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Gila National Forest

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Gila National Forest, New Mexico

Tucked away in sprawling Southwestern New Mexico, Gila National Forest lives up to the states namesake with enchanting views, gnarly terrain, and a wish granted for all those in search of quiet escape Read more...
Tucked away in sprawling Southwestern New Mexico, Gila National Forest lives up to the states namesake with enchanting views, gnarly terrain, and a wish granted for all those in search of quiet escape from the rat race. Coming at you with a diversity of rugged mountains, deep canyons, grassy meadows and as much wilderness as your little hikin’ heart can handle, Gila imparts a truly unique sense of awe and wonder. Offering some of the most choice camping diggs in the state, the facilities range widely from low to high, developed to crunchy. One thing’s for realz, the unmatched beauty of this land and sheer, unbridled energy it brings fourth will have you chomping at the bit to get out and explore!
Willow Creek Campground
A short-drive off Bursum Road, Willow Creek Campground is enveloped by such vegetative bodies,...
Public campground
South Fork Negrito Campground
Canvassed by giant cottonwoods alongside the campground namesake creek, South Fork Negrito Campground...
Public campground
Dipping Vat Campground
Immersed with beguiling outlooks of sloping foothills, Dipping Vat Campground is a well-equipped,...
Public campground
Ben Lilly Campground
When you’re out breaking a sweat harder than Richard Simmons, Ben Lilly Campground is going to feel...
Public campground
Apache Creek Campground
Kate: Great campground! Quite large and well groomed for free camping! There is a little gas station to re-f...
Public campground
Cottonwood Campground
Located about 20 miles from Glenwood, Cottonwood Campground is a small, pet-friendly camp. Pick up...
Public campground
Aeroplane Mesa Campground
An open space with scattered trees, Aeroplane Mesa Campground makes a great stomping grounds and entry...
Public campground
Pueblo Park Campground
One of the cool kids of the Gila National Forest, Pueblo Park Campground is in a large stand of...
Public campground
Bighorn Campground
Kate: On the plus side, Bighorn is convenient for exploring the Catwalk Recreation Area. It wouldn't be my c...
Public campground
Head of the Ditch Campground
For a rustic streamside camping experience, choose Head of the Ditch Campground. It’s located in a...
Public campground
Wolf Hollow Campground
Sometimes, you just want to disconnect from the internet, turn-off your always illuminated phone, and...
Public campground
Scorpion Upper Campground
Try Upper Scorpion Campground for the closest digs to Gila Dwellings National Monument. It’s also near...
Public campground
Scorpion Lower Campground
Lower Scorpion Campground is a great spot to crash if you’re planning on stopping by Gila Cliff...
Public campground
Valle Tio Vinces Campground
Being only marginally developed, Valle Tio Vinces Campground is nestled alongside the Continental...
Public campground
Armijo Springs Campground
A real gem of a camp, Armijo Springs Campground can ease anxious thoughts with its quiet seclusion....
Public campground
Juniper Campground
Juniper Campground is a popular camp overlooking Quemado Lake. The New Mexico Game and Fish Department...
Public campground
Pinon Group Campground
Located on its very own loop amongst pinon and juniper trees, Pinon Group Campground holds itself to...
Public campground
Pinon Campground
With a family camping loops, Pinon Campground is a clean and quiet getaway for everyone. As you’d...
Public campground
El Caso I-III Campground
A partially developed camp, El Caso I-III Campground is within hiking distance of Quemado Lake. Sites...
Public campground
Grapevine Campground
Named after an old grapevine that you can still see today, Grapevine Campground is posted up on the...
Public campground
El Caso Throwdown Campground
Primarily for equestrian use, El Caso Throwdown Campground is just outside the Quemado Lake Recreation...
Public campground
Black Canyon Campground - Lower
Lower Black Canyon Campground is a gorgeous spot located in an area so remote that you may just run...
Public campground
Black Canyon Campground - Upper
Pete: Quite the drive, but extremely worth it. Very secluded spot of two primitive campsites. No water, bu...
Public campground
Mesa Campground
Kate: This campground is really nice and Lake Roberts is beautiful. There's a little store nearby so you can...
Public campground
Upper End Campground
Kate: Nice campground with plenty of grass. The sites are well spaced.
Public campground
Rocky Canyon Campground
Adjacent to the like-named hiking trail, Rocky Canon Campground is enveloped by the rock formations...
Public campground
Sapillo Group Area Campground
Kate: I don't think you have to be part of a group to camp here. When I visited there were several groups bu...
Public campground
McMillan Campground
Kate: The first site you see on the right is a little more secluded. Big trees, water and no fee made this p...
Public campground
Cherry Creek Campground
Kate: Free Campground on the way to Gila Cliff Dwellings. Nice sites and it wasn't too crowded when I was th...
Public campground
Railroad Canyon Campground
The gateway to the Aldo Leopold Wilderness, many explorers spend the night at Railroad Canyon...
Public campground
Iron Creek Campground
Iron Creek Campground is located off State Highway 152 near Little Bear Canyon and let us tell ya,...
Public campground
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Cozy Cabin with a Hot Tub

