at West Star Lake Campground, but you sure might consider...
Public campground
Starrette Lake Campground
Get your fish baster ready because your pole will be going, the fish will be flowing, and your hunger...
Public campground
South Trout Lake Campground
It’s guppies over puppies at the 3,816-acre lake along South Trout Lake Campground. The pooch is...
Public campground
Allequash Lake Campground
A pair of waders and a lantern are all you’ll need a Allequash Lake Campground, where “fancy” means...
Public campground
Nebish Lake Campground
Welcome to Nebish Lake Campground where it’s not just OK to have your cake and eat it too, but it’s...
Public campground
Upper Gresham Lake Campground
Sara: Car camping doesn't get any better than this. We stopped here on a whim and will return. Beautiful vie...
Public campground