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Sadlers Creek State Park
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Beechwood Cabin Tent
Andrew: These covered tents are a perfect compromise for wanting to be surrounded by nature, while having a co...
Request book $50/night
Dark Horse Farm
Ashley: Dark Horse Farm proved to be a wonderful farm and outdoor experience. The hosts were warm and welcomin...
Direct book $25/night
Spotted Fawn Farm campsites
Laura: How do you review a place that gives you peace of mind? Beautiful, calming, serene, tranquil are all w...
Request book $50/night
Northeast GA Eclipse View
Amity: Shannon was welcoming, and the campsite was great. Family-friendly. We enjoyed our stay.
Direct book $50/night
The Magic Forest
Glenn & Deb
Glenn & Deb: Such a unique setting! Two tent pads on the edge of the woods, yet within proximity of our home. ...
Direct book $39/night
Due West of What?
Mike: Come out to the country.   How far out?  Hidden Acres farm in Due West, SC is approximately 100 miles...
Direct book $30/night
Grassy Knoll II
Galen: Great secluded campsite. Host was great and brought us free fire wood. There are a decent bit of fire ...
Request book $20/night
Creekside Camp
Andrew: This location was perfect for those looking to explore trails and open land. The farm was full of spo...
Request book $20/night
Chattooga Belle Farm Lakeside
Kassidy: We enjoyed our stay at Chattooga Belle Farm. The Farm has tons of features -- the store, vineyard, cam...
Direct book $30/night
Lakeside Camp
Andrew: This location was perfect for those looking to explore trails and open land. The farm was full of sp...
Request book $20/night
Hickory Cabin Tent
Ashleigh: Great stay! Bill and Mary are kind and helpful hosts!
Request book $45/night
Peaceful Farm travel stop!
Shawn: We came here to see the solar eclipse and couldn't be happier with our stay! The farm was lovely and J...
Request book $45/night
Equestrian Dream Spot
Chimene: Pitch your tent or bring an RV or tiny house. We have 150 acres of land with a creek flowing around...
Request book $50/night
Denver Downs Farm Campsites
Catherine: Set up your tent in secluded area on the treeline side of 140 acre field.   Take a hike to the top of...
Request book $20/night
Wild Turkey Primitive Campsite
Ivan: Thanks a lot to Bill and Mary. Thus far farm is a majestic place where you want to stay forever. The ...
Request book $20/night
Andrew: This RV is directly off the side of the main road, and close to the owner's house! Its large size is a...
Request book $30/night
Coyote Primitive Campsite
Bill : Welcome to our 40 acre wood! The critters you see in the photos will be your neighbors here, although...
Request book $20/night
Primitive Campsite #1
Alann: Pitch your tent, have a fire with the firewood provided, and enjoy the peaceful pasture/field.   
Direct book $20/night
Primitive Campsite #3
Alann: Pitch your tent, hang out by the campfire, and then go hike in the sumpter national forest.
Direct book $20/night
Grassy Knoll
Alex: This was an awesome place...I highly recommend it. Alex, the owner, was super hospitable and did ever...
Request book $20/night