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Bay View State Park

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Bay View
Bay View
Bay View

Bay View State Park, Washington

Bay View State Park lives up to its name! A gorgeous park nestled among evergreen trees on Padilla Bay, there’s a quarter mile of saltwater shoreline in the park and several more boat launches and Read more...
Bay View State Park lives up to its name! A gorgeous park nestled among evergreen trees on Padilla Bay, there’s a quarter mile of saltwater shoreline in the park and several more boat launches and waterside trails on either side of it. Look around and see the Bay and San Juan Islands in one direction and the Olympia Mountain Range and Mount Washington in the other. Padilla Bay-by you light up life like nobody else! Much of Padilla Bay is a designated National Estuarine Sanctuary because of the unique mudflat habitat where the Skagit River meets the Salish Sea, which means you’ll find salmon, crabs, herring, clams, and all kinds of crazy worms, which attract birds, which attract humans who like to watch some and eat others. There are cabins and campsites for your fish and oyster feasts, but don’t get too excited, kegs aren’t allowed. Hey, why don’t you just go eat some hay, make things out of clay, lay by Padilla Bay? You just may! Whattaya say?
Bay View Campground
We won’t promise you can see Russia from Bay View State Park, but on a clear day, you can catch a...
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