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Vermilion Lake
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The best camping near Vermilion Lake, Minnesota.

Camping with the Critters
Lois: Yoga with goats meets camping with alpacas! We offer camping in the small animal pasture of our...
Direct book$50/night
North Woods Serenity
Rebecca: We have 100 acres. A small part of it is a sustainable organic farm and 65 acres is wild land with...
Direct book$25/night
Bear Head Lake Campground
Angella: The hike to Blueberry lake was really beautiful. We rented a canoe, which was a great way to experienc...
Public campground
Ash River Campground
Kabetogama State Forest may not be as well known as its neighbors (namely the Superior National...
Public campground
Hinsdale Island Campsites
Vermilion Lake is surrounded on all sides by beautiful bits of nature: the Chippewa National Forest,...
Public campground
Wakemup Bay Campground
Gather the whole crew and head to Wakemup Bay Campground in northeast Minnesota. This large-ish...
Public campground
Beatrice Lake Campground
Dona: Beatrice campground holds a piece of my heart! We start each camping season there. It is very peaceful...
Public campground
Side Lake Campground
Well, what do we have here? Sandy beaches in Minnesota? Hellooooo summer! When you have the urge for...
Public campground
Bear Lake Campground
On your way to Bear Lake Campground you’ll pass through a marshy, bog-filled area—don’t despair! The...
Public campground
Stony Brook Horse Campground
Bring your horses to the primitive Stony Brook Horse Camp. The campground is surrounded by forest and...
Public campground
Birch Lake Campground
Just 13 miles from Ely, Minnesota, you’ll find the lovely Birch Lake Campground. Oh, and to make...
Public campground
Fall Lake Campground
If you want to head into the Boundary Waters, Fall Lake is the perfect base camp (just grab a permit...
Public campground
Fenske Lake Campground
Dust off your explorer pants—you’re gonna need ‘em here! This itty bitty campground is remote, and...
Public campground
South Kawishiwi River Campground
Canoers and kayakers will fall head over heels in love with the Kawishiwi River. If exploring a small...
Public campground
Echo Lake Campground
Let’s face it—even the wilderness can get packed like Disneyland. If you’re aching to skip the crowds...
Public campground
Lake Jeanette Campground
The drive can be a doozy, but aren’t life’s greatest pleasures usually found down the road less...
Public campground
Pfeiffer Lake Campground
One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish… Don’t worry, there’s way more than two fish in Pfeiffer Lake....
Public campground
Whiteface Reservoir Campground
Connie: Quiet, beautiful camp sites each have access to water. Bring your canoe or kayak!
Public campground
Bearville Forest Retreat
Margo: Get away from the lakefront crowds! This private, woodland cabin has all the modern conveniences of...
Request book$140/night