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Lake Wissota State Park
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Sunbow Farm
Kristina: Pitch your tent or sleep out under the stars on our organic fruit and vegetable farm. Camping area is...
Direct book $30/night
Maggie's Merry Mirror
Dennis: There are over 80 acres of woods, fields and an island to explore. The property has over 2,000 feet of...
Direct book $10/night
Writer's cabin @ Crazy Rooster Farm
Jeffrey: Two small cordwood cabins, one designed as a writer's cabin the other a little kitchenette with cold...
Direct book $50/night
Fisher Cat Creek Forest Retreat
Veronica: We have built a small off-grid cabin with a number of secluded camp sites connected by wandering...
Request book $100/night
Star Camp
Veronica: Star Camp is a walk-in ,rustic campsite that is shaded until noon, sunshine throughout the day, with...
Request book $30/night
Aasen Family Farm Ponds
Alyson & Zak
Alyson & Zak: The Aasen Family Farm Ponds property is set in the quintessential rolling hills of western Wisconsin. ...
Request book $30/night
Welcome to Camp Chippewa
Hugh: Welcome to Camp Chippewa where you will experience nature without pollution. We have the most...
Direct book $25/night
Bicycle Farm - rural retreat
Silver Creek
Silver Creek : Bring your bicycles or rent one of our fat bikes. We're surrounded by wonderful rustic and gravel...
Direct book $25/night
Flower Farm
Maggie: Camp on a working flower farm in beautiful rural Wisconsin. We run Green Light Farm, specializing in...
Request book $25/night
Prairie View Camp
Cynthia: Enjoy the sweeping prairie and sunset views from your camping area. The campsite is near a outdoor...
Request book $35/night
Hawk's Ridge Ranch
Brittany: Hawk's Ridge Ranch is a therapeutic horse ranch that was an absolutely amazing experience to visit. Su...
Direct book $90/night
Gathering Gardens on Witt Hill
Arlena and Steve
Arlena And Steve : Gathering Gardens is a place to get inspired to grow or just sit and enjoy the peace a quiet of this...
Request book $45/night
Brunet Island Campground
El: Stayed here in early September, 2016. A gem! Wood bundles cost $5, and are purchased from the very nic...
Book externally
Toby Lakeview Grounds
Ian: Cute pond, open field, good for star gazing, birding, with a few shade trees by camp. Quiet.
Request book $40/night
Blueberry Fields Forever
Brittany: Quiet and serene, with so many places to choose from to set up camp. Away from the noise but still saf...
Direct book $50/night
Bending River Cove Tiny house
Denay: We are a resort of tiny houses that sit directly on lake Pepin. Each home houses 4 folks. We do have a...
Request book $175/night
Chippewa Campground
Sleep under a canopy of dense green hardwood and pine trees, breathing in that oh-so-rich fragrance of...
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East Fork Campground
Brent: You'll need to buy a vehicle pass for your car in addition to the camping fee. I think it's $8 for WI ...
Book externally
Secluded Sanctuary
Patrick: Secluded sanctuary on top of knoll surrounded by woods, state park, a nice neighbor. Easy access to...
Request book $120/night
Sweet Spot on the Rush River
Tony & Sarah
Tony & Sarah: Welcome to Earnest Acres! Earnest Acres is our sweet spot / emerging sustainable farm located on the...
Request book $25/night