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Best Camping in Ohio

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South Bass Island Campground

1. South Bass Island Campground

Channel your spirit bird as you find your perch atop the white cliffs of South Bass Island at the State Park Campground. Offering excellent views...

Mike: Great place to camp. Weekends get rowdy, but you'll have plenty of time to recharge if you stay through the week.
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Scioto Trail Campground

2. Scioto Trail Campground

Seeking solace? Escape to the Appalachian foothills and pitch your tent at the Scioto Trail State Forest Campground. Located in an undisturbed...

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Mohican Campground

3. Mohican Campground

Shaded by the park’s enveloping, thick foliage, Mohican State Park is a one-thousand-plus-acre greenhouse oasis, perfumed by the wind-swept oaks...

Cynthia: We camped here for 3 nights last summer. Mohican State Park is kind of spread out in the state forest. There's good hiking,...
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A.W. Marion Camground

4. A.W. Marion Camground

This small but mighty park offers some awfully pretty camping among the shady Ohio woods. If you’re camping with tots, you might be interested in...

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Tar Hollow Campground

5. Tar Hollow Campground

What’s wooded, beachy, and baller all over? We’ll tell ya. It’s Tar Hollow State Park Campground. Let us elaborate. We love that you can keep...

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Buck Creek Campground

6. Buck Creek Campground

You’ll definitely buck up when you enter Buck Creek State Park. The grounds hug a 2,120 acre lake that provides you all of your watery wishes. In...

Corey: The beach isn't handicap friendly, as it's a long climb down from parking. It's also the rockiest water you'll ever cut a toe...
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West Branch Campground

7. West Branch Campground

All in favor of the kind of camping that’s got all the comforts of home closeby, don’t even bother saying “I”—just pack up your crap and scoot your...

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Lake Hope Campground

8. Lake Hope Campground

A beacon for historians and outdoorsmen/women, Hope Lake State Park Campground is ironed with history and landscaped with three-thousand-acres of...

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Hocking State Forest Horse Camp

9. Hocking State Forest Horse Camp

If you’ve got the itch to horse camp, you’ll find the scratch you’re looking for at Hocking State Forest Horse Camp. What makes it so great is the...

Adam: You can never go wrong in the hills 😎 hammock heaven
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Mill Creek Camping

10. Mill Creek Camping

Mill Creek Recreation Area is one of the largest campgrounds in the Buckeye State, so you know there will be plenty of amenities and choices for...

Liz: This is a big campground with many options. Shaded, sun filled, near showers, non electric, reserved or walk in. Generally...
Salt Fork Campground

11. Salt Fork Campground

Located in Ohio’s largest state park among forested hills, misty valleys, and meandering streams, Salt Fork Campground offers a perfect basecamp...

Hidden Hollow Campground

12. Hidden Hollow Campground

You’ve got to instill a love for the outdoors in your offspring while they’re young, and Hidden Hollow Campground is just the place to do it. It’s...

Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area

13. Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area

From horseshoes to horseback riding, you’ll find plenty to do during your stay at the Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area. With three sites that...

Alum Creek Campground

14. Alum Creek Campground

The campground at Alum Creek State Park has got plenty of space for you eager adventurers; choose from nearly 300 campsites offering shade or sun....

John Bryan Campground

15. John Bryan Campground

Wanna find what’s rad in Ohio? A stay at John Bryan State Park is a good start! Referred to as the most scenic park in the state, you can bet your...

Kristen: We camped here a couple times this summer. The majority of the sites are open and very few are primitive. Minutes away from the...
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Deer Creek Campground

16. Deer Creek Campground

Cowan Lake State Park offers a peaceful escape into nature with all of the fixings of modern camping. Lace up your hiking shoes and wander the...

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East Harbor Campground

17. East Harbor Campground

Harboring its fair share of “great” camping attractions, East Harbor State Park Campground is hugged by Lake Erie’s sandy, well-manicured beaches....

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Caesar Creek Campground

18. Caesar Creek Campground

Abundant woods + crystal blue waters + scenic meadows + ravines for miles = 3,741 acres of outdoor bliss. Caesar Creek State Park is considered one...

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Dillon Campground

19. Dillon Campground

Rolled with green-hued heels, Dillon State Park Campground is comely situated within like-named valleys. Aside from the Instagram worthy...

Maddie: You'll be surrounded by camping families - try to be respectful of beer/fun supply usage.
Delaware Campground

20. Delaware Campground

Leaf littered by an expansive, enveloping carpet of fallen tree mass, Delaware State Park Campground is near two-thousand acre of pristine eutopia....

Old Man’s Cave Campground

21. Old Man’s Cave Campground

Echoed with geological patina, reverberated by the popular gasps of backpackers, Old Man’s Cave is, by far, the most sought-after wonder in Hocking...

Suzy: Something between an RV park and a state park campground. Don't let the crowds put you off, tho. Grin and bear it at the...
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Cowan Lake Campground

22. Cowan Lake Campground

Dig your ankles deep in mud as you wade into the still Cowan Lake and gather water lilies in your palms. Cowan Lake State Park offers a peaceful...

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Kiser Lake Campground

23. Kiser Lake Campground

396 acre Kiser Lake, welcomes ye sailors, but save the motorboating for home. Kiser Lake State Park is the elite spot for water sporting and...

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Findley Campground

24. Findley Campground

Ohio? Never thought its wildernesses could be grand? Think again. Take a trip to Findley State Park and discover 838 acres of a story-book forest,...

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Maumee Bay Campground

25. Maumee Bay Campground

A symbolism of waterfronts greeting their boarding terra firma with open, rippled hands, Maumee Bay State Park Campground is just that poetic,...

Corey: Bring sunscreen because there isn't much shade in the camping area. Also insect repellent because the ponds and tall grass...
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Portage Lakes Nimisila Campground

26. Portage Lakes Nimisila Campground

Want the 4-1-1 on Portage Lakes State Park? Well then head to the Nimisila Campground, set up your tent, and start exploring all 411 acres. With...

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Shawnee Campground

27. Shawnee Campground

Shawnee State Park Campground offers some of the most picturesque views in the state of the Appalachian foothills. The campground is located on old...

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Guilford Lake Campground

28. Guilford Lake Campground

You know what they say, “keep quiet so you don’t disturb the fish. ” And that colloquial mantera's well-echoed at Guilford Lake State Park...

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East Fork Campground

29. East Fork Campground

East Fork State Park Campground is more like a spork, really; there’s a plethora of various outdoor-savvy activities within it’s utensil-named...

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Geneva Campground

30. Geneva Campground

Rejoice in nature on the Great, Lake Erie’s shore at Geneva State Park. Lift the weight of daily life off your shoulders and take in a deep breath...

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