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Twin Lakes State Park
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River Frontage on Lake Superior
Matt: Pitch a tent in our lawn on the Ontonagon River within a few feet of Lake Superior. Over 3 acres, 370...
Direct book $30/night
Heritage Hills - Ranch Life
Joni: Set up your camper, RV or tent in this shaded spot on the grass that is closest to the main barn and...
Direct book $35/night
Heritage Hills - Hole 1 Fairway
Joni: Pitch your tent, or set up your camper or RV on what used to be the Hole-1 Fairway of the old...
Direct book $25/night
The Copper Cabin

The Copper Cabin

100% Recommend – 3 Responses
Dylan: Snow and a wood stove; a combination everyone should have on their 'this makes me happy' list. Both ca...
Direct book $125/night
Porcupine Mountains Union Bay Campground
Sara: Lots of RV's and the sites really close together, however you can see the lake. I would suggest getti...
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Courtney Lake Campground
Man’s best friend may be a dog to some, but to others its a remote, flat, fish-filled lake. No, it may...
First come, first serve
Bob Lake Campground
Bob’ll do you right! Here you will find giant campsites, lake front views, and some good old fashioned...
First come, first serve
Bear Lake Meets the Yellow Dog
Susan: Camp in the laid-back hood of the Yellow Dog River. Take a dip in the many swimming holes of the river...
Direct book $25/night
Baraga Campground
Jason: Baraga State Park makes for a great "base camp" for those who want to see the sights of the Western U....
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Sturgeon River Campground
Venture into the raw wilderness at Sturgeon Campground. This untouched environment will have camping...
First come, first serve
McLain Campground

McLain Campground

100% Recommend – 1 Response
Shawn: At McLain you will enjoy both beautiful sunrises and sunsets over Lake Superior! And, if you're lucky...
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Sparrow Rapids Campground
Like tiny homes? Then you’ll love this tiny campground. Existing under the idea of small living space,...
First come, first serve
Magical Woods-Munising, MI
Rick: I have stayed here it's a gorgeous piece of property . Secluded by woods, and Nature. It has water, el...
Direct book $30/night
Footprint Island Camping
Julia: Camp on your very own island! Lake Michigamme is located on the western border of Marquette County in...
Request book $50/night
Norway Lake Campground
Let those red pines tower above your heads, Norway Lake so close you can watch the windblown pine...
First come, first serve
Superior Serenity
Gerilynne: You will pitch your tent in a clearing surrounded by a spruce forest.   A hiking trail in front will...
Direct book $20/night
Lake Ste Kathryn Campground
Sometimes, you just have to head out to the middle of nowhere. If that’s your calling, then you’ll...
First come, first serve
Perch Lake Campground
Got campin’ fever? Perch Lake Campground is sure to soothe. Lakeside campsites offer a great view and...
First come, first serve
Craig Lake Campground
Cabin fever? We get it. Ditch the four walls ‘n’ ceiling for the nylon dome of your dreams—and, if you...
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Trap Hills Campground
Backpacking in the midwest has never been finer! Trap Hills offers backcountry camping to those...
First come, first serve