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Lake Chippewa
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The best camping near Lake Chippewa, Wisconsin.

Welcome to Camp Chippewa
Hugh: Welcome to Camp Chippewa where you will experience nature without pollution. We have the most...
Direct book$25/night
Buck Island @ Lakewoods Resort
Pc: You'll be staying in a rustic Log Cabin with modern conveniences all on your own private 1-1/2 acre...
Request book$475/night
Chippewa Ridge Cabin
Jason: INTERIORBuilt in 2008. 1450 Sq. Ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen/living room great room layout....
Request book$200/night
Day Lake
Epic “me time" is the game here. Indulge that core part of you that craves quiet and solitude at the...
Public campground
Beaver Lake Campground
Looking for some good ole fashion outdoor adventures? Beaver Lake Campground won’t disappoint. With...
Public campground
Black Lake Campground
Spread out along the shores of Black Lake, this campground is one killer spot for lakeside relaxing....
Public campground
Day Lake Campground
Phil: Great place to camp !
Public campground
East Twin Lake Campground
Fish ‘til your heart’s content at East Twin Lake Campground! Located on the 110-acre East Twin Lake,...
Public campground
Lake Three Campground
Seeking solitude and silence? Three Lake Campground is the paragon of peace and quiet. Tent and RV...
Public campground
Mineral Lake Campground
Perched on the pristine shores of Mineral Lake, this campground offers visitors opportunities for...
Public campground
Moose Lake Campground
Relax and let loose at Moose Lake. The small and semi-secluded campground accommodates both tents and...
Public campground
Namekagon Campground
You name it, Namekagon’s got it. Running alongside its namesake lake, the campground is situated at...
Public campground
Stockfarm Bridge Campground
Snuggled against the shores of the Chippewa River’s east fork, Stockfarm Bridge Campground is equipped...
Public campground
Perch Lake Campground
Load up the RV with all the camping essentials (s’mores, beer, hotdogs—you know) and claim your spot...
Public campground
Two Lakes Campground
Find yourself in the bosom of two pristine lakes when you crash at Two Lakes Campground (figured the...
Public campground