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Salvage Texas Outposts
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The 20 best camping spots near Salvage Texas Outposts, Texas with horseback riding.

Pedernales Falls Campground

1. Pedernales Falls Campground

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Other than the youth group area, an equestrian group camp, and 2-mi. hike-in primitive sites, Pedernales Falls Campground is your one and only...

Texas: Beautiful park with a diversity of trails, rivers and lagoons to explore. If you are visiting during the warmer months, be...
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Pace Bend Campground

2. Pace Bend Campground

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Old school or new school, classic or modern, Backstreet Boys or One Direction? These are the types of deeply philosophical questions you’ll want to...

Erin: Loved this campground - it's perfect for an easy, one or 2 day trip. Close to the city and lots of spots to choose from. There...
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Beautiful Guadalupe River
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3. Beautiful Guadalupe River

Tent camp along the Guadalupe River in it's natural setting upstream of any lake on the natural part of the river.

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Hideaway Sleeping Porch
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4. Hideaway Sleeping Porch

The Hideaway Sleeping Porch has been likened to Klamping. The truth be known it was created out of a early 1900's Sunday House once an old barn,...

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Primitive Paleo Indian Campsite
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5. Primitive Paleo Indian Campsite

For the Paleo enthusiast. . . Authentic Paleo Indian Campsite 10,000 years old right here on the border of Kendall County and Bexar County just...

Northbound and
Northbound And: Carol's place is full of history and character. Carol will share the stories of Paleoindians who camped and worked here and the...
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Wagon Ford Campground

6. Wagon Ford Campground

If you can’t bear to be far from the Guadalupe, then Wagon Ford Campground is for you. The nine walk-in tent sites are situated on a terrace above...

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Turkey Sink Campground

7. Turkey Sink Campground

Cozy up to your neighbor at Turkey Sink; the 48 sites at this campground are packed pretty tightly together. But stay here and you’ll get water and...

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Cedar Sage Campground

8. Cedar Sage Campground

Cedar Sage Campground is close to all of the action -- the Guadalupe River, a nearly 2-mile-long trail, and the activity hub of the park, where the...

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Pedernales Falls Sponsored Youth Campground

9. Pedernales Falls Sponsored Youth Campground

Ditch the amusement park and teach the young’ns real-life skills by spending a weekend at Pedernales Youth Campground! This group camp can be used...

Comanche Bluff Campground

10. Comanche Bluff Campground

Located on the far east side of Hill Country, the Comanche Bluff Campground offers overnight stays close to some rough and rewarding hiking trails...

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 Twin Elm Guest Ranch/RV Resort
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11. Twin Elm Guest Ranch/RV Resort

Thank you so much for your interest in Twin Elm Guest Ranch and 2E RV Resort. We have about 200 hundred acres of the most beautiful Texas hill...

Ashlee: Living full-time in an RV, I’ve stayed at my fair share, and this one is well taken care of, with great amenities, and close...
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Lake Somerville Nails Creek Unit Campground

12. Lake Somerville Nails Creek Unit Campground

What are you looking for in a campsite? We ask because chances are Nails Creek has what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to teach your wee...

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Rustic Texas Ranch Camping
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13. Rustic Texas Ranch Camping

Thank you so much for your interest in Twin Elm Guest Ranch and 2E RV Resort. We have about 200 hundred acres of the most beautiful Texas hill...

Ashlee: The Medina River is the perfect spot to plop a camp chair on the rock bed and let any troubles you have just wash away - I...
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Lake Somerville Birch Creek Unit Campground

14. Lake Somerville Birch Creek Unit Campground

When you camp at Birch Creek, you might not be right on the water -- but you’ll be pretty darn close. Most of the 125 campsites here come with...

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Rustic Texas Ranch Cabins
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15. Rustic Texas Ranch Cabins

Thank you so much for your interest in Twin Elm Guest Ranch and 2E RV Resort. We have about 200 hundred acres of the most beautiful Texas hill...

Ashlee: The ranch cabins are perfect if you’re looking for a little bit more comfort than what tent camping can offer. The room was...
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Lake Texana Campground

16. Lake Texana Campground

Are you looking for some shade from the often scorching Texas sun, or do you want to post up camp as close to the shimmering waters of Lake Texana...

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Choke Canyon Campground

17. Choke Canyon Campground

The campsites at Choke Canyon are lakeside living at its best -- or, at least, simplest. The 40 campsites at the north end of the park come with...

Michelle: Camped here in early spring on a spur of the moment fishing trip. Found the park to be spacious, quiet and perfect for paddling...
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Chapa’s Group Campground

18. Chapa’s Group Campground

Ready for the best, most massive slumber party for you and your four-legged friends (of the horse variety)? The Chapa’s group equestrian campground...

Chaquita Falls Campground

19. Chaquita Falls Campground

Nestled next to West Verde Creek and not far from a breathtaking scenic overlook, the Chaquita Falls Campground occupies some prime park real...

Martín: Great spot for groups with mixed outdoor comfort levels. You're far enough from camp roadways and not quite "car camping" but...
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West Verde Creek Campground

20. West Verde Creek Campground

Wake up to the sound of clear, cold water rushing over rocks when you pitch a tent at West Verde Creek Campground, named after the creek it rests...

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