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Eel Weir State Park
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North Fork Tent Sites
Lisa: Come pitch your tent in the middle of nowhere! Experience sleeping under the stars or just enjoy our...
Direct book $25/night
Hidden Meadow Camping
Dale: Relax in a secluded meadow, wander through old Hemlock forest trails and watch many varieties of birds...
Request book $22/night
The NCR Retreat River Camping
Jason: Beautiful and secluded spot away from everything. Situated on the Oswegatchie River we have a canoe...
Direct book $60/night
The NCR Retreat Solitary
Jason: Amazing timber frame cabin in the middle of the forest. Great for a couple or individual who are...
Direct book $60/night
River Rat Cabin
Jillian: Rus-tic: appropriate to the country cabins. Dragonfly and River Rat cabins are located on 9 private...
Direct book $65/night
Kring Point State Park Campground
Robert: My boyhood favorite! It's a peninsula jutting out into the St. Lawrence River. Sit on the rocks around...
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Jacques Cartier State Park Campgrounds
Hit up Jacques Cartier State Park Campground for the perfect summertime getaway. Whether you’re...
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Cedar Island State Park Campground
Island, right ahead! Cedar Island Campground is an oasis only available to those with access via boat....
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Coles Creek State Park Campground
Coles Creek State Park Campground is a mix of shaded and open campsites near the beach of Lake St....
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The NCR Farm River Cabin
Jason: This is a prime spot on the Oswegatchie River. It is made up of an area for tents and a cabin which...
Direct book $100/night
Wellesley Island State Park Campground
This is the one you’re not supposed to tell anyone about. Wellesley Island State Park campground...
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Mary Island State Park Campground
Matt: Get a site with good tree cover.
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Higley Flow State Park Campgrounds
With campsites nestled among sheltering pines and set right along the glassy Raquette River, this is...
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Della Terra: Small Organic Farm
Julian: My wife and I moved to North Country New York, after living in NYC. We started a small-scale,...
Request book $25/night
Keewaydin State Park Campgrounds
Tucked away on the St. Lawrence River, Keewaydin State Park Campground is a scenic oasis for the soul....
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Country Cousins Farm cabin
Stanley & Sharon
Stanley & Sharon: We invite you to stay in Country Cousins Farm cabin!  It is a small cabin that will sleep 6 people.  ...
Direct book $100/night
Dewolf Point State Park Campground
We’re not sure if the name was supposed to be any indication, but this campground is pup-friendly!...
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Cranberry Lake Campground
Get away from it all (for real) at Cranberry Lake Campground; this campground’s remote location in the...
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Grass Point State Park Campground
Need some escape from that city bustle? Hit up Grass Point State Park Campground for a little oasis...
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Canoe-Picnic Point Campground
Since you’ll need a boat to get to Canoe Point State Park, you might as well stay a while. Pop your...
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