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Flathead National Forest

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Flathead National Forest, Montana

The Flathead National Forest is all about its geography. It lies in the heart of the Rockies, just west of the continental divide, and a pinch south of the Canadian Border. With geography like this, Read more...
The Flathead National Forest is all about its geography. It lies in the heart of the Rockies, just west of the continental divide, and a pinch south of the Canadian Border. With geography like this, landscape magic is bound to occur, and it does. With over 2.4 million acres, the Flathead features three wilderness areas, impressive ski areas, commanding wild ranges, meandering streams, and raging rivers (this list could go on). Spend your days hiking, rafting, wildlife viewing, snowshoeing, and fishing. At night shack up in a Forest Service cabin or pitch a tent beneath the northern lights. Get the fire roaring, raise your bottle, and make a toast to the Flathead and her geographic magic!
Holland Lake Campground
Fern : Hike to the falls! If you're eager for more, carefully scramble to the upper falls into a lush, moss-...
Public campground
Swan Lake Campground
Get the best of the wild world at Swan Creek Campground where you’re only an hour and change from...
Public campground
Devil's Corkscrew Campground
First things first, your tires are in good shape, right? You’ll want to double-check them before...
Public campground
Peter's Creek Campground
We aren’t exactly sure who Peter is, but we do know that he has a pretty sweet rustic campground named...
Public campground
Mission Lookout Cabin
The popular Mission Lookout Tower is perched above wooded wilds, providing guests with unrivaled views...
Public campground
Lakeview Campground
Head on out to the west side of the Hungry Horse Reservoir, and chill at Lakeview Campground. This...
Public campground
Spotted Bear Campground
Camp above the river at Spotted Bear, a campground that provides open views and cool shade. It’s a...
Public campground
Murray Bay Campground
Feel like you’re being cuddled by the lofty peaks of the Rocky Mountains at Murray Bay campground....
Public campground
Lid Creek Campground
There’s something special about those Rocky Mountains. Come experience the best oat Lid Creek, a...
Public campground
Lost Johnny Point Campground
If you’re in this part of Montana, you’re going to want to stop by the gorgeous Hungry Horse...
Public campground
Beaver Creek Campground
There’s nothing better than getting out into the middle of nowhere for some good old fashioned fun in...
Public campground
Emery Bay Campground
Less than 30 miles from the Continental Divide, and 15 from Glacier National Park, Emery Bay...
Public campground
Zip's Place Cabin
Zip’s Place may sound like your favorite dive bar, but we promise you can haul in your favorite craft...
Public campground
Silvertip Cabin
At Silvertip Cabin expect a remote experience with modern amenities for you and your closest crew!...
Public campground
Challenge Cabin
Hardcore winter enthusiasts will love the challenging trek to cozy Challenge Cabin. Eight miles of...
Public campground
Ashley Lake South Campground
Love the serene vibe of Ashley Lake, but don’t feel like sharin’ the experience? Try out the south...
Public campground
Wurtz Cabin
The outdoor goodness at Wurtz Cabin would make Ron Swanson jealous…shoot, you can seriously see Canada...
Public campground
Owl Creek Cabin
The snowshoes hanging over the porch will be a cheery welcome to your weekend digs at Owl Creek Cabin....
Public campground
Ashley Lake North Campground
Give your mind a rest from fast paced city life, and get primitive in Montana’s backwoods at Ashley...
Public campground
Lindbergh Lake Campground
Tucked away into the unbelievably scenic Flathead National Forest, you’ll find the Lindbergh Lake...
Public campground
Big Creek Campground
Montana’s portion of the Rocky Mountains is a magical place to escape to, and the hardest part about...
Public campground
Tally Lake Campground
Home of the second deepest lake in Montana, Tally Lake Campground sits just outside the shorelines of...
Public campground
Star Meadows Guard Station Cabin
Gather all your friends and spend a weekend frollicking in the forest at Star Meadows Guard Station....
Public campground
Moose Lake Campground
This small campground snuggles right up to the scenic Moose Lake, a lovely body of water surrounded by...
Public campground
Sylvia Lake Campground
Prefer a sky of mountain-scapes over sea and sand? Sylvia Lake Campground is the place for you....
Public campground
Upper Stillwater Lake Campground
Primitive and popular aren’t usually two adjectives that go together, but if you have seen Upper...
Public campground
Ben Rover Cabin
Cozy up in the Ben Rover Cabin, perched near the wild and scenic Flathead River. Visitors at this...
Public campground
Red Meadow Lake Campground
Meredith: Red Meadow Lake Campground was a pleasant surprise we stumbled upon while exploring some backcountry r...
Public campground
Schnaus Cabin Lookout/cabin
Grab your finest schnitzel and brews, and spend a weekend frollicking in the forest at Schnaus Cabin,...
Public campground
Ford Cabin
Fishing, hiking, and biking oh my! If you’re looking for a rustic cabin experience with plenty to do...
Public campground
Ninko Cabin
Up for some cold weather camping? Cozy up after a day of snowshoeing, skiing, or snowmobiling at Ninko...
Public campground
Tuchuck Campground
Fifty three miles north of Columbia Falls, you’ll come across a Forest Service Road (#114, to be...
Public campground
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Pine Needle Farm Cashmeres
Meredith: If the summer crowds at mainstream campgrounds aren't really your thing, I would definitely recommend ...
Direct book$30/night
Pine Needle Farm site 2
Morgan: Pine Needle Cashmeres is situated on a delightful and quiet slice of forest just outside of Kalispell,...
Direct book$20/night
Forested Campsites
Lindy: Our forested campsites are tent ready, and a short walk from the parking lot on our SpiritWorks Herb...
Direct book$44/night
Remote Tiny Cabin Near Creek
James: A 14x16 foot cabin is available with tent camping within a stone's throw. Flatwillow Creek flows...
Direct book$50/night
Observation Point at Abraxas Farm
Jessie: Abraxas Farm is on 50 acres in the small ranching community of Big Arm.    It's quiet here, and the...
Request book$30/night
Fish Creek Campground

