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Basswood Lake
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The best camping near Basswood Lake, Minnesota.

Bear Head Lake Campground
Angella: The hike to Blueberry lake was really beautiful. We rented a canoe, which was a great way to experienc...
Public campground
Divide Lake Campground
The loons are calling your name, insisting you come on over to Divide Lake and its small, isolated,...
Public campground
Eighteen Lake Rustic Campground
Fish heads, fish heads… rolly polly fish heads. Fish heads, fish heads… eat them up, yum!Okay, maybe...
Public campground
Hogback Lake Rustic Campground
Surrounded by dense woods, Hogback Lake’s rustic campground makes for a perfect weekend getaway. There...
Public campground
Little Isabella River Campground
H: We camped in site #3 this past weekend, and it was a remote and primitive site which was exactly what ...
Public campground
McDougal Lake Campground
You can have it all at McDougal Lake Campground. This camping hotspot will put you within easy peasy...
Public campground
Sand Lake Rustic Campground
You probably won’t want to bring the RV down to this rustic campground, but it’s a perfect car camping...
Public campground
Section 29 Lake Rustic Campground
This lake might not have the sexiest name on the books, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Or, a...
Public campground
Silver Island Lake Rustic Campground
This big lake has right primitive campsites for campers to enjoy. And, unlike many of the other lakes...
Public campground
Birch Lake Campground
Just 13 miles from Ely, Minnesota, you’ll find the lovely Birch Lake Campground. Oh, and to make...
Public campground
Fall Lake Campground
If you want to head into the Boundary Waters, Fall Lake is the perfect base camp (just grab a permit...
Public campground
Fenske Lake Campground
Dust off your explorer pants—you’re gonna need ‘em here! This itty bitty campground is remote, and...
Public campground
South Kawishiwi River Campground
Canoers and kayakers will fall head over heels in love with the Kawishiwi River. If exploring a small...
Public campground
Kawishiwi Lake Rustic Campground
The Boundary Waters hold a very special spot in the hearts of many Minnesotans, and there’s hardly a...
Public campground
Windy Lake Rustic Campground
Do you want a remote campsite, but without all of the hassle that’s sometimes involved with getting to...
Public campground