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Lake Abert
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The best camping near Lake Abert, Oregon.

Small lot Lakeview OR
Casey: great small spot to chill in oregon. 4x4 to spot or park at road and tent on land. lot is 25 feet x...
Direct book$10/night
Squirrelville Cabin
Meredith: Squirrellville cabin is a dream come true! I want so bad to live in Oregon now! Our hosts were the kin...
Request book$100/night
Can Springs Forest Camp
Seeking seclusion? Head to Can Springs Forest Camp, where you’ll only have to share the campground...
Public campground
Cottonwood Complex Campground
Get cozy in Cottonwood Complex Campground, where the towering ponderosa pines and aspens provide cool...
Public campground
Deep Creek Forest Camp
Camp at Deep Creek if you want to fill up a bucket full of trophy catches. Yep, the fishing’s good at...
Public campground
Mud Creek Forest Camp
Natala : I ended up here based on the recommendation from the Ranger in Lakeview that this campground would not...
Public campground
Overton Reservoir Forest Camp
“Hell is other people”: yay or nay? If you’re inclined to agree with famous French philosopher Satre,...
Public campground
Twin Springs Forest Camp
Chill out beneath the pine, fir and aspen at this little slice of heaven. And we do mean little—Twin...
Public campground
Vee Lake Trailhead Campground
Party of one? Party on! Then amble over to the Vee Lake Trailhead campground, whose single campsite...
Public campground
Willow Creek Campground
You’ll definitely hear the wind in the willows when you camp at Willow Creek Campground. The eight...
Public campground
Campbell Lake Developed Campground
If you’re looking for a pristine picnic spot, then Campbell Lake Developed Campground is your best...
Public campground
Chewaucan Crossing Trailhead
Camp at Chewaucan Crossing Trailhead for easy access to the Fremont National Recreation Trail and the...
Public campground
Clear Springs Forest Camp
Fish the day away at Clear Springs Forest Camp, whose two non-reservable campsites sit alongside purty...
Public campground
Dairy Point Developed Campground
Few things in life are free, and camping at Dairy Point Developed Campgrounds is one of them. These...
Public campground
Dead Horse Lake Developed Campground
Mountains, water, a pebble beach--it’s no mystery why Dead Horse Campground is full most holidays and...
Public campground
Deadhorse Creek Forest Camp
Get a moo-ve on over to this campground whose sites sit along Dairy Creek (see what we did there?)....
Public campground
Happy Camp Developed Campground
Happy Camp Campground is a magical place where every frown turns upside down. Okay, maybe that’s...
Public campground
Jones Crossing Forest Camp
Fish, picnic and camp along the banks of the Chewaucan River at Jones Crossing Forest Camp. Check the...
Public campground
Marster Spring Developed Campground
Fishing and hiking are swell at this popular campground, which sits along the Chewaucan River. The 10...
Public campground
Upper Jones Forest Camp
Fish, picnic and camp along the banks of the Chewaucan River at Upper Jones Forest Camp. Check the...
Public campground