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Conchas Lake State Park
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Largo Rim Ranch -The Eagle's View
Andy: Let me start by saying - I've stayed at many, many Hipcamps. This is my favorite. It's quite the t...
Direct book $60/night
Jackalope Ranch Tent Site
Robert: This is a 355 acre ranch it has been used by my family for recreation and hunting it is perfect for...
Direct book $40/night
Mil Abrazos Campground
Poki: Pitch your tent on old farmland dating back to the 1800s and enjoy the amazing beauty, bird life,...
Request book $30/night
La Sonrisa Casita
Nazca: Located off a slow rural highway, the La Sonrisa Casita is a tiny home located on our microfarm.   It...
Direct book $30/night
High Road Farmstead Camp
Andi: We enjoyed our time at High Road Farmstead Camp. The setting is beautiful! The outhouse is the coolest...
Direct book $33/night
JX Ranch Bunkhouse Longhorn Roo
Mimi: The JX Ranch Bunkhouse is located on our 7,000-acre cattle ranch, which we manage holistically,...
Request book $99/night
JX Ranch Bunkhouse - Cow Camp R
Carter: Staying at the JX Ranch Bunkhouse is so pleasant. The house is on a large, beautiful cattle ranch and ...
Request book $74/night
JX Ranch Bunkhouse - Whole
Mimi: The JX Ranch Bunkhouse is located on our 7,000-acre cattle ranch, which we manage holistically,...
Request book $149/night
Chameleon, Rustic Cabin
Maddy: We had a much-needed relaxing time at this charming, rustic cabin. The deck + fireplace right on the P...
Direct book $75/night
Juniper Park Campground
Shaded by its namesake tree, Juniper Park Campground is your pick if you don’t mind ditchin’ the...
First come, first serve
LosTanos Campground
Santa Rosa offers three different types of primitive camping: shoreline, boat-in, and equestrian. Like...
First come, first serve
The Wheelhouse
Poki: The 32 acre property with river frontage is a Community Land Trust farm in its very early phase of...
Request book $60/night
Rocky Point Campground
One of three campgrounds surrounding Santa Rosa Lake, Rocky Point Campground is for those that like...
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Rogers Park Campground
Sometimes you just want to be at the edge of all the action instead of smack dab in the middle. For...
First come, first serve
Mine Canyon Campground
Dirtbaggers of New Mexico rejoice! It is time to make your trips to Mine Canyon at Ute Lake extended....
First come, first serve
Beaver Cove Campground
Ready to get cozy? The variety of water fun and sport that you’ll engage in during the day at Ute Lake...
First come, first serve
Oldhams Campground
Set up camp along one of the longest lakes in the state at Oldhams Campground. Nearly thirteen miles...
First come, first serve
Eagle Point Campground
Soon to be a family favorite, Eagle Point Campground at Ute Lake State Park invites you to take part...
First come, first serve
Logan Campground
A party lake in the summer and peace and quiet in the fall, whatever it is you’re looking for Logan...
First come, first serve
Ute Creek Campground
Ute Creek Campground, along the reservoir on the Canadian River, is one of the longest lakes in the...
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