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Oasis State Park
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JX Ranch Bunkhouse - Cow Camp R
Carter: Staying at the JX Ranch Bunkhouse is so pleasant. The house is on a large, beautiful cattle ranch and ...
Request book $74/night
JX Ranch Bunkhouse Longhorn Roo
Mimi: The JX Ranch Bunkhouse is located on our 7,000-acre cattle ranch, which we manage holistically,...
Request book $99/night
JX Ranch Bunkhouse - Whole
Mimi: The JX Ranch Bunkhouse is located on our 7,000-acre cattle ranch, which we manage holistically,...
Request book $149/night
East Side Campground
If you’re looking for some history to add to your outdoor adventure, Sumner Lake State Park was once...
First come, first serve
Raccoon Campground
Raccoon is a trickster spirit in many North American tribes, enjoy the spirit of lightheartedness and...
First come, first serve
Shady Side Campground
A reservoir that is home to largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, and walleye, and a sky full of stars...
First come, first serve
Mesquite Campground
Mesquite Campground at Sumner Lake is a nice surprise. You'll venture along the high desert plateau to...
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Country Ruffin'
Lisa: We have about 3 acres about a mile from town. There are several ROUGH places you are welcome to tent...
Direct book $35/night
Pecos Campground
Liz: Well, we were here when the weather was off (it was more like Ireland than the desert ...) Pretty lak...
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Private Rest Area
June: Pitch a tent, park and sleep in your vehicle, bring your travel trailer or RV at a private back lot...
Direct book $10/night
South Side Campground
Settle down at Ute Lake’s South Side Campground, and you’ll get up close and personal with the...
First come, first serve
Mine Canyon Campground
Dirtbaggers of New Mexico rejoice! It is time to make your trips to Mine Canyon at Ute Lake extended....
First come, first serve
Cottonwood Campground
A place to rest with trees and hillside scenery, Cottonwood Campground offers a lot in recreation....
First come, first serve
Cottonwood Grove Campground
Only a mile away from the fabulous Black Mesa golf course, and with several casinos a short drive...
First come, first serve
Yucca Campground
Designed specifically for RVs, Yucca Campground is conveniently located near the boat launch, visitor...
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Roadrunner Campground
You’re truly in the desert here, with expansive blue skies above you and the desert sand in each...
First come, first serve
Zia Campground
Marvelous view of the lake and hillsides, Zia Campground offers peace and quiet during the week, and a...
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Windy Point Campground
Don’t let a little wind scare you away. Windy Point Campground has got primitive sites surrounding Ute...
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Oldhams Campground
Set up camp along one of the longest lakes in the state at Oldhams Campground. Nearly thirteen miles...
First come, first serve
Logan Campground
A party lake in the summer and peace and quiet in the fall, whatever it is you’re looking for Logan...
First come, first serve