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Wright Patman Lake
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The best camping near Wright Patman Lake, Texas.

Lake Millwood Kozy Kabin
Kathy: Enjoy a fully-furnished 220 sq ft cabin/deck with million dollar views of Lake Millwood sunsets. Full...
Direct book$40/night
Collect Yourself Campground
Ryan + Alex
Ryan + Alex: Collect Yourself Campground is an ideal place to stay if you're interested in meditation or simply nee...
Request book$15/night
Dogwood Campground
Fifteen sites are up for grabs at Dogwood Campground, situated on the east side of the park. Each site...
Public campground
Big Pine Campground
Big Pine Campground is shaded by a majestic canopy of pines. The campground sits near the...
Public campground
Cedar Ridge Campground
Tent campers, try to snag a spot at Cedar Ridge -- it’s the only “tent only” campground just south of...
Public campground
Mountain View Campground
Twelve spots are up for grabs at this campground-- the farthest south, just below the lake. Each...
Public campground
Knights Bluff Campground
Ted: Pretty spot. The lake was beautiful but not great for swimming. 10 yards from shore it was still very ...
Public campground
White Oak Ridge Campground
A 16-site campground just next to the shores of Lake Wright Patman, you’ll want to bring both your...
Public campground
Wilkins Creek Campground
The only campground at Atlanta State Park not located on the lake (sad face), you’ll still be able to...
Public campground
Millwood Campground
One of the features that makes Millwood Campground so unique is the clusters of trees growing...
Public campground
Beard’s Bluff Campground
Beard’s Bluff Campground: where beautiful views of the lake are waiting at each campsite (well, most...
Public campground
Beard’s Lake Campground
In the lowlands of southwestern Arkansas, Beard’s Lake Campground is a combination of lake loveliness...
Public campground
Paraloma Park Campground
The secluded, forest-tucked Paraloma Park Campground is a great spot for escaping into a quiet...
Public campground
River Run East Campground
Located on the banks of the Little River Outlet Channel, the River Run East Campground is the perfect...
Public campground
River Run West Campground
Two miles east of the River Run East Campground, you’re going to find the River Run West Campground. A...
Public campground
Saratoga Campground
Saratoga Campground is a great summer spot, and if we're being honest about the weather that we have...
Public campground
White Cliffs Campground
White Cliffs Campground is an excellent location for fishers and hunters, and wildlife viewing...
Public campground