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Monson Lake State Park

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Monson Lake
Monson Lake
Monson Lake
Monson Lake

Monson Lake State Park, Minnesota

Though it doubled in size in 2009, Monson Lake State Park remains one of Minnesota’s smallest (and awesomest) spots to don a bathing suit (or fishing vest). Due to a lower visitation, not much has Read more...

Though it doubled in size in 2009, Monson Lake State Park remains one of Minnesota’s smallest (and awesomest) spots to don a bathing suit (or fishing vest). Due to a lower visitation, not much has been altered since it opened in the 1930s, and why would they? With Sunburg Lake by which to sun, tons of game fish to bait, and boat rentals on the shore, Monson Lake is a pretty rad place to spend a weekend (only open in the summer months and with just 20 campsites, you’ll want to reserve right about now—thank us later).

Originally established as a memorial to 13 Swedish American pioneers who died in the Dakota War of 1862, this park contains archaeological evidence of Native American tribes as early as 1000 BCE! And the variety of tools and materials they found suggested a wide and healthy trade route with Wisconsin, North Dakota, and even Canada.

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