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Fishlake National Forest

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Fishlake National Forest, Utah

Simply put, Fishlake National Forest will make your senses salivate, it’s that pretty. But, what else would you expect from the fabulous state of Utah? This aspen-riddled central Utah paradise is Read more...
Simply put, Fishlake National Forest will make your senses salivate, it’s that pretty. But, what else would you expect from the fabulous state of Utah? This aspen-riddled central Utah paradise is filled with expansive mountain meadows, majestic peaks, oodles of wildlife, and the state’s biggest natural mountain lake, Fish Lake (in a state full of reservoirs, that’s pretty darn impressive!). These mountains and plateaus are a welcome relief from the hot desert valleys below, and they come with all of the outdoor recreation opportunities you’d expect: fantastic fishing, wildlife watching, miles and miles and miles of trails, a campsite for every taste, and beautiful ATV trails (check out the Paiute ATV Trail for 250 miles of the forest’s best scenery.) This short list is just the beginning, too. You’ll have to head out here yourself to see what this gem is all about.
Adelaide Recreation Site Group Campground
Welcome to Adelaide Recreation Site Group Campground, located in a beautiful grove along Corn Creek....
Public campground
Maple Grove Rec Site Group Campground
When it comes to camping, a really shady area is a plus, and Maple Grove Rec Site Group Campground...
Public campground
Maple Grove Rec Site Campground
Situated in a beautiful wooded area overlooking a valley, Maple Grove Rec Site Campground offers sites...
Public campground
Big Flat Cabin Rental
Spectacular scenery, awesome trails for foot travel, horseback riding, ATVs, and a rustic cabin for...
Public campground
Maple Hollow Rec Site Campground
At Maple Hollow Rec Site Campground, you can enjoy picnicking and campfire goodness between hitting...
Public campground
City Creek Rec Site Campground
Pack up your best buds and head to the City Creek Recreation Site and Group Campground for a good time...
Public campground
Mahogany Cove Rec Site Campground
You’ll reach Mahogany Cove Campground from the Beaver Canyon Scenic Byway, which winds through the...
Public campground
Little Reservoir Rec Site Campground
The campground at Little Reservoir is nestled into the high mountains in a forest of ponderosa pine,...
Public campground
Little Cottonwood Rec Site Campground
Little Cottonwood Campground is a high mountain site that sits along Bear River. Most of the campsites...
Public campground
Kents Lake Rec Site Campground
The only thing better than the spectacular scenery surrounding Kents Lake Rec Site Campground? All the...
Public campground
Tushar Lakeside Rec Site Campground
Tushar Lakeside Campground is near the shores of the high-elevation Lower Kents Lake, in the Tushar...
Public campground
LeBaron Lake Campground
Searching for a serene and rustic camping experience in a beautiful lakeside setting? Look no further!...
Public campground
Anderson Meadow Rec Site Campground
Spruce, Aspen, Fir, oh my! Nestled beneath the tall, shady trees you’ll find the Anderson Meadow...
Public campground
Doctor Creek Rec Site Campground
Something smells fishy, and—oh, wait, it's just Doctor Creek Rec Site. Located on Fish Lake Basin,...
Public campground
Mackinaw Rec Site Campground
Rob: This is a nice spot to view fall aspen color. By later September the lodge and most all other campgrou...
Public campground
Bowery Creek - Rec Site Campground
Amber: We camped here at the end of August and it was extremely quiet. This campground had a ton of sites an...
Public campground
Birch Creek Rec Site Campground
Nature lovers, get ready to hug some hunters. The proudly primitive Birch Creek Rec Site Campground is...
Public campground
Frying Pan Rec Site Campground
Blaze up that campfire because you've got big fish to fry at Frying Pan Rec Site. Enjoy the fishing...
Public campground
Gooseberry Rec Site Campground
When’s the last time you used your first aid kit? Well, we hope you'll continue to keep its lid closed...
Public campground
Gooseberry Cabin Rental
Steep stairs and classic charm define Gooseberry Cabin, a historical refuge at which to enjoy the best...
Public campground
Tasha Equestrian Rec Site Campground
Combine the allure of high mountain peaks, incredible panoramic landscapes, and an awesome,...
Public campground
Paiute Rec Site Campground
Right across the street from Johnson Valley Reservoir and surrounded by Fishlake National Forest,...
Public campground
Oak Creek Rec Site Campground
Travis : Only 9 spots, best camping on our trip of 12 days. (By a babbling brook if you can get one of those 3 ;)
Public campground
Oak Creek Campground

