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Great Salt Lake
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The best camping near Great Salt Lake, Utah.

Inner City Farm and Horse Ranch
Jayme: We are located directly off the Jordan River Parkway and Redwood Nature Preserve on the west and...
Direct book$10/night
3 Girls Orchard
Ek: I have an overgrown, unmaintained orchard in the foothills of Ogden, UT. 5 acres of backyard with...
Direct book$10/night
Rejuvination space
Julia: Peaceful & relaxing, a year around accommodation is a space to take time and reset. Alternative...
Request book$50/night
Spruces Campground
Though it’s just a hop, skip, and jump from Salt Lake City, Spruces Campground will make you feel far,...
Public campground
Bridger Bay Campground
Alicia: Bring bug netting! Beautiful location, but can be very buggy at times.
Public campground
Tiny House Living SLC
Chelsea: Explore Tiny Living in our beautiful blue tiny house! Our strikingly modern home is an exciting...
Request book$69/night
Willard Bay Campground
Water sports? Check. Sick hiking trails? Check. Full hookups? Check. Pets allowed? Ruff Ruff. Oh, and...
Public campground
East Canyon Campground
Michelle: Big Rock is pretty but you'll be sharing your space with huge herds of sheep and all their BAAAAing at...
Public campground
Hyrum Campground
Hyrum State Park Campground sits near the Hyrum Reservoir and is surrounded by tall, shady trees. This...
Public campground
Little Mill Campground
Nestled on the banks of the American Fork Creek in the American Fork Canyon, Little Mill Campground is...
Public campground
Albion Basin Campground
Calling all wildlife lovers! A quick 15 miles away from Sandy, Utah, you’ll stumble upon Albion Basin...
Public campground
Bountiful Peak Campground
David: primitive. no toilets no water & no fire ring. Don't camp too near main dirt road it is dusty & noisy...
Public campground
Boy Scout Campground
The Wasatch Front can get pretty dang crowded, but Boy Scout Campground tends to stay a bit more...
Public campground
Cottonwood Campground - SLRD
Now this is the place for those of us who take the term “getaway” to the extreme and are really...
Public campground
Intake Campground
Lose yourself—metaphorically, of course—in the seclusion of the Desert Peak Wilderness at the humble...
Public campground
Loop Campground
Find yourself humbled by the impressive Stansbury Mountains at the Loop Campground in the South Willow...
Public campground
Lower Narrows Campground
Imagine the aroma of veggies roasting over a 19th-century woodstove along with the sound of a peaceful...
Public campground
Redman Campground-SLRD
Redman Campground is one of those places that earns the title of “glamping” in equal parts due to its...
Public campground
Sunset Campground
Heidi: When we arrived, the fire in Brian Head really impacted our views as the wind was blowing smoke right ...
Public campground
Tanners Flat Campground
Tanners Flat Campground is a tree-lover’s dream. Nestled on the edge of Little Cottonwood Creek in a...
Public campground