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Columbia Hills State Park
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Mt Hood Haven
Donovan: Our experience at ConTENTment Acres was so great. When we arrived we were greeted by Pamela and a few ...
Direct book $100/night
Mt. Adams View - walk in
Julian: I loved my stay at TreeBird Ranch! The property is nestled in a beautiful, quiet valley between Mount ...
Direct book $28/night
Waterfall Camp - walk in
Lisse: We had so much fun at TreeBird Farm & Ranch! As soon as you drive onto the property you'll be amazed a...
Direct book $28/night
Cottonwood Creek - walk in
Sergey: NIce hosts and camp site as advertised; Really great views of 2 mountains one north another south.
Direct book $28/night
Tent Camping @ConTENTment Acres
Jeff: Where do I begin . . . Contentment Acres is all that your gracious host, Pamela, says it is - but it'...
Direct book $30/night
Good Medicine Tipi
Ky: We had a great time at Good Medicine Tipi! If you want to remove yourself from the hustle bustle, get...
Direct book $70/night
Oak Woodland Tent Camping
Shannon: Thanks Kiva for a great stay! We really enjoyed getting up in the hills above the gorge, especially at...
Direct book $20/night
Mt. Adams Abode
Pamela: "Glamping" is the term being used these days but we prefer "Comfy Camping". Mt. Adams Abode is a 16 x...
Direct book $100/night
Creek Camp North - drive in
Treebird: Camp with your car near a small brook with plentiful afternoon shade for up to 2 tent sites or small...
Direct book $28/night
Dream Cabin
Dream Cabin
92% – 6 Responses
Casey: This cabin has all you need for cooking and sleeping (bring your own linens/sleeping bags) but I would...
Direct book $35/night
Cedar Grove "hike-In" Tent Camp
Eldon: Awesome choice of sites, all super private. The property is incredible and the hosts are great. They w...
Request book $50/night
Sustainability Research Co-op
Walt: Our 40-acre campground is adjacent to our main sustainability research center. It is completely...
Direct book $40/night
Old Growth Off-Grid Forest Retreat
Megan: Pitch your tent in our old growth fir forest.   Have access to private fire pit and picnic table.  ...
Direct book $30/night
The Granary Lake Cabin
Steve: We loved the cabin and had great fishing in the lakes close to the cabin.
Request book $160/night
The Field Group Camp - drive/walk
Treebird: We can accommodate overnight groups of up to 70 people. You'll have your pick of all campsites, both...
Request book $150/night
Mt. Hood View - drive in
Treebird: Drive in Camp with territorial views of our pastures and gorgeous Mt. Hood view to the south. 2-3 tent...
Direct book $38/night
Moonlit Meadow
Pamela: Maybe Comfy Camping and/or Tent Camping is not your thing. We have a small studio apartment behind our...
Direct book $125/night
Dog Mountain Creek Camp
Adrianne: Pitch your tent in our creek-side flower field. You have access to wifi and fire ring (unless burn...
Request book $32/night
Winery Studio Cabin
Kiva: Homestead winery and farm in Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area. Quiet 800 sq ft studio with many...
Direct book $50/night
White Salmon River, forest.
David: Pitch your tent in huge trees with the White Salmon River steps away.   9 acres of privacy, 1/4 from...
Request book $33/night