Oak Creek Campground

100% Recommend – 4 Responses
Listen closely. You might hear the sound of water running through remote Oak Creek Campground, where...
Public campground
Elk Horn Rec Site Campground
Are you a hunter or a hiker? At Elk Horn Rec Site, we won't make you choose. Get your game face on for...
Public campground
Sunglow Rec Site Campground
For earth-defying beauty that will knock your socks off, head 7,000 feet above sea level to Sunglow...
Public campground
Aquarius GS Cabin
Get rustic at Aquarius GS Cabin, where a wood cook and propane stove may merit wearing some Little...
Public campground
Singletree Campground
Don’t let the name fool you—there’s more than one tree at Singletree Campground. You may be in the...
Public campground
Pleasant Creek Campground
Pleasant Creek Campground is a popular place for hiking and trout fishing (at Lower Pleasant Creek or...
Public campground
Upper Pleasant Creek Campground
Scoop up some trout for that whole roasted trout recipe you’ve been dog-earing and salivating over at...
Public campground
Rosebud ATV Campground and Rec Site
Ready for the ultimate adrenaline rush? Get up high on the Colorado Plateau and snag one of just two...
Public campground
Lower Bowns Campground and Rec Site
Fish away me maties, for Lower Bowns and Campground Rec Site has plenty of bounty. A short walk away...
Public campground
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4 Wheeler Heaven
Dave: This is a great area to camp and start your forward line adventures with over 2,000 miles of 4...
Direct book$20/night
Ranchito Feliz

Ranchito Feliz

96% Recommend – 35 Responses
Jasmine: Very well thought out and cared for space, the pictures don't do it justice! Roy had a lot of insights...
Request book$40/night
Gateway to Capitol Reef Park
Russ: Pitch your tent in one of our two campsites and get ready to explore Capitol Reef National Park and...
Request book$29/night
Clark: This was a terrific spot to camp! As other people have mentioned, it's a primitive site...which is exa...
Direct book$29/night
Camping Capitol Reef Park
Russ: Pitch your tent here and explore the Big Five Utah National Parks. . . starting with Capitol Reef...
Request book$29/night
Bear Valley RV Campground
Kelly : We are located at the corner of Highway 89 and SR-20 (approx. 10 miles North of Panguitch, UT). This...
Request book$32/night
Ravens Nest
William and Sally
William And Sally: Walk in and pitch your tent among our pinon pines and cedar trees next to Dixie National Forest and...
Direct book$35/night
Utah National Parks Retreat
Kimberly: So many cozy spaces to choose from when staying at the Utah National Parks Retreat makes this the perf...
Request book$299/night
North Campground

North Campground

100% Recommend – 30 Responses
David: cost $20 per night on top of $30 park entrance fee rather pricey. Bathroom with hot water & flushing t...
Public campground
Fruita Campground

Fruita Campground

100% Recommend – 15 Responses
Michelle: No reservations for this stunning little gem in the incredible and underrated Capitol Reef National Pa...
Public campground
Fremont Indian Campground
Michelle: There are 2 campgrounds serving this park. One is for large groups only. It has showers and a hot wate...
Public campground
Sunset Campground

Sunset Campground

97% Recommend – 30 Responses
Leo: What an amazing experience. This site is great, just a 5 minute walk to the canyon rim, which makes it...
Public campground
Heart of the Parks!

Heart of the Parks!

100% Recommend – 8 Responses
Kat: Great spot up high on a hill to see some awesome views! Colt had some great recommendations, including...
Request book$40/night
Otter Creek Campground
Looking for a place to wind your ATV wheels around quiet trails and killer views? Otter Creek State...
Public campground
Zion’s Park Basecamp
Witt: This is the perfect spot to camp outside Zion National Park. Avoid the chaos of camping inside the par...
Direct book$10/night
Southern Utah Riverfront Camp
Dieter: Ideally located in Southern Utah and centrally located between Bryce Canyon (30 min drive) and Zion...
Request book$20/night
Jones Corral Guard Station
Throughout Dixie, you’ll find a spattering of old, historic cabins…and you can camp in them. SCORE....
Public campground
Calf Creek Campground
Melinda: Camped here on our annual spring road trip to Southern Utah. Cute campground on the creek with a rive...
Public campground
Twin Lake Campground
While Twin Lake Campground does not provide much (or any) in the way of water, it makes up for its...
Public campground
Yuba Campground
Yuba Campground is the variety pack of campgrounds. Oasis, the most popular area, is thick with trees...
Public campground