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Canyon Ferry Lake
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The best camping near Canyon Ferry Lake, Montana.

Mountain Abode with Spirit View
Linda: Amazing views of the Elkhorn Mountain Range that touches your spirit with a sense of tranquility ,...
Direct book$60/night
Cabin on the Creek
Tia: Stay in a two bedroom, one bath cabin on Trout Creek. Fire place with a grill for outdoor cooking, and...
Direct book$450/night
Glamping Tents on 80 Acre Ranch
Andrea: I've driven through Helena a number of times, but never once have I stopped for more than coffee or ga...
Request book$115/night
Feathered Pipe Chalet 1,4,5&6
Feathered Pipe
Feathered Pipe: The chalet offers spectacular views of the Ranch overlooking the lake and the northern Rocky Mountains...
Request book$520/night
Feathered Pipe Tent
Feathered Pipe
Feathered Pipe: Tent accommodations as well are hidden amidst the trees for those who truly want solitude to “rough...
Request book$400/night
Indian Flats Cabin
Indian Flats Cabin is so close to incredible hiking you might only rest your head here! Drive up the...
Public campground
Rillway Cabin
Rillway Cabin is your year-round go-to spot for relaxation in Helena National Forest. A picturesque...
Public campground
Bar Gulch Cabin
Bar Gulch Cabin was originally built in the 1930s as a base for mining operations. But, alas, even the...
Public campground
Eagle Guard Cabin
Situated in the grasslands of the Elkhorn Mountains, Eagle Guard Station is prime real estate in Big...
Public campground
Coulter Campground
Calling all kayakers and canoeists! Coulter Campground is a boat-in campground in a beautiful river...
Public campground
Vigilante Campground
Get ready for a big camping adventure in the Big Belt Mountains when you stay at Vigilante Campground....
Public campground
Park Lake Campground
Pitch your tent at Park Lake Campground, near the shores of the lake. Park Lake is an ideal...
Public campground
Gipsy Lake Campground
Hiedi: We camped there the first weekend it was open. It was awesome. Road up there is not great but had a wo...
Public campground
Skidway Campground
You’ll be king (or queen) of the canyon if you’re lucky enough to claim the ONE campsite up for grabs...
Public campground
Black Sandy Campground
Is your boat feeling neglected? Unappreciated? Give it the love it deserves with a weekend at Black...
Public campground
Missouri River Campground
Sandwiched between three rivers, Missouri Headwaters Campground has a very nature-centric feel to it....
Public campground
Feathered Pipe Lake Cabin
Feathered Pipe
Feathered Pipe: This is premier real estate at the Feathered Pipe Ranch! A beautiful two-bedroom, two bath, fully...
Request book$550/night
Feathered Pipe Chalet Rm 2 & 3
Feathered Pipe
Feathered Pipe: The chalet offers spectacular views of the Ranch overlooking the lake and the northern Rocky Mountains...
Request book$480/night
Feathered Pipe Teachers Cabin
Feathered Pipe
Feathered Pipe: Nestled in the trees next to a small brook near the bathhouse is Teachers Cabin. Having its own...
Request book$550/night
Feathered Pipe Honeymoon Cabin
Feathered Pipe
Feathered Pipe: Up in the forest beyond Teachers’ Cabin, two more cabins are available for those who like being still...
Request book$530/night