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Hyrum State Park

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Hyrum State Park, Utah

It can be tricky to find water in the desert, but that’s certainly not the case out at Hyrum State Park. There’s water aplenty out here! During the day, visitors flock to the waters for some fantastic Read more...
It can be tricky to find water in the desert, but that’s certainly not the case out at Hyrum State Park. There’s water aplenty out here! During the day, visitors flock to the waters for some fantastic fishing and fun, but this place is equally as popular for land-based jaunts into nature. Hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing…it’s all fair game in these parts, and this wonderful park serves as an excellent base camp. After all, the best part about Utah is exploring outside! And, Hyrum will certainly keep you comfortable while you’re out and about. There’s tons of campsites for everyone from RVers to tent-dwellers, a boat ramp and dock, and, if you’re feeling extra ambitious—showers.
Hyrum Campground
Hyrum State Park Campground sits near the Hyrum Reservoir and is surrounded by tall, shady trees. This...
Public campground
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