Cozy Cabin with a Hot Tub

100% Recommend – 5 Responses
Maddy: Absolutely blown away! This handcrafted oasis beat all my expectations. Beth was such a thoughtful, ca...
Direct book$85/night
Back Negrito Creek
Eli: At the bottom of a lush NM canyon the Negrito Creek is a beautiful year round stream providing water...
Request book$30/night
The Pond House New Mexico
Maddy: For those of us who crave the night sky, the symphony of trickling water and the scent of early mornin...
Direct book$65/night
Camping on the Mountain
Luis: Camping on the Mountain was great. We arrived late, around 10pm, and were received warmly and we were ...
Direct book$40/night
High Country Alpaca Ranch Camp
John: Multiple tent and RV camping spots, Bunkhouse (short term rental), onsite Mercantile/Gift Shop.
Direct book$20/night
Keys & Feathers
Jane: Andy has carved out a neat spot nestled into the Gila National Forest of New Mexico. His land abuts a...
Direct book$20/night
Camper on Small Mountain Farm
Charlotte: Very cute camper and shared communal kitchen space! We really enjoyed staying here. Way out in the mi...
Request book$40/night
Maddy: This was definitely remote and wild! It was so nice to be fully immersed in this gorgeous landscape. W...
Direct book$20/night
With Nature!
Amy: 28 Acres of wooded land to pitch a tent and enjoy the wildlife, and amazing star gazing. We also...
Request book$10/night
Camping near Petrified Forest
James: Pitch your tent and enjoy the views of the White Mountains to the south. There is a convince store and...
Direct book$30/night
Upper Blue Campground
If you’re looking for a camping spot that should be on everyone’s bucket list, try off the beaten path...
Public campground
Blue Crossing Campground
Blue Crossing Campground sure isn’t a gloomy outdoor area; it’s far from that. Nestled 6,200-feet...
Public campground
Luna Lake Campground
Luna Lake Campground offers campers wide open spaces and lush meadows beside a gorgeous lake...
Public campground
Luna Lake Group Campground
Come one, come all—just up to twenty or fifty, that is. Dotted with two double sites and one group...
Public campground
Starcamp 120
Chauncey: A great escape, a fun drive in, and a pleasant feeling when arriving. The ground is soft, and the tree...
Request book$40/night
Alpine Divide Campground
Comely situated on the foothills of Escudilla Mountain, Alpine Divide Campground is avalanched by the...
Public campground
Poppi's Pearl
Penelope: Pitch your tent on our 7. 5 acres with ponderosa trees, or camp out in your camper. We are...
Direct book$20/night
Strayhorse Campground
Six-miles below the Mogollon Rim rests Strayhorse Campground, a large modern campground shaded by the...
Public campground
Hannagan Campground
Deep breaths, deep breaths. No really though—deep breaths. Hannagan Campground is 9,200-feet above sea...
Public campground
Diamond Rock Campground
“Cut and clarity,” two of the three hallmark characteristics of any worthy diamond. And, we must say,...
Public campground
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