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The best camping near Malo, Washington.

The "Grassy Meadow," an absolutely beautiful spot for camping.
Ponderosa Pine Paradise
Ponderosa Pine Paradise
Ponderosa Pine Paradise
Ponderosa Pine Paradise
Aimee: This was a fun place to stay. The gal running it is new to having tent campers so it wa...
Pleasant Valley View from the farm.
Take your shoes off and rest awhile.
Enjoying the open meadow at the end of the vines.
Relax and read a book under the pear tree.
Hip chick camp in the vineyard!
Quillisascut Goat Farm
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Beth: There are so many great things to say about Quillisascut Farm, I don't know where to st...
The view from the top of the ravine. This camp area is down in the trees.
One view of the creek.
Cottonwood Creekside
Cottonwood Creekside
Bailey: Pitch your tent creekside and let the sounds of nature heal your soul. There is a short...
Curlew Valley View
Morning view
Curlew Valley View
Night view
Bailey: Pitch your tent on the edge of the world with an amazing view. It is 2 miles out of...
Taking in the view from the Ridge.
Checking out the sights on the Ridge.
Lamb just born with mom cleaning him.
Debora: Pitch your tent on the ridge and take a look at the view. Bring your own fire ring and...
Kettle River 34' Airstream Retreat
Kettle River 34' Airstream Retreat
Kettle River 34' Airstream Retreat
Kettle River 34' Airstream Retreat
Kettle River 34' Airstream Retreat
Christy: Beautiful, peaceful, private location along the Kettle River. This outdoor paradise...
The cabin at campsite 2. Includes private access to the dock, fishing on the Westfork of  the San Poil, 2 outdoor cooking grills, a picnic table, and campfires.
Blu Silver Pond w/dock for fishing and paddling activities. Exclusive access comes with the cabin at Campsite 2.
Campsite 1. Overlooks Bristol-blu Lake. This is the site for people wishing to engage in leisurely, recreational paddling.
Far reaches of Blu Silver pond, on the Westfork of the San Poil River. Behind the beaver dam.
Springs feeding Blu Silver Pond/Westfork San Poil River.
Adam: For the 2018 season, amenities are at a bare minimum. Tent camping, or car/trailer...
Quiet and secluded.
Magical stream-side camping.
Relax in this serene setting.
You'll keep cool in this deep ravine.
Many outdoor recreational activities are nearby.
Kathy: These campsites are absolutely magical. Set deeply in a ravine, they are extremely...
Sunset after big Thunderstorm, view to the NW Cascade Mountains
Jeffrey: Pitch your tent in our pine forest area or the clearings, both are lovely and inviting.
Super-Glamping house sleep 8.
Master bedroom has huge picture windows to surround you with nature.
Enjoy exceptional ambience and amenities.
Relax surrounded by stately pines.
Read a book by the cozy woodstove.
Kathy: Beautiful, cozy 4-BR house with SUPER amenities. If you want to enjoy the majesty of 40...
From the camp site, overlook at kelly hill
Our Guard dog atching sheep at Kelly Hill
Early Spring, Thats one of our dogs
Summer view on horseback
Early Winter above house
Teresa: Kelly Hill has a long history as a ranch raising finewool sheep in the heart of the...
Our campground with a few tents here and there.
View from the hill above us.  My personal tipi, plus yoga lounge and outdoor kitchen are visible.
Two: Located just 2 1/2 miles from Highway 97 on mostly paved roads in the Okanogan...
Eagles' Nest Tipi
Eagles' Nest Tipi
Eagles' Nest Tipi
Eagles' Nest Tipi
Eagles' Nest Tipi
Two: Stay in our beautiful 16' plains style tipi, with a 180 degree view of  the Northern...
Whimsical Country Cabin
Whimsical Country Cabin
Whimsical Country Cabin
Whimsical Country Cabin
Whimsical Country Cabin
Catherine: Beautifully nestled 14 miles from the Canadian border lies the town of Northport,...
25 Acre Turkey Hunting paradise
25 Acre Turkey Hunting paradise
25 Acre Turkey Hunting paradise
25 Acre Turkey Hunting paradise
25 Acre Turkey Hunting paradise
Mac Donald: Come pitch your tent or bring your RV and stay on 25 acres in the heart of the turkey...
The little beach.  Only a few campers will be here at one time.
Monet would be at home here.
The Old Resort is at the southern end of Black Lake.
The sound of loons is.......well, if you have heard them you know what they do for your feelings.
Eric: Old Black Lake Resort is a hidden gem. I was able to park my 24 ft travel trailer withi...
Painted Sacred Tipi
The fire pit inside the tipi was very useful for keeping warm and dry as well as cooking. The white fluffy stuff around the fire pit is snow that fell from the air vent at the top (which also lets smoke out)
Here's the tipi near sunset.
The inside of the tipi is painted with four shields, each corresponding to one of the four directions as well as the four seasons. They also represent parts of our human nature. Each is necessary and important to wholeness and well-being.
The tipi sits in a large garden with many trees.
Painted Sacred Tipi
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Ann: Mary Alice's Painted Sacred Tipi is absolutely magical. The experience of sleeping on t...
Big Blue Yurt on a Sheep Farm
Big Blue Yurt on a Sheep Farm
My partner feeding the sheep. Ask the farmers to let you feed them, it's really fun. They come running at you and but then get very shy as they get near.
A rustic red cabin on the property. It looked so picturesque in the snow with the hawthorn berries.
Walking on country roads was very pleasant. Everyone who drove by waved hello.
Ann: Bring produce to make your own meals - they have a fully equipped kitchen. Also, make u...
Access to Lake Roosevelt beachfront
Private shooting range available (Contact for details)
Dirt bike trails
Daniel: Stay in our private bunkhouse that sits in the middle of the Colville National Forest...
View from the back yard of the house.
This rocking chair was the sweetest way to enjoy the sounds of nature--literally all we could hear!
View from the right side of the cabin.
Wood-fired jacuzzi, yes please!
The cabin is situated in a valley surrounded by trees and mountains. It is completely secluded and you go through a private gated entrance a mile away, meaning you are the only people within a mile radius!
Secluded Cabin
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Rachel: Black Horse Ranch is an unbelievably secluded and well kept secret getaway. The cabin i...