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Minam State Recreation Area
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Vintage 1962 Travel Trailer
Gardand Vickie: Vintage 1962 Travel Trailer. Comfy, private, situated on a wonderful flowing river.
Request book $60/night
Homestead Hipcamp
Debra: Camp at the base of the Blue Mountains in the beautiful Toucet River valley on the Lewis and Clark...
Direct book $25/night
Tucannon River Camping
Kim: My family and I have stayed at the McGovern Residence twice now, once with our newborn daughter and ag...
Direct book $30/night
Serenity on the River
Michelle/Larry: Pitch your tent in total privacy along the shores of the River and then kick back and take in all the...
Direct book $55/night
Godman Campground/Trailhead
Ever explored the Wenaha-Tuccanon Wilderness? It’s a whole world of adventure out there, and the...
First come, first serve
Jubilee Lake Campground
Welcome to the biggest and most happenin’ campground in all of Umatilla National Forest. Boasting a...
First come, first serve
Target Meadows Campground
Target Meadows Campground is located on a picturesque meadow surrounded by magnificent trees of...
First come, first serve
Umatilla Forks Campground
Located where the South and North Forks of the Umatilla River meet, the Umatilla Forks Campground is a...
First come, first serve
Woodland Campground
Looking for a quiet, but convenient place to camp? Woodland Campground has fewer crowds than others in...
First come, first serve
Woodward Campground
Woodward Campground is situated in a shady forest of Englemann spruce and other conifers. You’ll be...
First come, first serve
Boundary Campground
There are so many ways to handle an unseasonably warm weekend. You could handle one in at Boundary...
First come, first serve
Misery Spring Campground
Despite its name, Misery Spring is far from a miserable place. In fact, we’re pretty sure the...
First come, first serve
Midway Campground
Grab a sherpa and an oxygen mask if you’re heading to Midway Campground, which lies at the high, high...
First come, first serve
Wickiup Campground
When you’re surrounded by three mountains referred to as the Triple Ridge Area, you better bet there’s...
First come, first serve
Teal Spring Campground
You know how sometimes people say, “you have to see it to believe it,” or “you just had to be there?”...
First come, first serve
Ladybug Campground
Long ago a colony of ladybugs settled here. They flourished, and over time their numbers grew until...
First come, first serve
Panjab Campground
Panjab is just barely a campground with just three tent-only sites, but it’s a great spot for those...
First come, first serve
Coyote Campground
Send your friends down a social media rabbit hole of jealousy by staying at Coyote Campground. Camp in...
First come, first serve
Tucannon Campground
If you’re tired of driving over bumpy, teeth-chattering dirt roads to get your campsite, then you’ll...
First come, first serve
Big Springs Campground
It’s mid-summer, the temperatures are soaring close to what it must feel like on the sun and even...
First come, first serve