Fish Creek Campground

100% Recommend – 18 Responses
Megan: Great little campground, but it fills up quick! I have camped here for years and love the campground f...
Public campground
Avalanche Campground

Avalanche Campground

100% Recommend – 15 Responses
Andi: I really loved this campground, however, it is a popular campsite. In the busy season it is worth goin...
Public campground
LogCabin with Dock on Flathead
Leesa: Charming log cabin nestled in the trees with a dock on Flathead lake. Perfect location for winter...
Direct book$422/night
Two Medicine Campground

Two Medicine Campground

100% Recommend – 9 Responses
Jennie: Two Medicine Campground is a lovely GEM. Usually fills up about noon-1:00 pm so go early. The campgro...
Public campground
Bowman Lake Campground

Bowman Lake Campground

100% Recommend – 27 Responses
Jon James
Jon James: This is campground is an all around winner. After bumping down the Outside Northfork Road out of the w...
Public campground
Mooseshroom Cabin
Trey: Its a really nice cabin not to far from Glacier, the owner is super friendly and her dogs as well. It ...
Direct book$85/night
Garden Yurt with Sauna
Estee: Treat yourself to a night in the most comfortable King bed ever in our lovely yurt. Your own private...
Request book$35/night
Apgar Campground

Apgar Campground

100% Recommend – 5 Responses
Asya: You must arrive early to get a first-come first-served site, the A loop is the way to go since you are...
Public campground
Trego Base Camp
Natalie: It's a bit difficult to find... to ask the local pub up the street where to find them! :) AWESOME place!
Direct book$12/night
Swan Valley Log Cabin
Lyndsey: Experience the Rocky Mountains of western Montana in this log cabin centrally located in the Swan...
Request book$150/night
Many Glacier Campground

Many Glacier Campground

100% Recommend – 8 Responses
Cathleen: the campground was full in July but we drove through it anyway and found a single camper asked if he w...
Public campground
St. Mary Campground

St. Mary Campground

100% Recommend – 7 Responses
Melissa: Gorgeous. Get the top loop so that you are high and get the best view
Public campground
Quartz Creek Campground

Quartz Creek Campground

94% Recommend – 8 Responses
Rachael: It can get chilly at night
Public campground
Wayfarers Campground
No day of camping is complete without saying goodnight to the sun and watching it slip out of sight....
Public campground
Yellow Bay Unit Campground
Tent? Check. Kayak? Check. Baking soda, butter, flour? Check, check and check. Yellow Bay, in the...
Public campground