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Manzano Mountains State Park
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Manzano Peak Off Grid
Tara : Bring your tent and supplies and have an amazing off grid experience on our 5 acre lot right outside...
Request book $35/night
Enchanted Canyon
Rachael: Pitch your tent in our Enchanted Canyon just 25 minutes from Albuquerque and 40 mins from Santa Fe yet...
Direct book $15/night
Camp on a City Farm
Katie: Danielle was very generous and hospitable. The dutch hen farm was peaceful and easily accessible by bu...
Direct book $20/night
Healing on the Rio Grande
Julie: Michaela and Ernesto were so warm and welcoming when we arrived! Their back yard was absolutely lovely...
Request book $30/night
Tent in a Green Oasis
Julie: Danielle was very sweet and welcoming! I enjoyed chatting with her as she showed me around the farm an...
Direct book $25/night
Yurt Glamping, stargazing
Erin: What a wonderful experience! This yurt is perfectly set up for a weekend/week away for a couple: queen...
Request book $75/night
Above and Beyond
Kim: The view goes on forever to the South and East. Mountains nearby to the North and West. Prospectors...
Direct book $20/night
MoonFlower Casitas- Yurt
Stacy: A yurt is a round, domed structure which was originally used by the nomadic Mongolian people as an...
Request book $85/night
Our Desert Homestead - Tent Sites
Renee: This was an incredible place to post up for the night! We got in late and we’re greeted by Heidi and R...
Direct book $18/night
Desert Farm Tent Camping
Sally: Great stay! The casita is perfect for a solo traveler or a couple: cozy but spacious enough to store l...
Direct book $15/night
Desert Farm Casita
Katie: The Desert Farm Casita is such a unique way to experience a night in New Mexico. As we pulled up to ...
Direct book $38/night
Urban Permaculture Gardens
Michaela: Urban Camping in a Permaculture  , Organic Gardens , in total we have 4 sites, at Mother Bosque...
Request book $30/night
Capilla Peak Campground
Capilla Peak Campground has some spectacular views of the Manzano Mountains, Rio Grande, and Stancia...
First come, first serve
Fourth of July Campground
There are a number of short trails to pick up from Fourth of July Campground including Crimson Maple...
First come, first serve
New Canyon Campground
Located close to the geographic center of the state, New Canyon Campground is a solid spot for hikers....
First come, first serve
Red Canyon Campground
Red Canyon Campground features well-shaded sites that are a great entry point for the Manzano...
First come, first serve
Tajique Campground
Tajique Campground (pronounced "Tah-HEE-key") is a small camp located by the creek of the same name....
First come, first serve
Our Desert Homestead - RV Site
Heidi: We have one acre of desert that we are turning into a homestead. With the panoramic mountain views and...
Direct book $20/night
Grit and Solitude
Marya: Pitch your tent on a patch of dust here. Feel the grit in your teeth and the dust cake on your face....
Direct book $40/night
Cedro Peak Group Campground
Quentin: very big ground ! we arrived very late at night and just set up our tent in the field. there were a lo...
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