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Hyrum State Park
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Hidden Home
Spencer: Beautiful peaceful place. Private, minutes from cherry peak resort, Bear Lake, the Utah lottery,...
Direct book $10/night
Retro Star Eden Base
Bryan: Located on a 5 acre private residence in Eden Utah.   We have amazing views of Powder Mountain, HUGE...
Direct book $50/night
Retro Star Ranch
Bryan: The end of a private road in a secret hidden valley not far from SLC, Ogden and Eden Utah.   This land...
Direct book $50/night
3 Girls Orchard
Ek: I have an overgrown, unmaintained orchard in the foothills of Ogden, UT. 5 acres of backyard with...
Direct book $10/night
Rejuvination Space
Julia: Peaceful and relaxing, a year around accommodation and a space to take time and reset. Alternative...
Request book $50/night
Monte Cristo Campground
Monte Cristo Campground sits in a high-elevation forest of aspen and spruce. Visitors will enjoy the...
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Box Elder Campground
Jennifer: Nice little park close to town for people who don't want to head deep into the wilderness. Room for pi...
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Lodge Campground
First come, first serve
Tony Grove Lake Campground
You’re sure to be awed at the rainbow spectrum of geraniums, paintbrush, columbine, lupine, daisies,...
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Sky Mountain Yoga Retreat
Kim: This is a lovely property in a picturesque southeastern Idaho valley, but the owners have decided agai...
Request book $100/night
Sunrise Campground
Kris: Nearly the perfect campground if you want to camp near Garden City but don't want to stay in the medio...
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Little Creek Campground
Save your cash for the finer things in life (like beer!) because you won’t need it to snag one of the...
First come, first serve
Echo Island Ranch
Travis: This complete family recreation venue  includes forty acres of lush, tree-lined meadows near...
Direct book $53/night
Porcupine Campground
Kris: This is a great campsite. You're close(ish) to Bear Lake's North Beach, but far enough up in the mount...
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Offgrid Bear Lake!
Chris: PERFECT For boondocking or pitch your tent and camp in our 5 acres meadow or find a small shady spot...
Direct book $15/night
Bear Lake Campground
Sweetly situated next to the area’s namesake lake, Bear Lake Campground is lined by a slew of...
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Willard Bay Campground
Water sports? Check. Sick hiking trails? Check. Full hookups? Check. Pets allowed? Ruff Ruff. Oh, and...
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Port Ramp Marina
The numbers don’t lie—Port Ramp Marina is the primo set-up for Pineview Reservoir! Port Ramp Marina...
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Bridger Campground
Road trippers will enjoy the convenience of Bridger Campground—right off the main road, but situated...
First come, first serve
Friendship Campground
Not only is Friendship Campground a great place to make friends, it’s also the perfect base camp for...
First come, first serve