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Oneida Lake
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The best camping near Oneida Lake, New York.

Tent @ The Adventure Inn B&B
Randy: Private stream side, wooded camping in the country and still close enough to walk to the village for...
Direct book$35/night
Family Farm
Jacqueline : Rashid Field Farms is in a great location in a quiet wooded area. The camp sites are a short walk (or ...
Direct book$30/night
Snowy Wonderland
Fred: Come and camp in a pristine, undisturbed winter wonderland. 25 acres of meadows and woods. Skiing,...
Direct book$50/night
Local Winds Campground
Caitlin: Pitch your tent at the Dwelly Homestead, est. 1865, with a fire pit and hiking trails. We have pop up...
Request book$30/night
Fox Hollow Salmon River Camping
Roger: Pitch your tent 5 minutes from the Salmon River, take a short walk & start fishing in the summer...
Request book$40/night
Tughillbilly Homestead Camp
Michael: Primitive camping areas in hardwood forest on our homestead. Homestead and self sufficient family...
Request book$25/night
Erie Canal Trail - Jordan
Gayle: Camp in a small town USA village nestled along the Old Erie Canal. We are approximately 100 yards from...
Request book$40/night
Shady Pines Camp at CBG Farm
Charles: Our camp is set in our 110-acre dairy farm in The Finger Lakes Region. We have woods, a pine grove and...
Request book$50/night
Camping with your horses!
Jennifer: Traveling with your horses? We can provide turn out for them, and a place for you to camp. Finding a...
Direct book$75/night
Cabin @ The Adventure Inn B&B
Randy: Fully equipped camper with bathroom, kitchen, living and dining room, electric, TV, heat, hot water...
Direct book$55/night
Sunset view off grid cabin
Amy: Enjoy a unique experience camping off grid in a sweet little cabin at the top of the hill with...
Direct book$125/night
Shepardiss Moon Camp
Colleen: Pitch your own tent, bring a pop up camper or use one of ours. Sleep under the huge sky full of stars,...
Request book$120/night
Caballine Camping
Jess: Come visit Caballine Equine, a place to combine camping and equines. We are a semi private equine...
Request book$150/night
Hope Springs Eternal Sanctuary
Amy: A very diverse 282 acre farm, artisan bakery, and horse sanctuary adjacent to 100 acres of state game...
Direct book$30/night
Luisa Woods
Wayne: Tent camping; cabin nearby for emergencies.
Request book$50/night
Delta Lake State Park Campground
‘Lake’ whatcha see here? We bet! Three is the magic number at Delta State Park Campground--the magic...
Public campground
Pine Woods Campground
Nestled between two ancient glacial lakes, Pine Woods Campground offers all the summertime fishin’ and...
Public campground
Rolling Hills Campground
How does a dip in a glacial lake surrounded by scenic upland forest sound? That’s what we thought....
Public campground
Green Lakes Cabin Colony
Get off the grid at Green Lakes Cabin Colony, a row of lodging set apart from the main campsite loop...
Public campground
Selkirk Shores State Park Campground
Sunsets at Selkirk Shores State Park take home the gold medal. Camp at Selkirk Shores State Park...
Public campground