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Merchants Millpond State Park

Merchants Millpond State Park, North Carolina

Looking for something a little different than western North Carolina’s stony mountains? Then head east to Merchants Millpond State Park for a serious change of scenery. Commonly referred to as an Read more...

Looking for something a little different than western North Carolina’s stony mountains? Then head east to Merchants Millpond State Park for a serious change of scenery. Commonly referred to as an “enchanted forest,” you’ll feel like you’re stepping back in time. Primitive species of fish that basically look like they did millions of years ago swim below the swampy waters while bald cypress trees sprout above them. Thick growths of Spanish moss hang from the branches and alligators slink through the swamps.

If you’re really looking for adventure, venture over to Lassiter Swamp, the most remote and undisturbed in the area. Take a canoe out and see what you can discover. Just remember to blink, because you’ll be so glued to your surroundings that your eyeballs might dry out. Ecologically, Merchants Millpond is a true North Carolina gem not to be missed!

Merchants Millpond Campground
Towering trees speckled with leaves line the serene waters at Merchants Millpond Campground, a...
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