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Abiquiu Reservoir
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The best camping near Abiquiu Reservoir, New Mexico.

Darby: I had the most enjoyable time with Arvo and Mallory! They took me swimming, mushroom hunting and on a ...
Request book$25/night
Fountain of Youth Springs Ranch
Michael: This camp is on the Chama River, swimming holes up stream, has natural fresh water springs on the...
Direct book$20/night
Jemez Mountains--Valles Caldera
Carly: Attach this to a trip to the San Antonio Hot Springs
Request book$50/night
Coyote's Calling
Signa: Pitch your tent on a cleared and mostly level camping area surrounded by sage, juniper, and pine...
Direct book$10/night
Jemez Falls Campground
Amber: We camped here and loved it. We almost always camp on Sun-Mon-Tues and usually the campgrounds are pr...
Public campground
San Antonio Campground
Gabriel: The hot springs are a must when your visiting San Antonio
Public campground
Fenton Lake State Park Campground
Kate: If you're looking for a great place to relax and fish, this is it. The park has sites near the lake a...
Public campground
Riana Campground
Mia: My favorite campground in the whole country. Inexpensive, wonderful hosts, beautiful views, awesome co...
Public campground
Rio Puerco Campground
Make a great escape to the New Mexican Forest at Rio Puerco Campground. This small camp has a limited...
Public campground
Redondo Campground
Kate: This poor campground has an air of neglect. You're either going to love or hate this place. It's lar...
Public campground
Coyote Canyon Camping Area
See if you can spot the Roadrunner running around Coyote Canyon Camping Area on your next trip to the...
Public campground
Resumidero Camping Area
Like that delicious red or green chile, Resumidero Camping Area is a New Mexican favorite. It’s...
Public campground
Rio Chama Campground
Michaela: Let' s GO !
Public campground
Hopewell Lake Campground
Kate: This is one of my favorite places to camp. Sites are mostly well separated and there's just the right ...
Public campground
Juniper Family Campground
Ann: Great campground, high pressure potable water nearby, flush toilets. Some campsite have shade trees, y...
Public campground
Juniper Group Campground
If you're looking for an up-close encounter with Bandelier National Park, Juniper Group Campground is...
Public campground
Ponderosa Group Campground
Travis: The campgrounds are the only place you could access with a vehicle when I visited Bandelier , there is...
Public campground
Canjilon Creek
A small camp located on a primitive road, Canjilon Campground will build your aerobic endurance. It’s...
Public campground
Canjilon Lakes
Experience the latest craze of high altitude picnicking at Canjilon Lakes Campground. OK, so maybe...
Public campground
Echo Campground
Echo Campground is a year-round site located about 10 miles southwest of Canjilon. Scenery is pretty...
Public campground