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Ainsworth State Park

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Ainsworth State Park, Oregon

Welcome to Ainsworth State Park. Just 35 miles east of the city of Portland, this park stakes its claim at the beginning of the scenic Columbia Gorge area, where cascading sheets of water are as easy Read more...
Welcome to Ainsworth State Park. Just 35 miles east of the city of Portland, this park stakes its claim at the beginning of the scenic Columbia Gorge area, where cascading sheets of water are as easy to find as traffic jams in Los Angeles. And that's not a writer's poetic extrapolation--from Ainsworth Park to nearby Crown Point you'll find the world's greatest concentration of high waterfalls! Hike, paddle, swim, camp or drive fifteen minutes to Cascade Locks and sip on a crisp micro-brew while gazing at the waterway that took Lewis and Clark on their grand adventure. Whether Ainsworth is an easy camping getaway or a daytime pitstop on your mission to trace the river, make it a necessary part of your Columbia Gorge plans and get lost in that wet, verdant, northwest Oregon magic.
Ainsworth Campground
Marshall : Wh Just a Heads Up- While planning our Summer 2017 Pilgramage from S AZ to the San Juan Islands, we...
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