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Best Camping near Lake Tahoe, California

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Fallen Leaf Campground

1. Fallen Leaf Campground

If you’re looking for a late summer-early fall getaway, Fallen Leaf Campground has your name written all over it. Lesser known than its neighbor,...

Tam: Great place! Super clean fully enclosed bathrooms w/ showers, pressure-washed daily. Bring quarters - $1 for 3 min of hot...
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Wrights Lake Campground

2. Wrights Lake Campground

"Nestled in amongst a heavy timber belt, Wrights Lake Campground offers great shoreline spots that are set against the background of the epic...

Maya: We came here on the suggestion of rangers when we failed to find an open space at the neighbouring lakes before the 4th of July...
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Tall pines & hot tub in Tahoe
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3. Tall pines & hot tub in Tahoe

We've got space in our back yard for a couple tents. It's a nice, cool, partially shaded area with 100 ft pine trees. You'll have access to a...

Jay: I had a great time camping at Kane and Jamah's home. It is super close to downtown South Lake Tahoe with lots of restaurants,...
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Boat-In Campground

4. Boat-In Campground

Paddle or motor yourself to a lakeside campsite and sleep above the leftovers of sheer Sierra cliffs that descend into the slender bay to create a...

Sofia: Need to book well in advance and hike in is quite steep
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West Ridge Campground

5. West Ridge Campground

A nice halfway point between its two sister campgrounds, West Ridge is located, you guessed it, on a ridge. Slightly smaller in size than the Pine...

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Squaw Tipi
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6. Squaw Tipi

Stay in our amazing tipis with 360 degree amazing views in the heart of the Squaw Valley meadow, home of the 1960 Olympics and a stones throw away...

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Loon Lake Campground

7. Loon Lake Campground

Don't forget to grab your California fishing permit, because Loon Lake Campground is the spot you wanna cast a line. Rev up your motorized boat,...

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Beach Camp

8. Beach Camp

You’ve made it to the beach! Located just a stone’s throw from the water, these are the golden tickets of campsite, and, of course, fill up the...

Jason: DL Bliss has several campground loops. The Beach Loop is by far the best, as you just walk down the stairs to the beach - no...
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Upper Hole Campground

9. Upper Hole Campground

If you’re looking for more than what Hell Hole Campground has in store, venture up further north to Upper Hell Hole Campground. No worries though,...

Adam: Quiet, peaceful, likely all yours and great swimming. You have to work to get here but it's worth it. Be prepared. The hike in...
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William Kent Campground

10. William Kent Campground

Mountain bikers, assemble! William Kent Campground is the perfect place to don those biking shorts and head to the trails. Bike along Lake Tahoe,...

Kate: This was a great little spot just outside Tahoe city, about a 5 minute drive from the high street. We were really lucky to find...
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Pine Campground

11. Pine Campground

Getting up close and personal with Lake Tahoe is what this park is all about, and with more than 200 spots up for grabs (and they go fast!) there...

Kathy: Stayed at Upper Pine #37 and #38. Enough distance between camps for privacy. Drive to beach - walk down/up is too far to carry...
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Splitrock Campground

12. Splitrock Campground

Splitrock campground in Donner State Memorial Park has 42 campsites, all with access to restrooms, food lockers, picnic tables and showers. The...

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Camp Richardson

13. Camp Richardson

As you plan your visit, please check out the official campground webpage on the Forest Service website to find information on seasonal closures,...

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Meeks Bay Campground

14. Meeks Bay Campground

As you plan your visit, please check out the official campground webpage on the Forest Service website to find information on seasonal closures,...

B: Best part about this campground is that it has great beach access - all sites are just a short stroll away from the lake....
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Hell Hole Campground

15. Hell Hole Campground

Whatta name—but don’t be scared off, Hell Hole Campground is actually pretty damn gorgeous! Overlooking Hell Hole Reservoir, sites are nestled...

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French Meadows Campground

16. French Meadows Campground

Oh la la—French Meadows Campground is simply magnifique! This campground offers the best of both worlds; there’s plenty of shade to be found at...

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Gates Group Campground

17. Gates Group Campground

If you’re ready for an epic girls or guys (or girls AND guys) getaway, head to Gates Group Campground on the east shore of the sparkling French...

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Squaw Valley Tent Camping
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18. Squaw Valley Tent Camping

Camp with 360 degree amazing views in the heart of the Squaw Valley meadow, home of the 1960 Olympics and a stones throw away from the mountain,...

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Van Vleck Bunkhouse

19. Van Vleck Bunkhouse

If you're up for some serious action, Van Vleck Bunkhouse offers just about every activity in the book. Whether your style is hiking, biking,...

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Kaspian Campground

20. Kaspian Campground

Your Tahoe adventure begins here, at Kaspian Campground, on the western shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe. Towering over this tent-only campground is...

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Yellowjacket Campground

21. Yellowjacket Campground

Animal-lovers, come on down to Yellowjacket Campground, only don’t be fooled by its name; this campground is host to loveable creatures. Camping...

Katie: The fee is $25 and we found an empty spot at site #1. This was a large site, and it is considered "difficult access" because it...
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Nevada Beach Campground

22. Nevada Beach Campground

Beach-front camping… The shores of Lake Tahoe… Could it get any dreamier? At Nevada Beach Campground, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy a...

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General Creek Campground

23. General Creek Campground

Nestled among towering pines, this campground offers access to more than two miles of coastline, hiking and biking trails that wind up and along...

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Poppy Campground

24. Poppy Campground

Poppy Campground sits on the northwest shores of French Meadows Reservoir. Surrounded by a coniferous forest, you’ll have easy access to the...

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Silver Creek Campground

25. Silver Creek Campground

There is a silver lining to all things folks. Silver Creek Campground is no exception. Granted you can hear noise from highway 89 while you try and...

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Ridge Campground

26. Ridge Campground

Ridge Campground in Donner Memorial State Park has 59 campsites located right in the middle of this memorial park (and closest to the...

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Wench Creek Campground

27. Wench Creek Campground

The pines here don’t just filter your air, but also your mind, clearing it for a dose of tranquil vibes. On the forested bank of Union Valley...

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Wentworth Springs Campground

28. Wentworth Springs Campground

Got a hankering for some rustic and remote camping? Set up camp at Wentworth Springs Campground. Sites are tucked away in Eldorado National Forest...

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Alpine Meadow Campground

29. Alpine Meadow Campground

Alpine Meadows Campground boasts close proximity to Lake Tahoe and delicious lakeside property. The camp itself is shaded and private, but be on...

Victoria: We stayed here on a road trip last summer. Campsites are well-spaced apart, and we found a campsite on a Sunday in July, which...
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Azalea Cove Campground

30. Azalea Cove Campground

Travelling by car or on foot? How about on bike or boat? Not a problem! Azalea Cove is about as accessible as they come, and offers some seriously...

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